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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Mighty Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Richard

I'm looking for the spider-man issue which has the spidey suit in a trash can and peter parker walking away. If you can reply with the issue title and issue # it would be greatly appricated. I've had no luck so far.

It's an interior full-page panel (NOT the cover) of ASM #50.

From Derm

im just writing to ask if you are by any chance aware of an issue of spider-man that is supposedly based in n.ireland. im writing to you from south belfast in n.ireland, and am currently workin on a belfast based graphic novel along with will simpson(vamps) and he happened to mention an issue of where spidey swing his way to our part of the world( why hed want il never know). if you have do know of any such issue i would really appreciate if you could let me know cause' id love to get my hands on it. great site by the way, cheers.

The comic is Web of Spider-Man #22, the second part of a story which began in issue #21.

From Bob

First, THANKS for your website. I was reading Spider-man back in the JR SR days, and have had an on again, off again reading pattern. When quality slipped long enough, I'd get on with other things, but keep checking in to see when things got better. Your site saved me hundreds of dollars in back issues as I got back up to speed. Thanks.

With John Romita Jr. I found myself completely into it again, but then he goes, the goofed up story line with Gwens children by Norman. (The most ridiculous, stupid, ill-concieved, pathetic, disgraceful story line of all time.) Now, while the art is good, it lacks the explosive, fun, power of JR JRs style.

What happened? Did Jr get pissed at the storyline direction and quit? Was he fired? What's he drawing now? Is there a chance that he'll ever come back?

JR, JR had a great run on the titles. From all accounts, he enjoyed it, and the fans sure did too. He certainly wasn't fired! But fun as Spidey might be, nobody wants to work on the same title for ever and ever, especially not creative guys like JR. So the story goes that he left of his own accord to pursue other projects.

He's done a creator owned thing called the Grey Area. He's been on Wolverine from Marvel. He's on the Black Panther at the moment and The Sentry mini-series, both from Marvel. In interviews he has said repeatedly that he will return to Spidey, and there's no reason to imagine that won't happen!

From Kyle

HELP! You may be my last hope! I want to know WHERE I can get a copy of the music at the end of the Spider Man 2 trailer! I have looked across the internet,a dn no one can seem to give me the right info! The music where it sounds like a European opera like chant. I REALLY want a copy of this song, but have NO Idea where to get it. PLEASE can you help me?????

It's a track called "Lacrimosa" from Immediate Music. It wasn't on the movie soundtrack album.

From Usula

You give only the writers' and artists' names in the comics/books section. How can I find the cover artists?

SpiderFan doesn't currently track the cover artists. However, it's certainly something that we might add one day in the future. In the meantime, you could try comics.org. They have a lot of information, though some of it isn't actually 100% accurate, so use it with caution.

The recently published book The Amazing Spider-Man 500 Covers 1962-2003 gives cover credits for Amazing Spider-Man #1-500, all of which were very carefully checked.

From PleaseWriteBack

We all know ben parker was a loving old man, but is there a profile on the other Ben Parker, Peter's son. I make my own storys a Peter's son is the min person in one story. I want to know what he becomes and what type superhero, I am making where he becomes the second ScarLetSpider. Write back a profile of peter's son

In regular continuity, Peter has never had a son. He and Mary Jane had a daughter named May, who (according to the current official story) died during childbirth.

However, in the alternate future "MC2 Universe", their daughter lived to become Spider-Girl, and Peter and Mary Jane subsequently had a baby boy named Peter. This happened only recently in the Spider-Girl comics, and baby Ben is just that, a baby, with no hint of any super powers.

From Bob

In the "Goblins at the Gate" storyline in Spectacular Spider-Man 259-261, readers encountered a "Green Goblin" who was clearly not Norman Osborn. If I remember correctly, this mysterious "additional Green Goblin" later made appearances in subsequent issues of various titles. Was his identity ever revealed? If so, when, and who was he?

That particular Green Goblin turned out to be a clone... err... genetic construct, that was used as a plot distraction, then conveniently destroyed.

From Liam

I would REALLY like a list of comics featuring Ben Reily AKA Scarlet Spider, Etc. I am trying to find a list of every comic he has EVER appeared in to see if I can get them all. I know not many people liked the Clone Saga, but I really did.

If you could SOMEHOW manage to get me a list of every comic he appeared in from Avengers to New Warriors, I would be SOOOOOO thankful.

You've come to the right place. You'll find a complete listing of Ben's appearances over in our Characters section.