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From David

Does Spider-Man have a faster than normal healing factor? No sites ever lists that as one of his powers but sometimes he seems to talk about it in the comics.

Yes. Spidey doesn't have a "healing factor", per se, like Wolverine. However, Spidey (and most super-powered people in the MU) do heal faster than regular people. It's a bit of a cheat, you might say, to show why the hero can be beaten up badly in one issue, and be in perfect health when the next issue hits the stands.

From Ed "The Red Death"

In Sensational Spider-Man 19-20, a young girl called Akasha was possesed by the living pharaoh (aka the living monolith), and at the end was transformed, given wings similar to the Goddess Isis. My question: Has this 'Isis', who was a cool character, appeared in any other comic, or in any other Spider-Man title, forthwith? She said she owed him one.

No further appearances yet for Akasha, RD. Being a Todd DeZago-created character, I wouldn't expect her to show up again unless Todd is writing the story.

From fhtheblackcat

Three Simple Questions:

  1. When did Felicia Hardy break up with Flash?
  2. Can I use some of the comic cover pics while I replace my broken scanner?
  3. Do you mind putting my "Black Cat" website on your links page?

I can answer your first question with a concise "Spectacular #209-210" As for your other questions, you'll have to drop a line to our Editor, Jonathan Couper - I would, however, hazard a guess that the answers are probably "No" and "Maybe" respectively.

From spiderman777123

Two questions:

  1. According to what I have read in The Spectacular Spider-Man #13, Curt Connors could always control the Lizard. If that's true, why did Curt always try to take over the world and/or put his family in harms way?
  2. If Norman Osborn came back to life because of the Goblin formula, why can't Harry Osborn and all the Hobgoblins be brought back as well?

Two answers:

  1. Hey, if *you* turned into a scaly green reptile, wouldn't your first thought be to take over the world? In any case, I doubt that Curt was always in complete control of the Lizard.
  2. Harry is a special case. He tried altering the formula, and that altered formula is what actually killed him, so it won't be bringing him back to life. Of the two Hobgoblins, only Roderick used the Goblin formula, and he's never died. Now one of the faux-Hobgoblins, Lefty Donovan, did also use the formula, but his injuries were apparently too severe to let even the formula's healing-factor save him.

From SpideySenseSteve

In reference to the current ASM about the guy who repairs costumes- at the end of the comic he gives Spidey an idea for a new look which apparently (from issue # 500) we see him as an old man with that costume on when he dies. Does that mean in the future he will wear those threads and die that way, or is that just one of the ways it could happen. Thanks and who would you like to see be the villain or villains in the next Spidey movie..Spider-man 3. I want either the Lizard or Sandman..or Venom.

No future is set in stone for our wall-crawler, triple-S. With the myriad of futures we've seen for Spidey, none are a definite certainty. (As opposed, I guess, to a definite uncertainty.) As for a villain for "Spider-Man 3", I think I'd like to see what the big screen could do for Electro.

From ikeschic82

I went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure yesterday, and I went on the Spider-Man ride. I know all the villains except this one chick who looked like a female version of Venom, do you know who she is?

A symbiote question. Yay. I just love symbiote questions. Well, Ike, your mystery female is none other than "Scream", one of Venom's "offsprings" from the Lethal Protector and Separation Anxiety miniseries. Check our F.A.Q. section!

From William Gerrard

I'm aware that Peter shed tears at the death of his uncle in Amazing Fantasy#15. When was the next time we saw our beloved wall crawler cry?

It's not always easy to say, Will, as the mask makes it hard to tell if there are actual tears or not. Nevertheless, I'll say that the next time was in ASM #1 when the Chameleon uses his disguise to sic the cops on poor Spidey.

From jdcaudle

What name was Peter Parker accidentally called in the first issue of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book back in March 1963?

What a coincidence, JD! I was just talking about this issue! Ah, the power of cutting-and-pasting letters in any order you want.... Anyway, Peter was referred to as "Peter Palmer" twice in that issue. Stan's infamous (bad) memory strikes again.

From anthony

I have this comic below, could you point me in the right direction if your company isn't interested-

#19 - Spidey Strikes Back
Editor: Stan Lee
Writer: Stan Lee
Pencils: Steve Ditko
Inker: Steve Ditko
Dec 1964

Well, that is rather interesting, Anthony. However, I went to my guest room and asked my company, and he said: "A comic book? Who cares?!? It's 3:00 a.m.!!"

From Trowa

Hey, has Spidey ever had an actual headquarters that wasn't his apartment? I mean, did he have a "Spider-Cave", as he once said he should have?


From Spider-Rahul

  1. Which all X-Men enemies has Spidey fought?
  2. Why isn't the Red Skull among the most hated villains (Next to GG) in Spidey's rogue gallery? After all he did arrange for the killing of his parents?
  1. Off the top of my head- Magneto, Blob, Toad, Juggernaut, the Sentinels, and the Morlocks come to mind. There's also many villains that both have fought that aren't really considered X-specific, like Kulan Gath, Professor Power, and Mesmero.
  2. As evil as the Red Skull is, he had nothing to do with the death of Spidey's folks. The man responsible for that is the 50's Red Skull, Albert Malik, who is currently dead.