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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Mighty Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From amberbrinson

How many alternate covers are there for New Avengers #1, and are they going to have any for #2?

Marvel (and DC as well) are in love with variant covers right now. The current plan is that the first 6 issues (at least) of NEW AVENGERS will all have 1 (at least) variant cover. I believe the current tally on #1 is a regular cover, a variant cover by McNiven, a variant cover by Quesada, and a "Director's Cut".

From dancer-queen2

Do you know how many copies of The Amazing Spider-Man #96-98 were sold?

Those, of course, were the three controverisal "drug issues" that Marvel published without the Comics Code Authority seal of approval. Sure, nowadays Marvel doesn't even bother to use the CCA, but in those days, it was a very risky move. Stan Lee thought it worth the risk to publish those issues to show the dangers of using drugs. While I don't have figures to tell how many copies actually sold, I can tell you that there was no decline in sales. In fact, the success of those issues led to a loosening of the Code's restricions. Anyone wanting to read the three issues in question can find them cheaply in MARVEL TALES #191 or in the Death Of Gwen Stacy TPB.


Where can I get the Cosmic Spider-Man TPB?

SPIDER-MAN: THE COSMIC ADVENTURES (ISBN: 0871359634) was published 12 years ago in 1993, so finding one might be a bit tricky. You should ask the local comic shops in your area if they can find one for you. Failing that, your best bet is to wait for one to show up on eBay. It might almost be easier to just buy the nine individual issues that it reprints. In case you want to go that route, they're SPECTACULAR #158-160, WEB #59-61 and ASM #327-329.

From saiyangt24

  1. Can Juggernaut beat the Hulk?
  2. What is Wanda's aka the Scarlet Witche's weakness?
  3. What's your favorite X-Men?
  4. Who is Spidey currently facing?
  1. In Monopoly and Clue, yes. In Twister and Connect Four, no.
  2. Chocolate.
  3. It *was* a tie between Colossus, Psylocke, and Northstar. Now that all three are alive again, none of them.
  4. Odds are, a goblin of some kind.

From xonathan77

  1. What's Peter's major? I know it's a science major, but is it physics, chemistry or biology?
  2. Who was Peter's first lover, Mary Jane or Felicia?
  3. I heard that next year Marvel is going to publish a hardcover version of Black Cat: The evil that men do. Does this mean that we'll finally have an end to the story?
  1. Pete was/is a biology major, but he's well-versed in all sciences.
  2. The subject of much debate. SINS PAST would seem to rule out many fans' guess of Gwen Stacy (although there is room to avoid that elimanation). Most fans lean towards MJ being Peter's first.
  3. The final issues of SPIDEY/BLACK CAT seem to have been in the "almost done" stage for the last two years. Better to not even think about the series until you actually see #4 on the stands with your own eyes.

From yuyurules4

Did Gwen Stacy's hair color change (darken)from platinum to blond, or was it always a little dark?

The Gwen from the Ditko-era seemed to have more platinum hair compared to her later Romita/Kane days, when it was very blond.

From jaiello

I've been trying to catch up on Spider-Man after some years away from my beloved comics and I'm having trouble with the whole missing baby thing. After all these years what happened to Peter and MJ's baby, do we know if it's alive or what?

It's very complicated, Jaiello, but it boils down to this: It appeared to the Parkers that the baby was miscarried, it appeared to the readers that Norman Osborn played a sick shell-game and actually had her kidnapped, later to be snatched from him by Kaine. In this Spider-Oracle's opinion, however, baby May is alive and is currently being cared for by Kaine.

From kurse18

  1. When has MJ died in an alternate reality?
  2. I read a comic where Spidey fights Zarathos the demon from Ghost Rider. What comic was this?
  1. Mary Jane has done pretty well surviving in other realities. The only major instance of her dying is in WHAT IF? vol.2 #61, where the robot-doubles of Peter's parents kill MJ and Aunt May.

From thespacecowboy00

I have heard countless rumors of a Venom III, is threre any truth to this rumor? And is it also true that Carnage has been killed by the Sentry?

Yes. there is a Venom III, it is Mac Gargan, who used to be the Scorpion. And it does seem like Carnage was killed. But don't be too surprised if he should somehow show up alive.

From actionmike84

Could you tell me exactly what the deal is with Mysterio? Back when Spidey was dealing with his first clone problems in the seventies, I read a story where it stated Quentin Beck died in prison and Danny Berkhart took over. But, Beck's been around since then. Then, I heard he commited suicide over in Daredevil some years back. And Mysterio has appeared since then in Spider-Man. Is there anyway to pinpoint which Mysterio was which in which storylines? Specifically, who is the Mysterio in Marvel Knights Spidey and who was the Mysterio in "Media Blizzard", the first Sensational Spidey arc.

Basically, it goes like this, Mike. Any Mysterio appearance BEOFRE Beck killed himself in DAREDEVIL #7 is him, EXCEPT for ASM #142-143. Any Mysterio appearance AFTER his suicide is Berkhart.

From civan

I'm from Turkey and I have a Spider-Man tattoo on my arm. I had it done last week. Can I send it to you?

Er, that's very kind of you, Civan, but I don't think US customs would approve of an arm being sent through the mail.

From jwwalrath

In the recent New Avengers story, the Purple Man was one of the escaping villains. Wasn't he supposed to have died?

Nope. You only *thought* that because he told you to think it.

From gilhamit

In MK: Spider-Man, Venom and Eddie got seperated, and now Mac Gargan is Venom. In Venom 18 however, not only did Eddie stay with the symbiote but there was also this chick with him in there. How does that comes into the continuity?

MARVEL KNIGHTS: SPIDER-MAN #1-12 takes place after VENOM #1-18.


  1. I recently read Amazing Spider-Man #10, and I was wondering if any Spider-writer has ever developed on the revelation that J.J.J. is actually jealous of Spider-Man?
  2. Was it Harry in the shadows in Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #122?
  3. Was Spider-Man at all involved in the Enemy of the State storyarc running in Wolverine?
  4. When was Spider-Man an Avenger (excluding the New Avengers)?
  5. Has Spider-Man fought the Juggernaut since Spider-Man #16?
  1. Not really. In fact, other writers have written stories that seem to suggest that there are other reasons why JJJ hates Spidey.
  2. Yes.
  3. No.
  4. Actively in AVENGERS #314-319, and he was made a reserve member shortly afterwords.
  5. Yes, in SPIDER-MAN #84.