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From Stacy

I wanted to buy the Spiderman comic reviewed on your site where you can send in a picture, and it becomes a personalized comic. When I try to follow the link, I can't find any information. Please send a link as we would like to do this for a Christmas gift.

Thanks! Stacy

You are speaking, of course, of the Spider-Man A "Personalized" Spider-Man Story book.

The rights for this book now appear to be owned by a company calling itself My Create-A-Book. Follow that line, and I believe you can order online. I've also seen these for sale in shopping malls during school holidays. Presumably you place your order at the mall and receive the book later in the post.

From Aaron Baggett

Me and my brother used to have a lot of comics and they were stolen one day. One comic (or a few really) involved a lot of marvel characters fighting something.

We can't remember much about it. The biggest part I remember is spiderman getting caught and freaking out and screaming Mary Jane over and over while the bad guys rip his heart and and kill him. There is a battle and cyclops gets hit making him rip his eye beams through a lot of his allies and at the end the only ones who are left alive are wolverine,capt america, and i think gambit.

We have asked around and no one has heard of what we are talking about.

Have you?

The Oracle Knows All. You speak of MyS-Tech Wars #2. Alternate Universe Spider-Man dies during a demonic invasion. But the history is undone, and only remembered by a select few. We will update our F.A.Q. to include this, thanks.

From Chuck

I just noticed that my copy of Spectacular Spiderman #189 has a November date on the cover. On the inside, it says June 1992, and the pic on the spiderfan website says June. Do you know why this is so?

The original printing of Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #189 definitely has June on the cover. You presumably have a later printing. As a rule, SpiderFan doesn't track second printings, unless they have a variant cover.

From Frank

Does Untold Tales of Spider-Man #25 have an alternative cover?

No, it doesn't.

From Briget

You have a graphic on your Mary Jane Watson page in the right hand column - next to last row (she's in a bikini in front of a waterfall)

I believe this was originally a near life size poster.

Can you a) confirm that and b) tell me who the artist was and c) give me the publication date.

The image is the centerfold of Marvel Illustrated, published in 1991. We have it filed as Marvel Swimsuit Special 1991.

The artist is Joe Jusko. And yes, it was made as a door poster too.

From Andrew

Surfing the web I came across an Italian spider-man title (book? magazine? can't recall) that had been translated into French but not English. I haven't been able to find it again and I'm just wondering if you, or any of your staff members, know of it.

The book is Spider-Man: The Secret of the Glass, or in its original Italian "Il Segreto Del Vetro". We don't generally track foreign Spider-Man works, but we had to make an exception here since this is an original story available only in a foreign language. That makes it the only instance of this that we're aware of at this time.

The story has recently been published in English. The trade paperback Marvel Europa prints translated versions of this tale as well as Saudade (starring Wolverine) and Dead on Arrival (starring Daredevil and Captain America). It's been released in the UK by Panini(ISBN 978-1905239627). There's no news of an American release at present.

From Anthony

I was wondering in the Amazing Spider-man comics, If you can, could you tell me which comic book issue,when he first becomes the black spider-man for the first time.

An easy one. In Secret Wars #8, as described in our section on Spider- Man's Bla ck Costume.

From Theo

I know that Ricochet, like the rest of the slingers, was very much a tribute to the Identity crisis characters. And I know you're an expert on Spidey, not necessarily Spidey spin-offs. However, I can't seem to find any images without Ricochet (Johnny Gallo) out of his costume. Would you know of an issue number I could search for, either invovling the Runaways or any other titles?

Try pretty much any issue of the The Loners mini-series. Also issues of Runaways that introduced Excelsior, and several issues of Slingers.

From Nora

Hi, enjoying your site immensely. A few years ago (while reading 44 Years of Fantastic Four (which, unfortunately, I no longer have), I read a late-issue story I loved, but can't seem to locate again. Thought I'd roll the dice and see you might know. In a nutshell, Johnny and the Four are out of favor with the public (because of Reed's supposed takeover of Latveria). Torch asks Spidey for advice on how to deal with it. The one scene that stands out? Johnny, sans pants, sitting in the ocean afraid to come out.

I wonder if you can help me locate the issue?

The Oracle knows all, and can certainly help you locate this story. It is from Fantastic Four #512 and Fantastic Four #513. The first is underneath the cushion of your sofa in the TV room. The second is buried in a pile of FHM and Maxim magazines in your guest bathroom.

From From fuentehiga

I have two questions:

Do you know in what comics is told the Graduation dance party in the Midtown Institute?

Is There some comic where some newspaper (not Bugle) gives a prize to Peter Parker becasue he has caught a thief?

Your feeble attempts to confuse the Oracle can never succeed. There is no Midtown Institute. Peter attended Midtown High School, but there was no dance party for his High School Graduation. Well, there probably was, but Peter sure wasn't invited!

In Web of Spider-Man #11, Peter intervenes to stop an assault in a laundrette, and gains some public recognition. However, he doesn't receive any formal award.