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From ThatsLudicrous

At the end of the One More Day storyline when they r memory erased and Pete and MJ awkwardly see each other at the party and Flash makes a comment like they had a falling out before ..

What happened with her and Peter, it doesn't really say...

Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. That's simply a teaser for an upcoming story-line. Of course, Spidey and Mary-Jane encounter each other subsequently in Amazing Spider-Man #561. However, while they speak to each other over an intercom, they don't actually meet face to face, and Peter doesn't actually realise that it's Mary Jane that he's talking to.

From Alexandros

Can you tell me where i can buy the original suit of spider-man?

The original suit? It was destroyed in a fight with Electro. Or the Lizard. Or else it got thrown out because it faded. Or perhaps it never really existing, being technically somewhat fictional. But if you're looking for a real-life costume in the style of the original suit, then you might be in luck.

Well, very nearly.

As you'll discover if you browse our Spider-Man's Costumes page, the very first costume was essentially red and black, with blue highlights. There is webbing under the arms, and all four legs of the spider point downwards.

I don't know if I've ever seen a real-life Spider-Man costume in that exact original style. Spidey very quickly ditched the webbing, and moved into a red-and-blue coloring, with the spider redrawn. You can find that costume for sale all over the place. Probably your best bet is Spider-Man Costumes, which is a site totally dedicated to selling Spidey costumes and nothing but.

From Johnson

Maybe you can help... Tying to determine which Scarlet Spider comic had the homage to Todd McFarlane's classic Spider-Man #1 cover (tangled in his web). I believe it was part of the Planet of the Symbiote story. It may have been an alternate cover?? If you reply I send you the image I'm refering to.

Certainly. This is the Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual 1995 (Story 2), the Amazing Spider-Man Summer Special. Specifically it was of course the Scarlet Spider storyline which was on the flip-side of the Planet of The Symbiotes storyline.

From Jorge

In the following article you wrote: Alternate Universe Spidey killed during demonic invasion in rather graphic detail. History is eventually reversed.

If this corresponded to the the story where some demons or aliens came out nowhere killing or eating poeple including marvel superheroes, such as Spiderman, Daredevil, ect? If I am not mistaken, Captain America and Wolverine somehow survived and reverse history. IF so, what is the name of this issue.

As it says, MyS-Tech Wars #2 is where Spidey appears. He isn't shown as being killed at that point, it very likely happens behind the scenes in a later issue of this four-part mini-series. Those killed include a majority of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Nick Fury.

During the big battle in issue #2, Captain America and Wolverine leave Spider-Man and the others fighting the main battle, and the two of them head off on a separate mission. So presumably they are indeed the key figures who survive and revert history. After everything is reverted, only a few people remember what actually occured. Doctor Strange, Professor X and Motormouth are among those who remember.

From Blake

I can tell you that within the time I have learned to surf the web, and the time that I have admired the vast world of Marvel, I have come across a character which has me interested to no end, and yet has no influence in the realm of Spider-man anymore. That character is Stegron. Now, I have not read any Spider-man comics in numerous abundance for years, but when I do read comics, I tend to read ones that catch my eye. While it seems odd that I'm bringing up a character that hardly anyone would talk about, I have a certain fascination with Stegron.

He's he only reptile super-villain I've read about who has ever become such a phenomenon willingly, and to me, it's interesting (especially his variation where he looks like a tyrannosaurus man with spikes on his back). Could there ever be a chance that Stegron will be brought back to the comics? I'd love to see a reptile super- villain who isn't a victim of accident or circumstance for once, and Stegron seems to be the one who'll deliver. Thanks for reading, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Well, nobody dies for ever - and indeed Stegron re-appeared very recently in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents (Vol. 2). This was a three part Savage Land story which appeared in issues #5-7 of that title.

From ZClaudio

Spider-Man death additional entry.

What If? (Vol. 2) #55 - What if the Avengers lost Operation Galactic Storm?

The Kree destroy Earth using the Omni-Wave Annihilator. Spidey is seen in one the panels.

Thanks, we'll add this to our Has Spider-Man Died? F.A.Q. list.

From Zee

Sometimes I get the most inane thing stuck in my all day that drives me insane. This particular day the thing stuck in my head is the color of Martha Connors hair. What is its color?

Curing insanity is not one of the Oracle's powers - though perhaps we can bring you some slight ease of your suffering.

In Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #6 Martha Connors is shown with hair that is essentially blond. However later issues have generally shown her as a redhead. She died in Spider-Man: Quality of Life #4 after suffering from cancer and presumably losing all her hair during chemotherapy.

From Spike

Hi, I was wondering if you could confirm a nagging suspicion I've been having for a while.

I recently reread all my Spiderman issues, and I remember reading about something that I thought was odd but it didn't strike me until I got to the recent issues right before the Parkers moved into Avengers tower, and by that time I forgot what issue the suspicion arose.

The Parker house in Forest Hills.

I seem to recall they've either sold the house before, foreclosed on it, and bought it back dozens of times. I could very well be wrong about this. But like I said, I just seem to recall this happening a few times.

Can you confirm is this is true? And if so do you have the issues titles and numbers bookmarked somewhere? I figured I'd ask you, because you have a pretty intense archive of Spidey's adventures and I'd be curious if you had this information somewhere in your memory banks.

Peter's living accommodations, and specifically the old Parker homestead in Forest Hills has been the subject of much tinkering. To finally sort things out, my Oracle-Serving assistants have collated much of my wisdom. Their task is not yet entirely complete, but you will find much to elucidate you in the profile of Peter's Apartment.

From DareDevil1

Hey there, I looked at your clone saga reviews, really informative and cool!

I have a question that's been bugging me that I thought I'd just ask, hope you can help me out! At the end of Power and Responsibility, Peter thinks that Ben Reilly has perished in a car bomb explosion. He obviously didn't and becomes the Scarlet Spider. But when he and Peter meet again in Smoke and Mirrors, after Web of Death/ Life and the books splitting up the characters, he doesn't seem surprised that Ben is alive.

In fact, I couldn't find any mention of Peter even acknowledging that there was someone called the Scarlet Spider running around, let alone putting two and two together that this was the clone. So in what issue do Scarlet and Spidey meet again for the first time after the first story, Power and Responsibility, or at least glean an understanding that Ben was indeed alive as Scarlet?

Surprisingly, there is no specific point when Pete meets up with Ben prior to Smoke and Mirrors. Unless an untold tale is ever told, one can figure that Pete read about Ben in the Daily Bugle (after all, Ken Ellis was desperately trying to get a story from him).

However, Ben and Peter do interact, though they don't meet.

Interaction #1: The Scarlet Spider swings nearby Spider-Man while it's raining in Spectacular Spider-Man #218 which is a connecting point for Scarlet's confrontation with Venom in Spider-Man.

Spider-Man #52 (The Exile Returns - Pt. 2) (Pgs. 1 - 8) Ben meets up with Ken Ellis and gets a lead on where Venom is. It has begun raining by this point.

The Spectacular Spider-Man #218 (Back from the Edge - Pt. 2) (Pgs. 1 - 12) Spider-Man battles with Puma, but upon hearing Nocturne, they both stop. Puma runs off and Spider-Man swings with Nocturne to her apartment. Ben is shown swinging in one panel, likely on his way to battle Venom.

Spider-Man #52 (The Exile Returns - Pt. 2) (Pgs. 10 - End) Ben faces Venom, and receives a gash in the stomach. Donna (the female yellow symbiote user) attempts to get help from Venom in controlling her suit, but Venom just tries to kill her instead. Reporter Ken Ellis dubs Ben the Scarlet Spider.

Spectacular Spider-Man #218 (Back from the Edge - Pt. 2) (Pgs. 13 - End) Nocturne recovers as the rain dies down. When they and Puma meet up, Nocturne touches both of them on the head and allows them to experience what the other feels. Puma turns back to Thomas Fireheart and Spider-Man reluctantly allows him to leave. In Pittsburgh, Mary Jane and her sister, Gayle, sit down and talk.

Interaction #2: Ben and Pete stop terrorists in Spider-Man Unlimited #8 and battle the Sinister Six in Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus, but Spider-Man never sees Ben. The last page of Spider-Man Unlimited #8 shows Ben seeing Spider-Man as they both swing off. Yet another story Peter would read about in the Bugle (off-panel).

Interaction #3: Card #94: The Exile Returns (from the 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man card set). For completions sake... Mary Jane's journal/diary entry reads as thus...

"When Peter's clone, now calling himself Ben Reilly, returned, Peter thought that it was just to start trouble. But it seems the clone inherited Peter's sense of responsibility along with his powers because he began to fight crime. His first foe was Venom and we were relieved, and a bit surprised, to hear that not only had Reilly survived the fight, but he had also succeeded in beating Venom!"

Interaction #4: This is the big one. This is Pete acknowledging Ben in his thoughts. We direct you to the limited series Spider-Man: Power of Terror. To begin with, the story lets you know this tale takes place before Amazing Spider-Man #399, which is Part 2 of Smoke & Mirrors. But since Part 1 goes straight into 2, it might as well say it takes place before Web of Spider-Man #122.

Now that I've established that, here's the main bit... One of the recurring themes in this limited series was Spidey being constantly worried about dying and leaving Mary Jane and their baby behind without a father. One of these thoughts involves Ben, and it occurs on Page 28 of Spider-Man: Power of Terror #2.

Peter Thinks:

"Scorpia? She's a lot tougher than Gargan ever was. What if she could do me in? Now that my clone, Ben Reilly, is back, he might just assume my identity - Move in on Mary Jane, and my unborn child..."

"No! I won't let that happen!" (Punches Scorpia!)

"Oh geez! I didn't mean to hit her that hard! My anger over the possibility of my clone taking over my life if I die has got me all worked up. I don't even really believe he would do that, do I?"

"I've got to screw my head on straight and stop dwelling upon all the bad things that could happen to me before I cause them to happen myself."

Putting aside the silliness of Scorpia being tougher than a psychotic bastard that eats rocks and headbutts through brick walls, we have proof that Peter encountered Ben and understood him to be a clone before Web of Spider-Man #122.