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From MiniReefKeeper

Oh mighty oracle.

I found a comic in my garage yesterday, it is a peter parker, the spectacular spider-man #27. I think it is a reprint of an older comic or something. The price on the front says "still only 35 cents." On the inside of the cover there are advertisements of gameboy. I didn't start collecting until the late 80's early 90's. I know it isn't that old. My question is how do I tell the real date the comic came out if there is no date on the cover. The cover says copyright 1978, but I know that can't be correct.

The two Frank Miller stories featuring Daredevil and Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 #27-28) are very popular. They were reprinted at the time you indicate in a format which was very similar to the original. This isn't a common practice, and a number of people were confused between the original and the reprint.

Generally reprints are clearly indicated to avoid this kind of problem.

From Walburn

I was wondering if you could help me? I'm looking for Paradise Press Inc.'s mailing address and phone number. Anything will be greatly appreciated.

A search on the Astral Plane released the following mystic tokens to me:

Paradise Press Inc
(954) 349-9474
1575 N Park Dr Ste 100
Weston, FL 33326

From Steve

Could you please help with a issue of spider man. My brother said that he had a Spider Man comic book with Spider Man vs Man Wolf and Were Wolf on the cover. I looked all over and I can not find it. He thinks about the 1970'S. Could be team up or maybe Giant Size.

The most likely answer is Amazing Spider-Man #124 or Amazing Spider-Man #125, though it could also have been Marvel Team-Up #37 or Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3.

From RtKat

Jackson Wheele survived the Big Wheel crashing into the river since he was sighted at the Villains Anonymous meeting with Armadillo, Equinox, Man-Bull, and Schizoid Man in Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol. 3) #12. Do you think that should be added?

By the way, is it possible for you to put out Character TBDs for Man-Beast, Man-Bull, and Tiger Shark since Spider-Man had fought them on some occasions.

My inner sight revleals that you speak the truth. All shall be done as you request.

From William

I was wondering if there was a definitive list of all the books where Mary jane smoked in? Or, barring that, any ideas on which specific issues of Web of Spiderman and Spectacular Spiderman had it shown in some guise?

I think the habit is a dreadful one, and was hoping to read for myself how the writers made MJ "think" it was ok to do for nerves.

Peter discovered in Amazing Spider-MAn #361 that Mary Jane had taken up smoking again (she used to smoke in school). It was a reaction to the stress of all the problems that the two of them were having at the time.

She gave up in Amazing Spider-Man #385, when Peter took her to see Nick Katzenberg in hospital, as he lay dying of lung cancer.

From Bruno

Hi, my name is Bruno and I would like to know if any of you could please ask the fans who have made spidey costumes what the eyepieces are made of.

I would like to make a spidey costume for me, but I can't figure out a material which is white (at least to the outside) but also which doesn't block my vision. I'd thank you for any help you could give here.

I believe that white cloth will actually do the trick if stretched tightly. Many amateur costumes cheat, by cutting a small hold at the centre of the eye, but stretching cloth gives a much better effect.

Of course, I myself am blind, but function by viewing the vibrations in the underlying fabric of the universe.

From Robert

I know that you have stated above that I will not receive a response to a question like "Tell me where I can buy (anything)..." I do hope that my reasons behind asking will warrant some response. I am in the midst of putting together a seminar for children, grade 2-5, about self defense, sexual abuse and bullying...my catch, I am doing it as Spiderman. I have a movie quality costume and have years experience in doing seminars for children in the areas of self-defense. I came across the Spidey comic "How to beat the Bully" and thought it would be a wonderful addition and was wondering if you know and could inform me where I could get a copy; if any are in fact available. Of if you would have any other sources that may aid me in my pursuit to educate children in preventing abuse.

Down at the bottom of the review which you reference, you will see the text: "You can find out more about this comic, and order a copy direct from Channing-Bete, who created this comic under contract to the PCAA."

Channing-Bete are an organisation which exists for exactly the purpose you indicate, to provide resources for teaching about the problems of bullying and abuse. They frequently reprint this comic and make it available for a very reasonable price. They have discounts for larger quantities.

They also have Spider-Man comics which are designed to prompt debate on other social issues such as parenting, as well as a range of other similar resources not featuring Spider-Man.