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Here's Oracular Wisdom a-plenty. Note the increasing politeness of supplicants. While we do include as many Oracle responses as possible, it has become clear that the Mighty One showers his Sapient Favours more freely on those whose missives contain due deference to his Superior Status.

If you wish to see your response printed, or wish the Oracle to answer more difficult questions in great detail, you would be well advised to begin your request with a sufficiently submissive introduction. "O Might Oracle" is a good starting point, but don't feel limited in your entreatments.

From Craig


  1. Do you know what the spidey skeleton was supposed to be from the end of the clone saga?
  2. Wheres Kaine? I assume Spidercide is still in continment.
  3. What was supopoed to happen with Venom eating the carnage symbiote?

Heya Craig.

  1. When the skeleton was first introduced in SPECTACULAR # 231, (a plot point suggested by Kurt Busiek) it was written in without knowing what the resolution would eventually be. When it came time to clear it up in THE OSBORN JOURNAL, it was made to be a random Spider-Clone that the Jackal had placed in the smokestack only to create confusion.
  2. Kaine is out there somewhere, possibly in possession of baby May. As for Spidercide, he's dead right now.
  3. I assume a story that made sense. We had settle for some confusing tripe instead.

[Ed - Like, the clone storyline needed more confusion?]

From Kento

Dear Oracle, I notice that in Ultimate Spider-man Liz Allen keeps mentioning her mutant uncle. I have a vague memory of seeing something about this in the Ultimate Guide to Spider-man by Tom DeFalco, but I looked through it again and can't find it. Who is her uncle exactly?

I don't believe we've yet learned any more about Ultimate Liz Allan's ultimate uncle, Kento. As for what was in the DK Guide to Spider-Man, I think that you are remembering the regular Marvel Universe's Liz and her stepbrother, the Molten Man.

From Neil

Is *any* explanation given as to why Robbie Robertson returns to his job at the Daily Bugle? When Norman Osborne took over control of paper, Robbie tried to stay on but eventually - and after a great deal of time had been devoted to arguments between him and his wife - he quit and went on holiday to Europe. Then he bumps into Alison Mongrain and rushes her back to the Parkers. Then its Volume 2 and suddenly Robbie is back in his old job with no reason given. Have I missed something somewhere that dealt with this issue, or is it something that just got swept under the carpet with the reboot?

You haven't missed anything, Neil. You're simply learning the hard way (as other spider fans have) that the reboot was poorly conceived and poorly written. Best to just let it go and look to the future.

From Roger

I am reading the spider-man comics chronologically and I'm up to Jan. '97. I was curious about something. The clone-saga just came to a close, Ben died in front of Peter. Next issue Spectacular: No mention of Ben, Sensational: No Ben, Amazing: No Ben, Peter Parker: No Ben, and son on and so on. I've read two months past Ben's death in all the books and still no mention. I know they were trying to pretend the clone saga never happened, but did they completely ignore what happened forever? Is there any mention of Ben Reilly in the core Spider-Man books after his death?

Well, Roger, the whole Clone Saga was such a turnoff for many Spidey fans, that after the wrap-up in "Revelations" it was mandated not to mention Ben, his supporting cast, or clones in general. Witness the end of SENSATIONAL # 23, where Spidey was supposed to be saying good-bye to Ben's spirit, but writer Todd DeZago wasn't allowed to mention his entire name.

Restrictions were soon relaxed, though, and Ben's supporting cast was occasionally shown, and Pete now gets to mention his "brother" Ben, albeit sparingly.

[Ed - The rumour is that the upcoming Spider-Man Encyclopedia acknowledges the existence of Ben, and other characters of the time.]

From FlavoredFrenchy

Oh great spider-oracle, in the recent events that i have been informed on about spidey. Is his powers really have mystical backgrounds from that spider god? Why was he chosen? And did the spider went through the radiation on pupose so spider-man can have an edge on creatures like "Morlun"?

The writer behind the whole "mystical-or-not?" storyline, JMS, has deliberately been leaving things vague and not giving any definite answers. Look for more on this story, and possibly some answers, in the storyline leading up to ASM # 500.

From 3579

Is there a list of all the comics that have an alternate cover? I am trying to collect all of the alternate covers. A list would be so helpful.

Why, yes, 3579! I highy recommend visiting Pete's Place, an archive of almost cover of every issue that Spidey has ever appeared in. It's run by spiderfan.org's very Pete Kroon.

[Ed - The Oracle is naturally correct. While our Database is rich in content, and gloriously cross-referenced, it cannot compete with Peter's site in sheer number of alternate, reprinted, and minor, minor cameos. Peter Kroon is almost certainly the world's most completist Spider-Man collector.]

From T. Prevette

I remember the Amazing Spider-Man #92, where Spider-Man squares off against Iceman. I have a vague memory of another one where Spidey and Iceman face off again. In the beginning of that one, Iceman is still a bad guy, though I think there are also other bad guys in the story. By the end of the episode, Iceman basically decides to be a good guy. I think at the very end of the comic, Spidey and Iceman more or less shake hands, and Iceman decides to give up being a bad guy. Am I totally imagining this? Do you have any idea what episode I am referring to?

I have an even more vague memory of another Spidey comic, not sure if it was an Amazing Spider-Man, a Spidey Super Story, or something else. In this one, Spidey enters some kind of car race in his Spider-Mobile. I can't remember if that was the whole point of the story, or if there was something else going on too. I can clearly remember a couple panels. In one, Spidey takes the lead, and he chuckles "This is easy!" And in another, JJJ is watching the race on TV, and he boos when Spidey takes the lead.

Well, T, Iceman has never been a bad guy. He's even known as one of Spidey's amazing friends in an alternate reality. However, by the description you give, the first issue you are remembering is SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #6. You can read our own Eric Englehard's in-depth Spidey Super Stories #6 review of "Webbing in a Winter Wonderland".

As for your second story, that sounds like a definte "Super Story" as well. It's hard to know which issue though, as all of them have three stories each. I'm sure, though, that if Eric recognizes it, he'll let you know.

From SirBlaise

How did Peter Parker come up with the spider web formula in the orginal comic book series? My friend says he made it up out of nessecity and because he was a scientist. I said that it was explained that the spider bite also transfered the knowledge to make the web formula to Peter. Who is right?????

Your friend is correct. Peter's invention of the web formula had nothing to do with him getting bitten by the spider.

From Webs

Four Questions:

  1. What happened to Spidey's cat (ASM #27 [vol.2])?
  2. Is there like an X-Men site which is your equivalent?
  3. Who do you prefer: Bendis, Jenkins, Wells or Stratzynski?
  4. Who would you most like to see back in Spidey(someone whose been gone for a long time)?

Four Answers:

  1. When Pete moved out of the aprtment he was sharing with Randy, he left the cat behind in Randy's care. Since the cat was a Howard Mackie plot, it's likely we won't ever hear of it again.
  2. I'm sure there are some good ones out there, but I've never gone looking for any. Your best bet is to go to an X-Men message board and ask there.
  3. They all have their pluse and minus, but at the moment I'm inclinded toward BMB.
  4. I think it's past time that Sha Shan returned to the books, especially since Flash is in such dire straits at the moment.

[Ed - I second that, let's see Sha Shan once more]

From NJclixraider

O'Great Oracle:

Question? Was it explained what happened to Randy Robertson's wife Amanda (she was white, blonde, and I belive jewish)? I think she was last seen in the Joe Robinson misprison of felony story with Tombstone about Spect 150's ???

Or is this one of the continuity dosn't matter mysteries of NU Marvel

Howdy, NJ. It was revealed in ASM vol. 2 #18 and PP:SM #18 that Randy and Mandy had divorced behind the scenes.

From spiderman3579

Two questions please:

  1. Which Spiderman issue did the Purple Man convince Spiderman to sing the Elvis Costello song "Allison"???
  2. Is there any way I could find out information about the Spiderman Ring worn by the lead singer in the "Bother" video???

/Response Two answers for you:

  1. That would be Marvel Team-Up Annual #4.
  2. I have never seen or heard of this video. Sorry!

From Max

Couple Questions

  1. Who is Peter's blood relative, Aunt May or Uncle Ben? I was pretty sure it was Uncle Ben but I recall reading an early comic where Aunt May needed a blood transfusion or something of that sort and Peter had to domate his blood, which would only be neccessary if he were her blood reletive. On the other hand I recall reading several times that Uncle Ben and Peter's father were brothers.
  2. On the Marvel website it shows that in July the Spectacular Spiderman will be relesed and the Peter Parker Spiderman series will be dissappearing, at least for that month anyway. So what's the deal?

Couple Answers

  1. Well Max, it's Ben that is Peter's blood relative. Ben Parker is Peters' fathers' older brother. As for the blood transfusion you recall (that was in ASM vol. 1 # 10, BTW), Stan Lee probably hadn't decided at that early point wheater it was Ben or May who was the blood relative. Or heck, at that time (the mid-60's) maybe the general public didn't even understand about different blood types.
  2. PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN is being cancelled to make room for the new title SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN. Simple as that. (Though there are rumors of another core Spider-title being lauched eventually. Keep reading PPP for news.)

[Ed - a recent rumour said that Paul Jenkins had been pulled off Spectacular before the first issue even hit the stands, but it appears that it was a bit premature, and for now Mr. Jenkins is still "da man" on Spectacular. ]

From Gardner

Nice site! I've got a couple of Spidey questions:

  1. Does Ben Urich know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man? I gather from the FAQ that he does not, but it sure seems like the kind of thing Urich would have figured out by now.
  2. Where in New York does Peter Parker live? Is his apartment still in Chelsea?


  1. Nope, Gardner, I'm afraid that Ben Urich is one of the few people that doesn't know who Spidey really is. (Ben's probably still winded from figuring out Daredevil's real identity.)
  2. Pete is no longer in Chelsea Street, he hasn't lived in that apartment since shortly after marrying Mary Jane.

[Ed - His recent apartment locations are revealed in the upcoming Spider-Man Encyclopedia, due out at the end of this year.]

From Lena

In a commentary about the Spider-Man movie, the producer Laura Ziskin said that the upside down kiss in the rain was from the comics. I've asked around, but nobody knows from what comic that is.

Sorry, that's drawn a blank from us too. Spidey (and Peter) have had some memorable kisses, but none of them upside-down in the rain that I can recall.

From Cory

When I was a child, I remember reading a story arc that ran through Spectacular Spider-man. It involved Robbie Robertson going to jail for a crime he admitted to. Once in jail, he is horrified to find that Tombstone (Who was involved in the crime) is in his cell block. Tombstone plans an escape, and Spider-man, who has come to check on Robbie is taken prisoner in a riot. The prisoners escape through the prison helicopter (?) and Robbie winds up throwing himself and Tombstone out the window, apparently plummeting to their doom. My questions are as follows:

  1. What issues does this story take place in?
  2. While searching for Robbie's body, Spidey runs across a small town filled with people who have been drinking radiated water...What is the name of the boy he fights in that issue?
  3. How does Robbie make it back to Manhattan?

This occurs in Spectacular Spider-Man, #151 - #156. Spidey fights Bug-Eye and Banjo. Robbie and Tombstone find civilization. Robbie stabs Tombstone with a pitchfork. Robbie is later pardoned.

From Lamashtar

A reputable dealer is selling something called Spider-Man: The Clone Journal. It's got a picture of Peter, Ben and the Jackal on the cover. Any idea what's in it?

Quote: "It all began with the reappearance of a forgotten spectre from the past, a mysterious stranger who called himself Ben Reilly. He arrived in New York City to see Peter Parker's ailing Aunt May. But along with his old knapsack he'd brought with him a startling secret: he was a clone of... Peter Parker! And with this shocking revelation, a series of dramatic events have unfolded that have since turned Spider-Man's life on its head! The Clone Journal is a chronicle of these events."

It's a recap of the Ben's background, a mix of new art and old. Published March 95 which was before Ben was revealed to be the real thing... and then unrevealed.

See: Spider-Man: The Clone Journal.