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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Mighty Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Yosh

I read that the Jackal knew that Spider-Man was Peter Parker. How did he find out and which issues was it revealed?

Well, that's never really been settled, Yosh. When Gerry Conway wrote the original Clone Saga in ASM #144-150, he showed that the Jackal (Miles Warren) knew Spidey's identity, but didn't say *how* he had found out. A few months later in ASM #153, a text piece explained that Warren had simply followed Peter one day and saw him change into his Spidey costume.

This seemed to be confirmed years later in SPECTACULAR #149 when Peter found Warren's diary which repeated the "followed him and watched him change" story, complete with helpful flashbacks. But then, *more* years later in SCARLET SPIDER UNLIMITED #1, the High Evolutionary revealed to Ben Reilly that Warren's diary was a fake which he had planted. Does this mean the whole diary was fake, or just the parts relating to clones? Trying to make sense of it all makes your head feel like degenerating.

From Dan

Do you know if Humberto Ramos is off of Spectacular for good? I started collecting again because of his art and Jenkins stories. I would do a little dance of joy if I knew Ramos was going to do more.

Put your dancing shoes on, Dan. Humberto will be back with issue #17.

From ancalle91

In the Marvel webpage I saw the Sandman file and it said that William Baker was his real name and Flint Marko his alias. Isn't the real name Flint Marko?

Has Venom appeared in the new issues of ASM?

And has the Green Goblin attacked spidey since PP:S-M (vol.2) # 47?

Sandman's real name is William Baker. That's why his mom, seen in MTU vol.1 #1, is named Mrs. Baker. "Flint Marko" is an alias he took to hide his illegal ways from his mother.

Venom hasn't been in ASM for a long time, but you can read about him (or a reasonable facsimile) currently in his own self-titled series.

And Norman's story is continuing as we speak in two different titles. Check out the current story in THE PULSE which is Norman's next chronological appearance after PP:SM #47. And after that story wraps up, his saga continues in MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN, the first two issues of which are already on sale.

From Spider-Rahul

One question is nagging me constantly. At the end of SM/DD:Unusual Suspects, the Owl dies a hero's death. But then next thing I know, he's alive and is a bad guy again. What gives?

He got better. And he got badder.

From Craig

I though Jason Macendale was dead, (killed by Roderick Kingsley) next thing I know he's in the new Secret War by Bendis. Did BMB screw up?

You're right, Craig. Macendale was fried by the original Hobgoblin in HOBGOBLIN LIVES #1. And it appears that Macendale is still dead. What you saw in SECRET WAR was a transcript of him being interrogated before he died.

From Cary

In Ultimate Spider-Man #39, Connors offers to keep Pete's secret since Spidey kept his. But did that Lizard stuff ever happen in the books? I have the trade paperbacks of the issues before that, and I don't recall ever reading about the Lizard.

A query that several people have made of me. It's times like these when footnotes are missed in Marvel Comics. The answer, Cary, is that Peter met Curt (and the Lizard) in ULTIMATE MARVEL-TEAM UP #10.

From David

Two questions:

  1. In ASM #149, on page 3 of this historic issue, Spidey wakes up bound to a wooden table. Next to him is a blond guy who looks like Ned Leeds and he is bound as well. After humiliating Spidey the Jackal leaves the room and Spidey is left in the room. He doesn't pay any notice to the bound man who was in the room with him. IN FACT it seems like no one pays any attention to that mysterious bound man, not Gerry Conway and not even this site's review. Who is the bound blond man from page 3? Is it a foreshadowing of the blond Ben Reilly?
  2. What ever happened to mailman Willy Lumpkin? When was his last appearance?

Two answers:

  1. That was just Ned. Ben Reilly does show up later in that issue, of course, (before he got his own name), but Ben never had blonde hair himself until many years later in SENSATIONAL #0.
  2. Willy hasn't been seen in quite awhile. I guess he and Aunt May had a little tiff. His last appearance seems to be FANTASTIC FOUR #400.

From William Gerrard

How and when did Harry Osborn discover his father was the Green Goblin?

Harry originally made the discovery behind the scenes in ASM #121. He's the shadowy figure seen at the end of the issue. After his dementia was cured, however, he re-learned it when the Hobgoblin blackmailed him with the info in ASM #249.

From lived9999

I'm new to the Ultimate universe so I was wondering if the Sandman, Shocker or the Vulture has ever been in the book? Plus do you think they will try at least once, to have Peter wear an Ultimate Black Costume?

Here's some answers for you, Lived. The Sandman just got done appearing in the mini-series ULTIMATE SIX. The TPB should be on the shelves by the time you read this. The Shocker has made two appearances to date, in issues #8 and 35. And Peter has already had a chance to use the Black Costume in the aforementioned issue #35.