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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Might Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Sérgio

Does it happen?

Yes! Reprinting ASM #114-137, along with Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1 and Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 and 2, it's due to hit shelves sometime this June.

From djrenaud

I'm a big Carnage and Venom fan, and I've been trying to find a certain quote, but can't get it. It was a quote of Cletus Cassidy. He said something like "Anyone can commit murder, just those with enough courage." I can't remember how it goes and it's bugging the hell out of me. I'm actually using it for a report. So if you could help me out, that'd be great, thanks.

I believe the exact quote, DJ, is: "Even the average person can commit murder, if only he has the courage." Look for more little kernels of Carnage's wisdom in "Chicken Soup for the Symbiotic Soul".

From Ed "The Red Death"

I recently looked at an issue of VENOM and the symbiote was in Alaska at the same time as Wolverine. He says to it, "You aren't Eddie" in some part. How would Logan, of all people, know Venom's secret identity when he (almost) NEVER sets foot in New York?

Elementary, my dear ETRD. Venom's identity is *not* a secret. The whole story behind Eddie Brock became known to the public after Spidey first captured him in ASM #300.

From Anonymous

Hi there, who exactly was the Stalker that held Mary Jane when Peter thought she was killed in the plane explosion?

The Stalker was an empathic mutant who gained Peter's memories when they touched during one of Spider-Man's battles. As for his identity, he was never given a name, my anonymous friend. As such, The Stalker just has to take his place alongside The Burglar in the "Non-Proper Name Villain File".

From Paul "True Believer" Nardone

In this months issue of MARVEL PREVIEWS, it has a preview of a 4 part mini series called "Venom Vs. Carnage". If I remember correctly, back in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #10 (I think...not sure) didn't Venom 'eat' the Carnage symbiote and become one again? Or did I miss something?

You did miss something, Paul. You know how the Venom symbiote reproduced asexually and gave birth to the one-of-a-kind Carnage symbiote? Well, you're right that Venom did retrieve it and ... er... eat it, in PP:SM #10. But what you apparently missed was a two-issue story from the series WEBSPINNERS (#13-14) where Cletus entered the Negative Zone and found an identical one-of-a-kind Carnage symbiote. After joining together, Carnage was reborn. Now can this please be the last symbiote-related question? Please?

From smullis

What is the address on Chelsea Street that Peter Parker and Mary Jane move into after getting married?

410 Chelsea Street. Ah, a nice easy question that has nothing to do with symbiotes. Thanks, smullis.

From "Starman" Matt Morrison


I write a regular column for 411 Comics (www.411mania.com/comics) and was thinking of doing a piece about the Lizard in the wake of Spectacular Spider-Man #11. I consider myself something of a Spidey expert, though nowhere near on par with some of the writers on your site. It is thus that I turn to you with this question; When did Dr. Curt Connors find out Spider-Man's secret identity?

You weren't the only one who mailed me this question, Matt. The truth is that writer Paul Jenkins was apparently misled by the mini-series "Quality of Life." There's a scene in there between Peter and Curt that *implied* that Curt knew that Pete was Spider-Man, but never actually confirmed it. Paul assumed it was a definite, and wrote it into his story that way. The whole Lizard arc is a bit of an editorial mess, having noted that Curt lives in Louisiana when it should actually be Florida, and having people in the MU surprised that the Lizard is really a transformed man when past stories make it clear the Curt's transformation into the Lizard is publicly known.

From labj09

I was looking at the Punisher bio, and saw that Micro died and Rosalie Carbone was an enemy. When did these changes happen and how?

Micro was dead for a while, but he got better. He can be seen throwing the F-bomb around with Frank in the new MAX Punisher series. As for Rosalie Carbone... my senses tell me she is from the 90's Punisher War Zone series, but not being Spidey-related, I can only shrug my mystic shoulders and guess "She got mad at him?"

From spiderman777123

  1. Why did Marvel cancel Untold Tales of Spider-Man if it was doing better than the other Spidey books at the time, and was given good reviews?
  2. In The Amazing Spider-Man #9 J.J.J printed in The Daily Bugle that Spider-Man was Electro. In the next issue Jonah did it again; that time writing that Spidey was The Big Man. Both times what Jameson wrote was false. My question is... WHY WASN'T J.J.J PUNISHED?!? Last time I checked it was against the law to make false stories in a newspaper! Why wasn't Jonah arrested, or at least fined? And how can his paper still run if his reputation and name was ruined twice?
  1. UNTOLD TALES did get many good reviews when it was published, and many considered it better than the core titles that were published concurrently. But this acclaim was not reflected in the actual sales, especially as many non-comic book stores didn't want to carry a title that only cost 99 cents.
  2. Jonah always did suffer a bit of backlash on those false Spider-Man stories, but the public would seem to have forgotten by the time the next issue started. Jonah was never punished because the only way that could really happen is if Spider-Man were to sue him; but to do that Spider-Man would have to reveal his identity. However, the law is always changing, and SHE-HULK #4 (due out in June) will show lil' Shulkie helping Spidey get his day in court against Jonah, without having to reveal his identity.