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From Ian King

I am Australian, I was born in 1955 when I was in my teens I read spider man comics but the lead character did not appear to be the current spiderman by Marvel. The spiderman I read wore tanks (scuba type) on his back to support his web firing ability, he was arrogant, and had a number of henchmen. Any ideas, I searched the web but at this stage can only find the Marvel character.

There certainly are a number of other "Spider Men" super-heroes who date from that time or earlier. All three were arrogant and had henchmen.

The pulp fiction hero The Spider was popular pulp magazine figure from the 30's. But he didn't really appear in comic form until very recently. He used a pair of pistols as weapons.

Tom Hallaway, alias The Spider was a non-Marvel comic super-hero from the 40's. He nearly matches your profile, although he used a bow-and-arrow rather than a scuba-tank web arrangement.

In fact, however, you are thinking of a character who adopted the role of The Spider. He appeared in "Lion" magazine in the late 60's. Initially a super-villain, The Spider eventually turned crime-fighter. His civilian identity was never shown, he was simply The Spider.

From Andre Boisvert

I have a transparent art from a spiderman comic its with Spiderman vs Doctor Octopus. I can not find anything out about anywhere. I dont know what comic it came from it was givin to me from a frined. But i am pretty sure he said it came from a 1970's comic. I could send a pic later if you like. I am trying to see what it is worth I collect a few other Spiderman collectables.

Almost certainly this is one of the animation cels from the 1990's TV Cartoon. They were bagged with various issues in 1994, e.g. Amazing Spider-Man #390 and Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #213. I'm not aware of any animation cels being widely distributed during the 1970's. It should be easy for you to confirm, the art differed greatly between the two shows.

As a general rule, we don't answer "what is this worth" questions. But since I'm here, I can confirm that the bagged variant is worth at best an extra couple of bucks over the regular edition.

From Bruno

I have a couple of questions I am trying to find the answer for my kids - questions that you will more than likely know off the top of your head.

Which comic books contain the first encounter between the following:

  1. Spiderman vs. the hulk
  2. Spiderman vs. Ironman
  3. Ironman vs. the hulk

Of course, these are simple matters to the Oracle.

  1. Spider-Man vs. the Hulk: Amazing Spider-Man #14. This is also the first appearance of the Green Goblin, making it a doubly-classic issue.
  2. Spider-Man vs. Iron Man: Spider-Man first "encountered" Iron Man in Avengers #3, where he spoke to Iron Man's holographic projection.
  3. Iron Man vs. the Hulk: These two met in the classic origin of the Avengers - Avengers #1.

From CyberSam

Now for some questions;

  1. If you have looked up Marvel Knights: Spiderman, when Venom battles Spiderman, as Angelo Fortunato, how does Spiderman survive after Venom's fist goes right threw him?
  2. Why isn't the UK's Astonishing Spiderman comic on Spiderfan.org?
  3. If you go onto CHARACTERS, then look up J. Jonah Jameson or Betty Brant, why are there both pics of the two Daily Bugle members fighting in some gangwar (using guns and wearing agent suits)?
  4. Why can't i find anything about all the issues before Amazing Fantasy #15?

Yet again, these are trivial matters for the mighty Oracle.

  1. He doesn't. It's not Peter. It's some guy dressed up in a Spidey suit, part of a scam to fake a picture and collect the Daily Bugle's $5m reward. He dies.
  2. Because it's doesn't meet our Inclusion Guidelines.
  3. JJJ always wears a suit! Admittedly, the gun is unusual. It's actually a dream sequence from Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #121. But the gun was pretty standard for Betty at the time. Ms. Brant turned into an action girl thanks to Terry Kavanagh.
  4. Because Spider-Man isn't in them.

From Sykes

I was wondering how you get permission to use all the Marvel material you have on your site? I'm not trying to build a site but I wrote a spidey song and I'm trying not to get sued.

The Oracle does not need permission. To be specific, the Oracle does not have permission. At the bottom of each page on this site, you will see a link to our Disclaimer.

The Oracle provides Spider-Man advice, and does not stoop to trivial legal matters. However, given that Marvel is almost entirely a print media, one might imagine that a fan song is very unlikely to interfere with their intellectual property rights. There is also quite a precedent of bands writing songs about Spider-Man and related characters, with no apparant legal conflict having ensued.

From Lorenz

Hi i'm new to the spider community so id like to ask, in what issue of spiderman did MJ and Peter ended their seperation? i tried going over the comic database but it so many its mind-boggling!!

Certainly, there are few mortal minds that can comprehend the true nature of the Spider-Man back history.

However, the Spider-Oracle is capable of all this and more. We can reveal to you that Peter and MJ were finally re-reconciled in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #50.

Of course, the relevance, value and meaning of this story are completely undermined by the recent "Brand New Day" fiasco, which has decreed that all previous stories involving MJ and Peter are essentially null and void.