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From Steve

Why is there such an interest in Amazing Spider-Man #129 vs. many others of similar age? I know it introduces The Punisher, but is there another driver of the popularity of this issue? Was it a rare (in numbers) issue?

Nope, I'm pretty sure this is just Frank's appearance. You have to understand that the Punisher was HUGE back in the 80's and 90's. He was as hot as (or hotter than) Wolverine, and with three titles of his own he rivalled Spidey at times.

That issue you refererence does have the Jackal in it, and it ties into the clone story, making it a little more sought-after - but nope, the value really comes from the Punisher's origin.

From Matinito

Please answer my question, for I've been looking a lot in the internet and havn't found anything out!

Some years ago there were Marvel digital comics, first in cooperation with AOL and later just by marvel.com.

At that time I had no internet and couldn't see them.

Are they set in the regular comic continuity?

There's no "official" answer to that question that I'm aware of. But we can say that here at SpiderFan.Org we don't include them at all - because of their purely electronic nature. At the risk of being accused mindless traditionalism, we include only printed media.

The experiments in the 90's with online and mini-CD comics remain, to date, simply that - experiments. It turns out that there is a surprising amount of pleasure associated with physically holding a book or comic. That may change in future generations. Of course, as the Spider-Oracle, I know what the future of comics holds, but I am bound to hide the whole, and reveal only the fragments which humankind can as yet absorb.

From Mary

My 3 year-old loves Spider-Man and he always wants me to sing the theme from the cartoon I watched as a kid (in the 70's). I think I mostly sing the words correctly, but I'd like to be sure. Do you know how I could find the words to the song?

For a forty-year old show, the Song Lyrics from that Spider-Man TV (1960s) series certainly do crop up surprisingly often.

From ZeroShield

hi i just noticed that you don't have anything on Blood-spider on your characters list i know he only had a small part in the spider-man story but he's still cool. he apeared in "The Amazimg Spider-Man" 367# i just thought it would be cool if you gave him a spot on the characters list.

You are quite correct. The law of comics states clearly that any character name can be made even more "cool" by the prefixing of the word "Blood" or "Death". Even more effective is the name "Death-Blood". However, despite Blood-Spider's obvious cool factor, he hasn't yet made it on to the list of characters here at SpiderFan.Org. All things in good time.

From Aaron

I had a question about the Soul of the Hunter one shot. Does it just compile the six-part Kraven's Last Hunt story or is it a whole, completely other story separate to KLH?

Also, Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand. Basically I just wanted to know what the plot summary was and if it involves Carrion and if so which one? Cheers and thanks for your time!

Soul of the Hunter is a complete, standalone, original story. It is not a reprint.

Yes, Dead Man's Hand most certainly does involve Carrion. In this case, it is a new Carrion - actually the Tinkerer's son who becomes infested by a virus trap set by the original Carrion, Dr. Warren. However, the entire storyline of Carrion has become rendered completely obfustaced and meaningless over time, so how can say which Carrion really is which. This is a shame, really, since the original story was so wonderful.

From ESprinkle

The marvel website has venom III as being able to lift 72 tons. It doesn't make alot of sense to me since the original could only lift 11. I don't know if thier website is canon or not but I thought you might like to know.

I note that the actual figure has been dropped from that page. However, do remember that Mac Gargan was stronger than Eddie Brock ever was, and so it is only to be expected that as Venom he be correspondingly stronger than the first incarnation. However, 72 tons does seem rather extreme.

From Joshua

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm trying to find something out about Spiderman. I remember having a Collectors card years ago that said something about an ultimate version of Spiderman. Something about him being given powers far beyond what he normally had (I believe they were only temporary0. I am currently unable to find any refrence to this on the web and I am unable to locate the card that has this information. Could anyone there give me a little info on this? Anything would help.

The actual name was "Cosmic Spider-Man". Allow me to refer you back to a letter from Spider-Oracle Petitions 01/07/2004 . All nine issues of the Cosmic Spider-Man arc are listed there. They are also listed in the ASM title index entries for the Cosmic Spider-Man arc.