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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Might Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Cameron

Who was the fifth Green Goblin that appeared towards the end of Spectacular Spider-Man run? If it was never revealed (which I believe is the case) is there any plans to let us in on it or even bring him back?

The fifth Green Goblin was intended to be Phil Urich, who was also the fourth Green Goblin. However, management nixed that idea so in ASM Vol.2 #18 and PP:SM Vol.2 #18, it was revealed that the fifth GG was actually a genetic construct. Think of it as a "clone of nobody". And since he melted in that storyline, it's doubtful he'll ever be back.

From Craig

Hi again wise one.

Can you tell me when Daredevil and spidey found out about each others secret IDs? Also who found out 1st?

Whos your favourite Spidey villan?

Is the Venom in the new comic serise the same Venom whos currently in Spectacular Spidey? Or is it a different symbiote?

You answers:

  1. It was in the "Death of Jean DeWolff" storyline running in Spectacular #107-110. Also available in TPB form, though a bit hard to find nowadays.
  2. Daredevil.
  3. It occasionally changes, but currently my favorite is the Chameleon.
  4. It's the same Venom.

From Reminiscing Roger

I noticed in the Spidey books that Ralf (Ralph Macchio) was the editor for a very long time. A couple years ago, snide remarks from Marvel about Ralf started appearing in the letters page. Then Alex Alonzo took over, but not before there was a final rant from whoever answers the letters page. It was all about making sure everyone knew that the jabs were not in jest and that they really didn't like Ralf. My local comic shop owner told me that Marvel fired him a while back. I was just curious if you had any information about ol' Ralf and why he was let go. I really miss the editor notes that Ralf always had in the books.

As for Ralph "NOT the guy from 'the Karate Kid'" Macchio, there's never been a stated reason why he left, but then there's staff transfers all the times in the comics biz. I haven't heard anything about Ralph being fired from the core titles, but *if* he was, Marvel couldn't have been too mad at him since he currently edits ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN.

From Anonymous


I haven't read mainstream Spidey in awhile and would like to know a few things.

  1. Where are Hammerhead, the Black Tarantula, and Fortuna? Last I read, they were all involved in a gang war of sorts.
  2. What happened to Jake Conovor? i heard he turned out to be the second Rose and was captured by Spidey, but has anything happened with him since?
  3. What's ol' Norman Osborn up to these days? My friend told me the last time he was seen in a Spidey comic, he was contemplating suicide in his office or something. Is that true?
  4. Are Shocker and Electro still "powered-up"? Last I remember, Shocker was elevated to the level of a "first-tier" Spidey villain when he updated his tech, and Electro was charged up to just about Magneto's level of power. Does Spidey have more trouble than he used to fighting them?
  5. Is Phil Urich still around, or has he faded into obscurity? That Green Goblin series was one of favorite comic series when it was around.

Let's see what we can do for your inquiring mind, Nobody.

  1. All three are currently in comic limbo. JMS and Paul Jenkins don't appear to be interested in doing a "gang war" type story any time soon.
  2. Technically, Jacob was the third Rose, but you've got all the info correct. As far as anyone knows, he's still in jail.
  3. Your friend is correct. See the "Death in the Family" storyline from PP:SM #44-47, of the TPB that collects it: "Return of the Goblin".
  4. Both appear to be back at their default-status. No power-ups here.
  5. Obscurity. However, Phil still pulls Goblin-duty in the possible-future world of SPIDER-GIRL.

From p303cmc

My question is on the Ultimate Spider-Man Hardback Volumes. They have 1 and 2 out already...do you have any ideas of when the third will be released?

The ship date that Marvel has is September 10, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a week-or-two delay. Keep your fingers crossed!

From Nick

Dear Master Of All That Is Seen And Unseen,

I was wondering if Spider-Man has the subconscience ability to regulate his blood flow? I mean, sometimes he's hanging around up-side-down for long periods of time and never gets dizzy or passes out. It would stand to reason that he is controling his heart rate or something to that effect, but I've never heard it mentioned or seen it printed anywhere that he can actually do that. What say you, oh impressive one?

I don't believe it's ever been mentioned in the books, but that would make a certain amount of sense. Unless it gets established, though, I would just chalk it up to Spidey's amazing endurance.

From Superregrl5013

I have a few questions:

  1. Does Mayday Parker have brown eyes(i can relate to that:))?
  2. What is the Web fluid that Mayday has made of?
  3. Did ya know that scientists actuallyy made a substance simular to Spidey's clinging ability based on Geko feet :)

**thinking: i think if i can get some i can scale up walls too**(BIG GRIN)

Mayday doesn't have an official eye color as far as I can tell, Superregrl, but they are often colored brown. Colorists just have a hard time maintaining a characters eye color from book to book, especially when the colorists rotate on and off the book. As far as May's web fluid, it's the same as Peter's in the mainstream books, but its ingredients are a closely guarded secret!

And I've heard about the recent development scientists have made in regard to clinging ability. Let's just hope they harness the power for good, never for evil!

From Kingwell,


  1. is kaine dead? what happened to him after maximum clonage?
  2. was osborn telling jackal what to do all along as he was revealed as the mastermind behind the clone saga?
  3. why dies "norman osborn belong to the scriers"?


  1. Kaine did die during Maximum Clonage, Kingwell, but he got better. He was last seem in ASM # 435 taking possession of the mysterious "package".
  2. Apparently Norman set the Jackal on a certain course, but didn't need to keep in contact with him. For all the details, see the one-shot "The Osborn Journals". You'll see that the Jackal was just as much Norman's pawn as everyone else was.
  3. They have a receipt.