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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Yakeen

Hey ya, I have a question regarding Joy Mercado. In issue web #23, Peter has a blow out with Joy regarding his treatment towards his assignments. Peter then says he'd make it up to her. Do you know what issue that happens in?

Hey Yakeen. That was apparently just a throwaway line that the writers put in. Joy hasn't been featured very much since then. Certainly nowhere near other Bugle staffers like Betty or Ben Urich. And who knows- Peter might *still* be planning on making it up to her!

From Tue

I steered clear of the Clone Saga, but now I'm reading some distantly related stories (like Spider-Girl) and I've recently been reading about the various Clone Saga storylines on the web (incl. your site). I just have one question:

If the original Peter Parker clone indeed died (way back in AMS #149), as the discovery of its skeleton suggests (in what, "Web of Carnage"?), then where does Ben Reilly come from? When was he cloned and by whom? Did the Jackal just do several Peter Parker clones, or...?

More people confused by the Clone Saga? Well, you're not alone Tue. Here's the answers to your questions. Yes, the clone that Spidey fought waaay back in ASM #149 is the same clone that we would one day know as Ben Reilly. It turns out that after Peter disposed of Ben's not-quite-dead body in ASM #151, the Jackal retrieved it from the smokestack and replaced Ben's body with a failed spider-clone to create confusion (which, judging by your letter, worked). This was revealed in the OSBORN JOURNAL one-shot. And finally, the Jackal created many spider-clones, including Kaine and Spidercide.

From Matthew

've been a Spidey fan for all of ten years now, since i myself was ten. i've followed spidy through the misdemenors of the (shudder) clone saga, the parent's return, and the whole venom as a hero thing. Horrid events, really.

However, I gave up on Spidey just before the re-vamp, partly because of John Bryne, party because of low cash flow, but mostly because they brought back doctor octopus. for a few years i stayed away from marvel, but have since stumbled upon the ultimate spider-man tpb's, which are enjoyable. i've started picking up spider-man again starting with the morlun saga. it was good, surprisingly. anti-climatic, but good.

Here's the question : i've heard tell of another spider-man hate-mail receiver called the 'gathering of the five'. can you give me a basic plot synopsis, so that i may laugh like i used to when spidey told jameson to 'slide down a barbed wire fence', during his second vulture battle?

Not me, Matthew! That story-arc (along with "The Final Chapter") makes my stomach queasy just thinking about it. But since you say you need a good laugh, here's our The Gathering of Five review, courtesy of the PPP team.

From Cheyne

We know that the Red Skull that murdered Spidey's parents was actually the Red Skull II. Has Spidey ever tangled with the original Nazi Red Skull? I know there was the Assassin Nation Plot a while back, but anything else? I would love to see Spidey tackle the Skeleton Crew or Batroc's Brigade.

Besides the Assassin Nation plot, you might also want to check out ASM #366 and #367. Spidey doesn't actually battle the Red Skull, but he does figure prominently in the story.

From SpideyTorchFan


  1. How do you think Peter and M.J. will settle things in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comic?
  2. Just wondering do you read the DareDevil comic by BENDIS?
  3. Do you think they will try too bring ben reily back in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic?

Howdy STF, here's some answers for you.

  1. Hopefully they will patch things up. I believe that Pete and MJ belong together.
  2. Yes I do, and I'm really digging it.
  3. I don't think there will ever be any clones, EVER in Ultimate Spider-Man.

From Fritz


  1. how does norman osborn keep coming back after death? is there some guy giving him some special medicine or what?
  2. when did you start collecting comics?
  3. do you draw or write or anything?

Hey there Fritz.

  1. No, that's just bad writing. (Ya see, he never *really* died.)
  2. About 1985.
  3. Well, I write this column... But as for my art skills - let's just say that if you need a dynamic looking stick-figure, I'm your man.

From BF

Hello O' mighty Spider Oracle, I have a question about the Spider-Man/Batman teamup. I never read the first issue (Could never find it anywhere). So my question is: How exactly did Carnage & the Joker meet?

You might think it had to do with Access opening some dimensional-interface-thingamabob, but the much simple answer is: Carnage was transfered to Arkham Asylum.

From ToolBox

Hey Spider Oracle, I just have a small question about the Rhino that I hope you could answer. In the Rhino's bio, it says his name is Alex O'Hirn, but I've never seen any other reference to him by that name. Do you know which issue it was that they reveal the Rhino's name?

The problem of the Rhino's name is something that we've been debating about here behind the scenes at PPP. It was an on-line Marvel profile which gave his name as Alex O'Hirn (clearly a lame anagram) - however that profile no longer seems to be available.

We consider the Spider-Man Index, the Official Marvel Handbooks, and the comics themselves to be the official references. None of those authoritative references give name. The Marvel Handbooks says that he is a U.S. Citizen, however in Spectacular #190, he makes it clear that he is from Russia. But on the U.S. side, his behaviour indicates that he is a not uncomfortable in Manhattan society.

One answer which fits is that he is indeed from Russia, but was educated in western ways as part of his mission to the U.S. Presumably, he has forged citizen-ship papers, which might (as a bit of a KGB joke) be in the name of "Alex O'Hirn". In fact, however, his birth name is more likely to be a Russian name.

It's one possible theory, anyhow. Take it or leave it.

From StoneRo

Hi Heres a few questions that have really been bothering me for a while please answer

  1. in AMZING SPIDERMAN ANUAL 28 you see thr rhino in a brief story where he talks to his parents and there house gets robbed and he tracks down those criminals and gets back everything plus a little extre How come he was able to switch from the rhino costume into normal clothes then back into the suposably unremmvable rhino suit??????
  2. In the venom mini series sinner takes all brocks wife gets the symbiote bonded to her to heal her since when does it have a healing factor and also the costume makes her go on a killing spree and then when its removed she says the costume made her do it and she couldnt control it the eddie replies with it cant make you do anything you dont want to. how the hell is that true i have seen heaps of examples of this please explain.


  1. For the same reason the Spot suddenly had a costume complete with mask in a recent TANGLED WEB. Writers not doing enough checking on a characters history, and editors who don't bother to catch it.
  2. Yeah, I think Spidey would disagree with that statement as well. Seeing as how the symbiote was taking him through late night strolls while asleep. Eddie just dosen't understand his "other" sometimes.
  3. Wow, LOUD! Yes, Venom is slated to appear early on in Paul Jenkins's as-of-yet unnamed Spider-book.

From Ma Batten

Was Peter Parker born in Brooklyn, NY? Then after his parents were killed was raised by Uncle Ben & Aunt May in Queens, NY? R u able 2 give me his exact stats such as height, weight,etc.?

Peter was born in New York, but I don't think it's been narrowed down any further than that. However, he definitely was raised in Queens, in the Forrest Hills section.

As for his stats, check out our Spider-Man profile.

From Webs828

Dear brilliant Spider-Oracle. i was wondering about something that happened recently in Ultimate Spidey... in #35, Peter dons "the suit" and eventually has it shocked off of him because its evil. You might recall that he was incased in it when a drop fell on his skin, but he was wearing clothes when that happened. Why is it that when the suit gets shocked off him he falls down naked!!!?? Please help me, one of many uneducated South African readers and followers of Spidey...

Well, don't female Spider-fans get to see a little booty, too? Seriously, the most likely answer is that "the Suit" absorbed the clothes and added them to its mass.

From Digsy

In the most recent issues of Amazing spiderman, it now seems that peter has the ability to communicate with spiders. coudl this be a new power? the spiders have already helped him to beat shathra, and recently a spider helped him notice mary jane was at the airport with him. great name for this new power... aracno-empathy. mayeb there needs to be new section in the powers and abilitis section...

Well, Digsy, it's a bit early for us to add any powers on Spidey's list of abilities. The whole "mystical/totem" storyline looks to be far from over, plus there have been hints that not all is as it seems. Perhaps Ezekiel hasn't been playing fair with Peter (or us)? Keep your eyes on JMS as he continues this storyline in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.