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From The Cool Eric

I recently came across a very interesting and original version of the theme song. It has a sort of doowop/scat feel to it. It also has a speaking section in the middle and one in the end (the middle one talking about children going to see Spider-Man and the ending talking about movies you can see him in). I found it on Limewire, credited to They Might Be Giants, but I am positive that it isn't their work. I haven't been able to find out who really plays the song.

If you could get back to me with the artist of this version or any other info on the song I would greatly appreciate it.

Ah yes... this version was by Canadian a cappella group Moxy Fruvous, from their debut CD /Bargainville/. They had previously done an indy CD made up of amusing, off-kilter songs. Having got a record contract, they proceeded to write a dour, self-righteous set of political screeds disguised as music. Their Spider-Man cover was one of the few light-hearted bits on the album.

The final spoken-word bit goes like this:

"Sha-doobie-doobie-doobie-doo-wow, my spider-sense is tingling!

"Heh, heh. It sure is, in such films as

Spidey Goes Speed Racing
Spidey Hawaii
Spidey's Girl
Spidey: My Pal
Spidey the Underwater Adventure Seeker
Spidey the Fun Licker
Spidey: a Drink for All Ages.

The lead singer is now an entirely irritating radio personality on CBC radio.

The Gabe Lee 3 also do a Scat-style cover of the Spider-Man theme. Other bands that have covered the old cartoon theme include The Fins, The Mr. T. Experiance, Spider-Nick & the Mad Dogs, A Crazy Sound Convoy, and of course The Ramones.

From DocSavage

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #38; is this the first time "With Great Power...." gets attributed to Ben Parker as one of his aphorisms? Had any earlier issue shown him saying it?

Uncle Ben has shown up in surprisingly few issues, even in flashback. That certainly appears to be the first time he was actually shown saying it, though the phrase was first attributed to him in 1987 in Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1. Up until that point, the phrase was simply an annotation in the conclusion of Amazing Fantasy #15.

Refer to our brand new F.A.Q. item - Who said "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility?".

From Eddie

Hi, I have been collecting comics for over 30 years and I have amassed a huge collection of ASM and Ultimate Spiderman and I have to say the USM has really revive my desire to collect comics again. This is really a directly related to the fantastic artwork of Mark Bagley and stories from Brian Bendis. I have a huge multiple copies of USM and their values have increased faster than I expected. I was wondering where I can find (website?) the published quantities of each issues of USM.

The simple answer is that we aren't aware of anybody who tracks this information on any public website. Presumably Diamond Comic Distributors and Marvel Comics themselves both know the exact numbers. But it does not seem to be made available to the general public.

Once per year, all comics are required to notify the print numbers for the most recent preceding issue. This is printed in the comic itself. By digging through your back issues of Ultimate Spider-Man you should be able to find print run sizes for one issue each year. If you do go through this exercise, feel free to send us the results and we'll include them in our F.A.Q. entry - What are the print run sizes for Spider-Man comics?.

From ZaTeeVee

Do you know who owns the copyright to the Spiderman Theme song or where I should go to find that info? An artist on my record label wants to cover it.

I presume you're referring to the 1960's TV Theme? We're far from being an expert on copyright law here. However, given that so many people have covered this song, I'm sure that there's a solution out there. You could either contact one of the many artists who have already performed covers, or you could try contacting a specialist organisation like ASCAP, the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers.

From rggkjg1

With the recent announcement of the new Spider-Man Newspaper Strips Vol 1 Hardcover, I was getting real excited because these were "new" Stan Lee and John Romita stories. Searching for more information about these strips I came across a story where Spidey teams up with the The Punisher found at The Punisher Comics.

My excitement grew because it's Stan Lee writing the Punisher. Is that strip one the "original" stories that will be collected in the new hardcover(s) or collected in any of the paperbacks listed?

If that story is more recent and hasn't/won't be collected, has the Punisher appeared in any of the "older/original" strips?

Thanks for looking at my questions and I hope you can get back to me. I'm crossing my fingers for a Stan Lee Punisher story being collected somewhere. I'm a big Punisher fan, and when STAN LEE writes the Punisher, it's a big deal to me :)

Firstly, this story is a recent one. The Sunday strip is 11 April, which according to my calendar means it was 2004 or 1999. Since Peter and MJ have been to see Lord of the Rings at the movies, it must be 2004.

If you read the details for the Hardcover, you'll see that it is reprinting the strips from 1977 to 1980 in two hardback volumes. So this strip most certainly won't be in there.

For at least a year now there has been a rumbling noise announcing that these reprints will be available. However you'll note that the hardcover your refer to is still not available, despite the official release date having passed already. I attempted to order the softcover version from Amazon's UK website, but after two months they had to admit that they couldn't source it.

As soon as this books start to appear, we will add the name and dates of the various storylines onto SpiderFan. In the meantime, all information we are managing to acquire is being placed on our F.A.Q. page - Where's the Spider-Man Newspaper Strip info?.

From FIFA3

is there such things as suction gloves so you can climb and scale walls with if not is there anything else close to that thanks i appreciate it.

I am the Spider-Oracle, the ultimate master of Spider-Man comic knowledge. You seem to have confused me with the Google-Oracle.

I suggest that you try the online Suction Cup Museum. Yes, there really is an online suction cup museum.

From RyHuff

Do you know if there is any end in sight for the Ultimate Spidey series? I certainly hope not. But I honestly thought it would have bit the dust after Bendis fled.

Rarely if ever is an ongoing comic title concluded for artistic reasons when it is succeeding financially. I am certain that you will find that Ultimate Spider-man is safe as long as the fan base is continuing to support it.

From Marcos

Hi, about Sensational Spider-Man #1.

Is this the issue in which we can see ben reilly walking on the street wearing a "Fantastic Four" shirt? I also remember a woman crying or being sad and then turn angry at the beginning. I ask you this because I bought this comic book a long long time ago, and this is all i can remember.

Following a check of both Sensational #0 and #1, neither seems to show Ben in a FF T-Shirt, nor a woman acting as you describe. Sorry we can't help you solve that mystery.

From John

I'm looking to buy reprints of ASM specifically issues 41-100. Some of these have been reprinted in Marvel Tales twice. Are the earlier Marvel Tales better than the later ones? Why? Did Marvel Tales ever edit the comics and cut pages or panels?

There is little difference between the earlier and later Marvel Tales reprints, both reprinted the entire comic with very few modifications. I do recall that some text was occasionally edit, e.g. "Commie!" is replaced by "Buddy!" when Spider-Man is talking to the Chameleon. Otherwise, the covers are new artwork.

However, Marvel Tales isn't the best way to get these issues, since they themselves are now a little hard to find. I would recommend Essential Spider-Man if you don't mind Black and White, or Marvel Masterworks.

If you have a look at our database entries for Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1), you'll see that we have just added "Reprinted In" information, so you can see what options you have for buying these stories in reprints. We've cross-indexed most of Essential and Marvel Masterworks, and we're just working through the remaining TPB reprints. Armed with this info, you should be able to make the best decision for your needs.

From Marl

I'm trying figure a character from a spiderman comic book that I had as a kid but have not been able to find in any spidey character list on the web.

From what i remember, this guy was from outer space and had some kind of solar power. He had a staff that shot blasts of energy that could destroy buildings. He seemed invincible. He took everything that Spidey through at him. At the end of the comic the guy withstood an explosion that destroyed many city blocks. Spidey out of desperation unleashes a barrage of punches/kicks that overwhelms the guy. It is the graphic of this barrage that has stayed with me all of these years. This book must have come out in the late 80s. If you can recall the name of the guy Spidy fought I should be able to track down a copy of this book.

Such questions are easy for a wisdom such as mine. You refer to naturally the Spider-Man vs. Firelord which began in Amazing Spider-Man #269.

From Josh

i have a comic (the amazing spider man #192 1979 marvel comics) that has almost no color on the cover page, there is only blue color and a small section of red but the black and grey is fine and there is no damage to the book at all, is that normal? i have not been able to find anything online about it and i am curiouse as to if it is a missprint that is one of a kind? please write me back and let me know if i have something uniqe or if it is a common problem, thanks for your time.

This is not a common problem. It may have been a printing problem, or more likely it may simply have been left lying in a sunny spot for some long time.

Such books are considered damaged, and are typically worse less than the normal colored books.

From Alan

Is there a reason that Spider Man does not talk on "The Electric Company", (If Danny Seagren was deaf or speech impaired for example.)

This appears simply to be the way they wanted the sketch to work. Remember that The Electric Company is encouraging kids to read, so the thought balloons were probably just a way of getting text on the screen.

According to what I can find Daniel Seagren has played other roles including a stint for Jim Henson. Rumour has it that Jim fired him for getting a little keen on self-promotion. It's not clear if Daniel did voices for Jim or just puppetry, but in any case there is no reference to him being deaf/mute or otherwise speech impaired at all.