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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Might Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Eugene

I read on this site of yours, that Venom swallowed Carnage's symbiote. (nasty. lol.) so, it was just plain ol Cletus Casaday. He was next seen painting himself red and fighting Spider-Man. My question is, someone said to me that Cletus found a similar yet different symbiote in the negative zone? If it is different, would the look be different? Can I ask what issue this happened in?

Yes, Eugene, after Venom *ate* the Carnage-sybiote in PP:SM #10, Cletus became a nutso red paint-wearing looney is issue #13. That wasn't to last, though, as he inexplicably found a *new* symbiote that was exactly like his old one in WEBSPINNERS #13-14. Contrived? You bet! But it got us our favorite symbiotic loon back *groan*. Currently in prison after the events in that storyline, he's not scheduled to appear anytime soon. However, a new Ultimate version will be showing up shortly in (of course) ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN.

From Brian

I recently read an explanation in the oracle pages explaining that Doc Ock knew Spideys secret Id and then forgot it but I cant find the page anymore. If possible could you send me the link to your answer.

Here's the gist, Brian. While Spidey lay dying because of poison the Owl had afflicted him with, Ock used his advanced medical knowledge to save him. By necessity, this meant taking off Spidey's mask, and Ock would of course recognize him as the nephew of his former fiancee May Parker. Otto didn't have much time to do much with the knowledge of Spidey's ID, though, cause Kaine killed him by snapping his neck. This all happened in the "Web of Death" storyline at the beginning of the Clone Saga. A couple of years later, The ninja clan known as The Hand brought Octopus's body back to life. As for his mind, they downloaded the saved memories of Ock's, but they were downloaded *before* he had unmasked Spidey, thus he doesn't remember his foe's ID, or even that he once knew! This storyline, BTW was in ASM #426-428.

From mike2

  1. Do you know what title or issue Spider-Man was part of the Fantastic Four with Wolvie, Hulk and Ghost Rider?
  2. Is the Mavel Max line, the one that is planning to have a Spider-Man title, contiune in the Marvel universe or is it a whole nother universe?
  1. Sure, Mike2! The "New Fantastic Four" as they were called, appeared in FANTASTIC FOUR #347-349 with a brief reunion in #374. You can also catch the team in alternante universe stories in WHAT IF? vol. 2 #78 and WOLVERINE #148.
  2. The new series you are thinking of, "THE PULSE" is a spin-off of a MAX-line book, but PULSE itself will be all-ages. And yes, it does take place in continuity.

From jaylaurie90

Is it true MJ died? If she did please state the comic in which she did!!!!

Nope, Mary Jane is alive and well. For awhile, she was thought to be dead when an airplane she was on blew up in ASM vol. 2 #13, but it was all an elaborate scheme.

From malestrom

Hi, I recently got into comics, specifically Ultimate Spider-man. I was wondering if every issue of Ultimate Spider-man will be published in tpb format because I don't want to miss a single one.

So far every issue (except the ½ issue) has been made available in TPB form, malestrom. It breaks down like this:

  1. Volume 1: "Power & Responsibility" has issues #1-7
  2. Volume 2: "Learning Curve" has issues #8-13
  3. Volume 3: "Double Trouble" has issues #14-21
  4. Volume 4: "Legacy" has issues #22-27
  5. Volume 5: "Public Scrutiny" has issues #28-32
  6. Volume 6: "Venom" has issues #33-39
  7. Volume 7: "Irresponsible" has issues #40-45.

From Evin

I have a question about the Ultimate Six. I wonder if you noticed that Max Dillon's ears come and go. Sometimes he has clearly defined ears, and other times he has those wierd burn-victim mounds on the side of his head. In the most recent issue (5) this was not the case, he always had the mounds, but the earlier issues (I think 1-3, sorry, I don't have the issues in front of me) he definitely has regular ears on one page and mounds on another. Please let me know if I am going crazy, or if you noticed this too.

Sorry to not have a more elaborate answer, Evin, but it's just a cast of the art not being very clear. Ultimate Electro should be regarded as "earless".

From darkgob

Has the nature of Chameleon's powers ever been explained, beyond the simple masks and costumes he used in the old days? I know in that Spectacular Spider- Man "Identity Crisis" storyline from '97, I remember Peter smashing Chameleon's control belt, and presumably he would not be able to change shape without this. But a few pages later, he turns into Mary Jane! So what's the deal?

When the Chameleon first appeared in ASM #1, he simply used masks and makeup to alter his appearance. Beginning with ASM #186, however, he used a belt that worked like an image-inducer (familiar to X-fans everywhere). It had some nifty features, however, as ol' Chameleon could make it assume his normal appearance to some, while at the same time alter his appearance to others. This led to problems for Spidey when he'd try to fight the Chameleon in that issue, because to the crowd it looked like he was beating up an eldery woman. Then, in ASM #307, Chameleon seemingly was able to alter his appearance without any kind of device, like it was a new power. But, as you've noted, darkgob, he seems to have the belt back.

As for the story you mention in SPEC #245, let's look at the sequence of events. On page 8, Spidey destroys the Chameleon's belt. Then, Spidey is knocked out by the-artist-soon-to-be-known-as "Al" Kraven. When Spidey wakes up on page 9, he's been confined to a cage, and Chameleon can make with the disguises again. The simple conclusion is that the Chameleon just put on a new belt while Spidey was knocked out.