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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Mighty Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Reggie

When did MJ actually find out Peter Parker was Spider-Man? See, I know she saw Spider-Man crawl out of his room (behind the scenes) in Amazing Fantasy #15, but I don't recall her knowing about his identity later on untill.. well thats where I'm lost!!

Like you said, reggie, Mary Jane saw Peter run into his house, and then emerge minutes later as Spider-Man in AMAZING FANTASY #15. A detail that wasn't revealed until many years later in the PARALLEL LIVES GN. Mary Jane kept her knowledge of Peter's secret for years, but finally told him she knew his secret in ASM 257.

From Fran Ferllanillo

I've been thinking what happened with the clone of Gwen Stacy (she was a teacher or so).Can you tell me if I missed something? Is she still alive?

Well, fran, after the original Clone Saga in ASM #144-151, the Gwen clone left and wasn't seen for many years. When she eventually returned, it was revealed by the High Evolutionary that she wasn't really a "clone" at all, but instead was just a girl named Joyce Delaney that Miles Warren had genetically altered to be a perfect match to Gwen. (This was in SPECTACUAL ANNUAL #8, BTW). Years later, Spidey discovered that she wasn't really a girl named Joyce Delaney that Miles Warren had genetically altered to be a perfect match to Gwen at all, but instead was really a clone of Gwen. (This was in WEB #125, BTW). Your head hurt yet? Ben Reilly discovers that the High Evolutionary had lied because he didn't want others to know that Warren had actually achieved perfect cloning. (This was in SCARLET SPIDER UNLIMITED #1, BTW). When last seen, Spidey saved the Gwen clone from falling off the Brooklyn Bridge, and she wandered off, and is still out there... somewhere... (This was in SPIDER-MAN: MAXIMUM CLONAGE: OMEGA, BTW.)

From pbd8813

In DC versus Marvel #1, Spider-Man gets transported to Gotham City and the Joker says, "Spider-Man, I presume, but you've changed tailors since last we tangoed." The only time I can recall Spider-Man meeting the Joker was in the first Spider-Man Batman crossover but Spidey was in his red costume. Then, again in All Access #1 when Venom fights Superman he says, "Your costume reminds me of someone I met recently. but You're obviously not a hero like Spider-Man." and in the same issue he tells Spider-Man, "I remember you from when our universes met but you've changed costumes since then, haven't you?" Spider-Man replies, "changed back actually." I've looked everywhere and i can't find anything where Spider-Man has his symbiote costume on while the two universes meet. If you know what Superman and the Joker are talking about please let me know.

Simple, pdb. Spidey met the Joker in the SPIDER-MAN/BATMAN: DISORDERED MINDS crossover. In that story, Spidey was wearing his standard red-and-blue costume. Months later, the DC vs. Marvel limited series occured, but in that series, the Spidey appearing (and the one who met Superman) was Ben Reilly in a slightly altered red-and-blue costume. More months later, the All Access limited series came out, with Peter back as Spidey, and in his standard red-and-blues, hence telling Supes that he had "changed back" to his old costume.

From jlapinb

Spider-Oracle shame on you! In your new column you claim that it was an error when MJ and Liz knew each other and that they didn't meet until the Conway era. They did meet in ASM #25.

What can I say, JL? You are right- Liz (and Betty) were introduced to (a facially-obscured) Mary Jane in ASM #25, long before Peter met her. Still, that brief meeting seems a bit less involved than what Gerry Conway implied in ASM #132 (that Liz and MJ "didn't get along in high school").

From dvbred

In the Spider-Girl comic book, way back at the beginning, when Spider-Girl fights Normie Osborn for the first time... Liz Osborn is hospitalized and there is a man named "Nelson" looking after her and is, I presume, her boyfriend/husband. Is this Foggy Nelson? I know the two of them had a little thing way, way back. Let me know if I'm right. I've got $20 riding on this.

You are correct, dvbred. And you can catch Foggy Nelson appearing some months ago in SPIDER-GIRL #63, when his stepson Normie was hospitalized. Now take that $20 and buy some more SPIDER-GIRL comics!

From johnmihelich

Spider-Man's ability to walk on walls...do his feet cling to walls when he's wearing street shoes / sneakers, or only when barefoot or in his suit?

Spidey can still cling to walls with his feet when he's wearing shoes, just not nearly as well as when he's wearing his spandex costume.

From slimshady2787

I was wondering why your list of people who know Spidey's identity does not include Reed Richards and Luke Cage, who found out in a recent issue of Daredevil.

A simple matter of updating the list on an irregular schedule, rather than every time a new name pops up.

From Actionmike84

In Brian Bendis's Secret War #2, Wolverine mentions he's never seen Spider-Man in civillian identity before, but that is clearly not the case. I thought Wolverine linked Peter and Spidey together by smell way back in the eighties, and wasn't there a recent Spidey/Wolverine mini-series that had them interacting out of costume? Is this Secret War series supposed to be in continuity?

Just a little continuity blunder, Mike. (Otherwise, this would be something like the third time Wolverine "learned" who Spidey really is.)