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From ThatsLudicrous

Hey, I started reading the Spiderman titles during the introduction of Scarlet spider and I stopped picking them up about a year after they relaunched Amazing and Peter Parker.

For some reason I have an interest in picking a comic up again, but I have no idea which title do choose from.. I only want to buy 2 to see if I can still enjoy it, so which 2 titles would you recommend ??

Your choice just got a LOT easier! They re-relaunched the title recently, and now Amazing Spider-Man is the only main title. It is published three times a week.

Of course, if you didn't like the last reboot, you may not like this one either.

From Lonnie

I stopped collecting a long time ago, but the last issue I had was the 'tombstone'cover for Aunt Mays death, #400. I read Back in Black book and was surprised to see her alive. Without the 100 issue soap-opera, what happened?

You want the short version? "She got better."

No, actually, the official line is that the one who died was a... "Genetic Construct" - an actress who was genetically tweaked to appear to be Aunt May. The word "Clone" is not to be used in this context, by order of Marvel.

Aunt May re-appeared in Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #97, having been a prisoner of the Green Goblin all this time.

Yes, we also thought it was lame.

From Gilhamit

Following the new status quo, is Ben Riley alive again? After all, he died after the wedding, and would not have died if it wasn't for him replacing Peter at the time, for him and MJ to work on their marriage.

Well, this is exactly the problem for us continuitists. The "Brand New Day" changes were all made by magic, there is no clear logic behind it all. As you point out, Peter and MJ's marriage ties into so many things that the "butterfly effect" could basically invalidate almost any aspect of the last twenty years of Spidey comics.

Effectively, I think we need to abandon the idea of Spider-Man continuity as long as BND persists. Which is a shame, for a company which used to pride itself on such things.

From Adam

while redoing my database for my comics collection i ran across a refrence to a "future tense" storyline in captain marvel that had spiderman 2099? I did not find anything on your site about it but i was hoping you knew something about it, like what issues of captain marvel had the story? any help would be apreciated...

also, your sight has been great for information on stuff i've missed, and as i recreate my lost database, but i did find one mistake. marvel tales 181 reprints amazing annual 3, not 1.

You are correct on both counts. Peter David's Captain Marvel (Vol. 4) did indeed feature Spider-Man 2099 in a story arc named "Future Tense" from #27-30. And Marvel Tales #181 does indeed reprint the main Hulk story from Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #3. We will fix up the database on both counts. Your vigilance is appreciated by the Oracle.

From Justin

i am write you to let you know that u can buy the Spider-Man Complete 90s Animated Series DVD Collection for 79.99 at www.tvdiscs.com. i am just a big fan of that cartoon it is the best one ever. hope you like it and you can put it on ur site if you want. i just can't wait atill i get the money for it.

You should be aware that the site you linked me to is almost certainly selling these shows without permission to do so. The shows they sell appear to be ripped from official DVDs where available, or recorded from TV where there is no high-quality digital version available to copy.

If you're going to buy the shows illegally, then you may as well just get a P2P client and steal them for nada via www.torrentz.com. Beware of course that downloading these shows via P2P is also illegal, and can expose you to a hefy fine.

Or else you could hang out until an official, legal, high-quality version is finally available. At $80, the unreliable-quality bootleg isn't going to be that much cheaper.

From Armando

I've been looking for this poster for years.

And I was wondering if you had any info about who the artist was, and where I could buy it.

The artist is Joe Jusko. But when it comes to finding a store, you will have to turn to the Google. The Oracle does not descend to such tawdry matters as trade.

From Derek

Real Quick - Love the site. I keep it as a reference for all things Spidey. However, the entry for "Kraven's Last Hunt" TPB lists the wrong WEB OF SPIDER-MAN ISSUES. I believe the book reprints issues # 31 & 32 , not #'s 32 & 33. I have the hardcover, which doesn't list them, but the individual covers, as well as your reviews for the series seem to back me up.

The Oracle is pleased to see his minions scurrying to attend these matters while he concerns himself with much loftier questions. He will command his peons to correct this matter in the database.

From MarvelMan

i have been wondering about the crime boss slivermane in issues #75 of ASM we clearly see slivermane "fade into nothingness" but we see him alive years later in ASM #177-#180 we see him alive and a grown man again and i looked everywhere to find out what happend but it doesnt say it anywhere what happens?

As described in our Silvermane profile: "Turns out, Silvermane wasn't dead... he was actually reduced to one molecule, at which point he rebounded, regaining half of his original age."