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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Might Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Etejut

I read a issue in spider-girl series that spider-man made a battle with green goblin and end of battle - spider-man lost one leg - i never read like that in reguler series-did i miss something ? -when did it happen when spiderman lost his one leg or is it only what if sequence ? thanks sorry for bad english not my native language.

Greetings Etejut! The battle where Spider-Man lost a leg and Norman died (as seen in SPIDER-GIRL #49) isn't from the main Marvel Universe. Indeed, it shows an alternate ending for the Gathering of Five ceremony in ASM # 441.

From Maronihc

  1. Why did AMAZING SPIDER MAN stopped in the number 441 ?
  2. Quentin Beck is dead for sure?
  3. Don't you think the last issues of the amazing spider man are too boring? i mean there is space only for the green goblin (dead - alive - back ) and for some new found villains, where is the old school villains? I miss Electro, Mysterio, Puma, Tombstone, Kingpin!!!!

I would like to show that Spider Man is present here in Brazil too, we are great fans of him! Thanks

  1. So the series could be given a new #1 and hopefully draw in more readers. But thankfully, as of this month the original (overall) numbering has returned, and ASM is now at issue #500.
  2. As sure as any comic character can said to be dead. (i.e. don't be surprised to see him again eventually.)
  3. The new SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN is the place where you'll find more of the classic villains. JMS prefers making up his own villains.

From Dave Noble

I'm trying to get a hold of a very specific image that I remember seeing in a comic years ago... (you can tell already that this is a long-shot) I THINK that it was from a comic that starred Spidey, and had a cameo from Captain America who gave Spidey some sage advice before he faced-off against Vermin. It was a panel at the bottom right of a page 'shot' from street-level, looking up at two figures silhouetted against a blue night sky. One is a 'crouching-on-the- building-ledge' Spidey, and the other is a Captain America balancing one legged on the edge of his shield which in turn is somehow balanced on a wire that traverses the gap between the two buildings. Captain America is saying something along these lines: "Remember son, in this line of work it pays never to take unnecessary risks." CLASS!

The Oracle regrets to inform you that many of his comics are in storage, Dave, and so I cannot check for certain what I think the likely candidates are. However, in my infinite wisdom, I can tell you that it is very probably MARVEL TEAM-UP #128 which featured the webbed one and Cap fighting Vermin.

From Julio

  1. Flash Thompson started fooling around with Betty Leeds before her husband's death. After he died the status of there relationship was left unclear around Spec 128-129 and Amz Ann 21. By the time "Cult Of Love" came along, they were dating. Did something happen in between? Was I missing something. As far as I know, Flash and Betty continued dating and were having lunch in Spec 151. A few issues later he tells Harry he is single (right before Felicia shows up). When do he and Betty break it off (the first time)? During the "Revelations" storyline (after Flash and Felicia broke up) Betty dumps Flash. Huh? When did they get back together?
  2. Which story is the one where Felicia threatens Mary Jane that Peter will be hers?
  3. When does she actually start to fall for Flash?
  4. Which story is the one where Felicia runs into Flash (after the breakup) and finds him with another woman?
  5. Did Harry graduate college? I know he was behind because of his time in the looney bin. He was back in school for a while then he and Liz went to New Jersey and he started running Osborn Industries. Did he ever graduate?
  6. Mary Jane went back to school as well at one point. Was it as an undergraduate or graduate? I know she took some time off as well after Harry's explosion injured her. Did she ever graduate college at all or was her dropout in "The Gathering Of The Five" as an undergrad?

Doozy eh? Answer if you can and I promise you a "Julio No Prize".

Hmmmm.... quite a doozy, indeed Julio. Open your mind, then, as I reveal...

  1. The Flash/Betty relationship is the very definition of an on-off relationship. Though Flash had been dating Sha Shan since the mid-70's, a chance run in with Betty Brant is SPECTACULAR #96 started the seeds of romance. By issue #101 they were firmly dating, though Flash was still technically seeing Sha Shan and Betty was still married to and living with Ned. The whole thing blew up when Kingsley framed Flash as the Hobgoblin (in ASM #276). Sha Shan had enough and left, never to be seen again to this day. Betty took Flash in after he escaped from prison, but soon after she saw her husband Ned in a Hobgoblin costume and passed out (in ASM #288). Then, when Ned was murdered while on assignment in Berlin (in SPIDER-MAN VS. WOLVERINE #1), she had a nervous breakdown. Flash (who was cleared of charges at this point) tried to watch over Betty during this particular crisis in her life, including when she was deluded into joining the cult of Love (in WEB #40-43), but it was difficult to have a romantic relationship with her while she was in this state of mind. As such, Flash started looking for other women to date in the 320's of ASM, but couldn't find anyone steady until he started dating Felicia (in ASM #329). Though Felicia was just using Flash at first, she genuinely started to care for him during the Sinister Six storyline in ASM #334- 339. They broke up, however, in the backup story in SPECTACULAR #209-210. After that, behind-the-scenes, Flash and Betty somewhat renewed their relationship, though there have been constant hurdles like Flash's alcoholism.
  2. Though MJ and Felicia would often get snippy about Peter, I don't believe there was ever any threatening, at least in the regular MU. You might be remembering a scene in WHAT IF? vol.2 #20 where Felicia does indeed warn MJ to stay away from Peter.
  3. See # 1
  4. That would be the WEB OF SPIDER-MAN SUPER SPECIAL from 1995.
  5. Harry graduated.
  6. MJ was an undergraduate.

From Matrixprime

  1. I noticed in recent issues of Spectacular Spider-Man that Eddie has cancer. I looked back to when Carnage took over the Silver Surfer and realized he had contracted cancer too. Has any other known symbiote character had cancer or is it just coincidence that it happened to Venom and Carnage?
  2. Is there really going to be a Ultimate Carnage or are you pulling my leg...also has any info surfaced on when Ultimate Venom may return.
  1. Pure coincidence, MP, unless a later writer decides to tie them together.
  2. The Oracle does not engage in the pulling of legs! You will be seeing Ultimate Carnage, most likely before 2004 is over. And Ultimate Venom is not planned to return anytime soon.