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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Mighty Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From kurse18

My brother told me there was a villain called the Authority who fought Spidey and had databases on every marvel character until the Watcher removed his memory saying he knew too much. I have not been able to find anything about this villain. Did he even exist?

Yes, he did, kurse. To learn all about him, read the first five issues of Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2 (which ran for 11 issues in the late nineties).

From Mariadidreq22

I would like to know if Spider-Man gets married to Mary Jane Watson.

Those two crazy kids got married years ago in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21.

From Autobot_Prime

The Spider-Doppleganger created by the Magus during the Infinity War was saved by the Demogoblin and then found by Carnage. But by the time Maximum Carnage took place the Magus was trapped in the Soul Gem and all the dopplegangers ceased to exist. So why did this terribly thought up non-charecter survive to see the even more terrible Maximum Carnage storyline? Shouldn't it have ceased to exist along with all the other dopplegangers created by the Magus?

It was later revealed that the Demogoblin was using his hell-based powers to keep "Dopple" alive when all the other dopplegangers ceased to exist.

From spiderman_skip


  1. What is S.H.I.E.L.D's purpose?
  2. Who is the head of S.H.I.E.L.D? (I'm pretty sure its Nick Fury but I wanted to be sure)
  3. Is Captain America friends with Nick Fury?
  4. Do Marvel heroes visit the Savage Land often?
  5. Do you think that Peter and MJ will be out of Avengers tower by next year?
  6. Which of the New Avengers identities are publicly known?
  7. Are Venom, Carnage, and Toxin the only symbiotes on earth?
  8. What is the Demogoblin?
  9. Are the X-mens identities publicly known?
  10. Can a symbiote be removed from its host by any outside force?
  11. Are symbiotes damaged greatly by fire?
  12. What substance are Doc Ock's tentacles made of?
  13. What city is S.H.I.E.L.D head quarters located in?

What a list! Well, let's get started.

  1. Basically to keep the peace. Whether it be through espionage, force, or whatever tactic they deem necessary.
  2. Yes, It's Nick Fury.
  3. Aside from occasional disagreements, yes.
  4. Constantly. Almost as if it were required by law.
  5. No.
  6. Captain America, Luke Cage, and kinda-sorta Iron Man.
  7. There's also Scream, but she's been in limbo for a long time.
  8. Originally he was Jason Macendale imbued with hell-based powers. After he split into two seperate beings, he was just the powers given physical form.
  9. Some of them.
  10. Yes.
  11. Yes.
  12. Occasionally adamantium, the rest of the time just a generically strong metal alloy.
  13. New York.


Three questions:

  1. What has become of Cletus Casady and Eddie Brock in recent Spidey comics?
  2. What happened to May Parker in the official Marvel universe?
  3. Has Thanos ever gone up agianst the Marvel super heroes?
  1. Both dead (for now).
  2. Assuming you mean baby May, there are two options. She either died during childbirth, or is currently being cared for by Kaine. Take your pick.
  3. Often. Most notably during the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries.

From luciano_lcl

I was wondering if you have any kind of news on the title Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man ever being reprinted in color? Or if Topics is going to launch a CD set on like they did with the Amazing Spider-Man title.

Sorry to say, Luciamo, that there are no plans to reprint the series in color at this time. We'll be sure to announce it if it ever does, though!

From Craig

At the end of the ninth issue of the Official Marvel Index to the Amazing Spider-Man, there's a blurb that reads "Issue #10 will be published later as the first index update, and will begin with the entry for Amazing Spider-Man #215. In the interim, the Index to Spider-Man's adventures will continue with THE OFFICAL MARVEL INDEX TO MARVEL TEAM-UP FEATURING SPIDER-MAN and THE OFFICIAL MARVEL INDEX TO PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN."

Well sir, I've never seen them, they aren't on your awesome site either (I see they did indeed release a Marvel Team-Up index). Is it safe to assume that this 10th issue and Peter Parker index series were never released (and if so would you know why?), or should I just wait another 20 years?

I loved the Indexes as well, Craig, but as you surmised, no more were produced. The main man behind the Indexes, George Olshevsky, moved on to indexing Avengers and X-Men. By the time those were done, there just wasn't the interest needed to complete the Spider-Man series.

From gshton

I recently found a comic I had when I was younger. It's missing the cover and i was hoping you could identify it. In it Spider-Man is going through flashbacks and hallucinating. Then it shows him on a table with Doc Ock electrocuting him with a blonde haired woman in red next to him. Kaine shows up and beats the crap outta Doc Ock leaving him in the arms of the blonde haired woman in red with a scar that Kaine leaves on his face?

Sounds like Spectacular Spider-Man #221, gshton. By the way, even if your comic is missing its cover, you should still be able to see what the issue number is by looking at the indica (that real small type on the bottom of the first page).

From Kirk

Hello, I've just been to the new War of the Worlds movie with my 15 year old. It sparked a memory to when I was about her age and recalled reading a Spiderman comic where he was battling Martian Tripods. I've been looking through your site to see if I could find that issue... And perhaps I actually looked right at it, but at this late hour I just wasn't able to find it.

Does that story line ring any bells to you?

Sure does. Spider-Man has a cameo in Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #38, fighting alongside Killraven.

From Stephen

Hi. I have recently acquired an 'Amazing Spider Man' vol 1 #1. The question is, whilst the cover is virtually the same as the ones I have viewed on your site, this one is by 'Newton Comics'. It has 'historic first edition' emblazened across the bottom, however it appears to have been printed in 1975. Anything you could tell me about it would be useful as I cant find out anything.

This is an Australian reprint. You can find quite a few of them on the Australian eBay Site. We don't include non-U.S. reprints on our site, which is why you didn't find them here.

From Clark

Howdy! I'm very much enjoying the spiderfan site and I'm hoping you can help me out with an obscure little quest I'm on. I'm a lifelong comics reader and I've bandied about the idea of tracking down my "first comic" and putting in a frame on the wall or something along those lines. The only problem is that I don't know what it was...which is to say, I know it was a Spidey title (two actually), and I recall a snippet about the plots, but none of the net research I've done has allowed me to put two and two together and determine which issues they were.

So I thought I'd run my quite-possibility-faulty recollection by an expert and see if it rang any bells with you. Thanks in advance for any help you can give...and if you don't have time, just thanks for your work on the site.

So, this would have been early to mid 80's, and I recall purchasing two spidey titles from a gas station so they must have been new issues. The thing that sticks out in my memory is that both titles featured a scene in which spidey swings into some sort of invisible barrier -- in a park, I think (central park?) It must have been some type of crossover event reference as I remember being confused that two different stories would have the same scene. Alternately, I suppose it could have been an advertisement.

And that's all I've got to go on. Any idea what issues these might have been?

Yes, Clark. You caught the issues that led into the Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars Mini-Series. All of the Spidey titles of that month (which were cover-dated April 1984) featured a scene with Spidey getting transported to the Secret Wars planet. The three issues were Amazing Spider-Man #251, Marvel Team-Up #140 and Spectacular Spider-Man #89. Your two issues are bound to be among those three.