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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Mighty Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From garrettx

It was my understanding that Miles Warren learned of Spider-Man's identity when he actually cloned him and saw the face of the clone... ? Unfortunately, I do not have any reference as proof, just my memory... Could it have been explained in The Jackal Files maybe?

Nope, garrettx, Miles wouldn't have had any reason to clone Peter if he hadn't already known he was Spidey. You may be remembering an episode from the live- action "Spider-Man" series of the 70's. In one episode, "Night of the Clones", an evil professor (well, his clone, actually) saw Spider-Man get injured and got a sample of his blood. He used it to produce a clone, and when that clone came out of the artificial womb, the professor was surprised to recognize Peter Parker, a photographer who had been present at his demonstration of cloning techniques. That could be where your memories are coming from.

From hrebupo

  1. who is mary jane's father?
  2. where does Mysterio borns?
  3. who is Hobgoblin's wife name?
  1. Philip Watson
  2. The finest midwestern restaurants.
  3. He's never had one (that's been revealed anyway).

From Emily

Hi, my boyfriend is a huge super hero fan, a while ago he mentioned an episode of Spider-Man where he meets Stan Lee and finds out that he really is a comic book hero and not a real person. I thought it would be great to find this for him as a gift, but I can't remember now if what he was talking about was an actual comic book story or something from a television show. If you could tell me whether it was from a comic book or a television show, the title of it, or the year it was out that would be amazing.

That's the final episode of the mid-90's cartoon "Spider-Man". The episode itself was called "Spider Wars Chapter 2: Farewell Spider-Man". It has yet to be released on video/DVD, Emily, but with the current MTV Spider-Man series on DVD, and recently the original 60's version, the 90's one may not be far away.

From mail4333

Can you give me a reasonable idea of how much a 1992 Spider-man superheroes card is worth? I know that 1992 was the thirty year anniversary of Spider-man but this card isn't drawn by Todd McFarlane, its by some other guy Erik something.

I hate to break it to you, mail, but if you got a card dealer to give you a quarter for it, you'd be lucky.

From Alexcanh

YO YOUR SITE IS DA BOMB! Do you know which issue Doctor Octopus claimed that he had sensitive eyes and hence wore the sun glasses? Also in the movie Doctor Octopus doesn't blame Spider-Man for his Rosie's death, yet in the game and comic book adaptation he does. Do you think that the movie would've been better if he blamed Spider-Man for his wife's untimely demise?

WORD! WE GOT SPIDEY IN THE HIZZZOUS! As far as I know, the only time Doc Ock has claimed light-sensitve eyes was in the recent mini-series "Negative Exposure". In all other appearances, he simply can't see without them. And no, I think the movie worked fine with Ock's motivation as it was. It made him more of a tragic figure and not so over-the-top like the movie Green Goblin.

From bobfreeman

When Kingsley finally got tired of Macendale posing as the Hobgoblin and came back and killed him, was it Hobgoblin versus Hobgoblin? Meaning, did they both wear their uniforms during the battle?

Neither one was wearing a costume, bob. Kingsley, wearing plainclothes and a disguise, killed Macendale while Mac was in his prison cell. But don't take my word for it. It's in HOBGOBLIN LIVES #1, or you can look for the TPB which reprints all three issues.

From Chris the Greek

When I was a kid (let's say sometime in the late 1970s), I had a comic in which Spidey battled the Impossible Man. The only thing I remember clearly about this story is that Impy created several "anti-Spider-Men" - duplicates of Spidey whose costume colors were reversed; blue where Spidey was red, and vice-versa. ANY assistance in my finding this lost bit of my childhood is welcome.

It sounds like you're thinking of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #25. Check out the cover on our website here, Chris, and see if it jogs your memory.

From amheitkemper

In what issue and year did Spider-Man first use his spider tracer?

Peter invented his spider-tracers way back in ASM #11 to keep tabs on Doctor Octopus.

From Bob Horihan

I'm mildly confused about the various Spider-Man universes circulating these days. When the Pulse started, I initially thought it was in the Ultimate universe (probably the Bendis/Bagley factor working subconsciously on me), but the latest issue seems to lock it pretty definitely in the standard continuity. The real question for me comes with the Marvel Knights series, and the sticking point is the status of the Green Goblin. Wasn't he incarcerated in the first issue? But he is at large in the Pulse? So is Marvel Knights yet another Spider-Man universe, or do the stories in question simply take place at different relative times?

Both THE PULSE and MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN (MKSM) take place in regular continuity, Bob. The first PULSE storyline "Into Thin Air" takes place *before* MKSM #1, and in fact, leads directly into it.

From jrunyan2000

I saw the movie not too long ago. They had the neighbor, who was helping Aunt May, and Peter Parker says he's getting taller. Is the kid neighbor a character in the comic book? I wish I could remember his name.

Aunt May's young neighbor Henry Jackson, played by Jason Fiore-Ortiz, has no comic book equivalent, Jrun.