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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Masayuki

First of all, your site has been like a bible to me for over a year, and in all of the time between my discovery of this site and now, I have been frantically searching for Amazing Spider-Man #29, Peter Parker, Spider Man #29, and Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2001 (Who hasn't?) It is very depressing that in over a year I have failed to find it anywhere. My question for you is: are they ever going to collect these issues in a trade paperback? And why doesn't "One Small Break" include issue #29.

Thanks for the kind words, Masayuki! There are no current plans to collect those issue in a TPB. Marvel might change their minds, though, since the Peter/MJ relationship is coming back into the spotlight. And PP:SM # 29 wasn't included in "One Small Break" because it was part of a different story. It was either leave out that one issue, or include it *and* ASM # 29 *and* ASM Annual 2001. Better to just give the story its own TPB if consumers wanted it.

From David

Hi. I sorta have a problem with an answer you gave on Issue 3, Vol #8 of the PPP. I know it was a long time ago, but I just got to it now and (although it's a silly matter) I thought I should correct your answer.

Anyway, someone asked you if spidey ever had a dog, and you replied no. But in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #371, Peter is suprised that his "fake" parents don't remember "Mitzy" his dog! Hence Peter a.k.a spidey HAD a dog.

Thanks for writing in David. I wasn't really thinking of pre-Amazing Fantasy #15 days when I answered that question. But, to be fair, I had forgotten about that throw-away reference. Congrats on those sharp eyes!

From Brian

When you look at the character summary for Venom, it says that the symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock in a church, and under Carnage's it says it bonded with him in his jail cell.

I was wondering, did it do both? Get seperated at one time and rebond with him in jail, or are they different story lines?

These are quite different storylines, separated by five years in real-world time. Venom appeared around ASM #299, and Carnage originated around ASM #361.

From Brynn

My friend and I are arguing over how Spiderman activates his webslinger whether it be one tap or a double tap..or no tap or wrist flick could you p[ls tell him that to throw a web is a double tap, and to keep the web attached is one tap.

To activate his web-shooters, Spider-Man needs to give them them a double tap, no matter what kind of web he is using.

From Slurp

What did happen to Ken Ellis?

Ken Ellis was a character created pretty much just for the Clone Saga. Since it ended, I believe he has been seen only once, in Spider-Man Unlimited #22.

From Spider-Rahul

This indian spidey-fan from India again seeks yuor knowledge to satisfy my thirst of doubt about Spider-Man.

  1. John Byrne(who makes great DC comics) is generally regarded as one of the most horrible comics in Spider-history especially Spider-Man: Chapter One (which is available here). Is this true?
  2. Is the Green Goblin still ruining Peter's Life? What was his last scheme against him?
  3. Is Shathra related to Morlun?
  4. Who is your favorite villain?
  5. Do symbiotes really eat brains?
  6. What happened to the following: Lizard, Kraven 2, Black Cat, Sandman, Scorpion, Vulture?

You again, Rahul? You must be in dire need of some Spidey-knowledge. Let's get you cured, here.

  1. By some Spidey-fans, yes. Even some here at spiderfan.org.
  2. Yes. In PETER PARKER: SPIER-MAN # 44-47. Just reprinted in the RETURN OF THE GOBLIN TPB.
  3. You'd think they were twins or something, wouldn't you? But aside from being created by the same people (JMS and JRjr), no.
  4. Mine? Well, I've always had a soft spot for the Chameleon. That lovable Commie rat.
  5. Yep. I saw it on Symbiote Fear Factor!
  6. They're all still with us. Just look at our recent reviews for the last few months to see what most of them have been up to.

From Spider-Rahul

Sorry to bother you on your hour of Spider Consciousness But I have some questions again( I am from India, I do not know much of Spidey but thanks to you guys, I have some knowledge)

  1. How did Wolverine know that Peter is Spidey?
  2. Who was the greatest Spider-Writer in History of Spiderdom?
  3. What is this Amalgam? How long did it last?
  4. Are Peter and MJ separated? Why?

You're getting to be a regular here, aren't you Rahul? Well, just sit back and soak up the knowledge.

  1. Wolverine can identify people by their scents. To him, each person's scent is as unique as a fingerprint. He had already met Spider-Man several times, like in MARVEL TEAM-UP #117 and ANNUAL #1, so when he happened near Peter Parker in SPIDER-MAN VS. WOLVERINE #1, his senses told him that it was really Spider-Man.
  2. Stan Lee of course. All others are merely his followers.
  3. A company crossover between Marvel and DC where for a month they merged their characters. This gave us characters like Dark Claw (Wolverine+Batman) and Lobo the Duck (Lobo+Howard the Duck).
  4. MJ needed a break after having her baby die in childbirth and being kidnapped for six months. Look for ASM vol. 2 #50, on sale soon, for a chance of them getting back together.

From Spider-Rahul

Here are some more doubts that need clearing.....

  1. You say Spidey was never any part of any superhero team in your profile section. I dont think so. I know that he was a member of the Defenders and the Outlaws (I dont know the Outlaws are) once and is a reserve member of the Avengers. Dont you know that?
  2. Has Venom or Spidey fought Onslaught?

You again?!

  1. Well, I guess it meant that he has never been a full-time member of a super-hero team. But he has joined a club or two in his time. I wouldn't say that he was an official member of the Defenders, though. (See DEFENDERS #107-#109 for the story.) The Outlaws were never an official team, at least during their days with Spidey (see WEB #50 and SPEC #168-170).

    Spidey has been an official member of the Avengers, though, for the storyline in AVENGERS #314-318, and finally settled in as a reserve Avenger in AVENGERS #329. One other group you could make a case for is the Fantastic Four (or the "new" Fantastic Four at any rate.) Read all about that in FANTASTIC FOUR #347-349 (reprinted in the FF: Monsters Unleashed TPB) and FANTASTIC FOUR #374.

  2. No.

From Dino

I would like to know if the hobgoblin is coming back, because he doesn't appear in any spiderman comic since 1998.

There are currently no plans for ol' Hobby to make a comeback. I think part of the reason is that alot of writers feel that Roger Stern has dibs on the character since he created him. So for the time being, Rodererick Kingsly is still on that island, waiting for the right time to put that costume back on.

From KingElessar

I have a question about the new Ultimate Spider-Man story arc involving Venom:

If "the suit" was a cure for cancer and all that, why was the project codenamed: "Venom?"

A question that several spidey-fans have been asking. Well, the "real world" reason is - the character needs to have the same name as his MU counterpart (though it would be interesting to see "Chemo - Lethal Protector").

As of the current issue, an in-story reason has yet to be given. But I would expect one coming, surely?

From SpideyTorchFan

I just was wondering what are your views on the clone saga?

  1. Who do you personally and with every bit of information in those comics do you think is Spider-man?I just wanted to hear your wisdom on this matter.Don't worry I know that peter turned out to be it and ben was the clone;I just wanted to hear your put in on this matter?
  2. Do you think the people at marvel had it planned to turn out that peter was the one or did they finally do it because people weren't happy with Ben Reily being the one spidey?
  1. My views? Too muddled. Too long. Too marketing-driven. You know a story is getting out of hand when you have to retcon your retcons (think Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 and Spectacular Annual #8). Peter Parker is Spider-Man and should always be Spider-Man.
  2. The second thing you said.

From Belch

I missed the clone saga with Ben Reilly and I just wanted to ask if Venom was invisible to Ben Reilly's Spider-Sense too.

No, Burp. (I mean, Belch). Ben's spider-sense, unlike Peter's, could pick up on Venom just fine because he had never been bonded with the symbiote. See Web #118 and #119 and S-M #52 and #53 and the Venom: Along Came A Spider mini-series.

From Yelghazal

In the clone storyline Doc Ock was killed by Kain, how did he come back if they had a body?

Oh, some mumbo-jumbo about a ceremony, life-essencees, ninjas; it hurts my head just remembering! But you can read our review of the Return of Doctor Octopus story starting with Amazing Spider-Man #426, through to #428.

From RockAroundTheNet

Hello old great Spider-Oracle... look into your crystal ball... or web and answer me this if you may...

  1. After the Black Cat/Foriegner storyline (Spectacular 129) came to a conclusion, when did Felicia and Peter reunite next. I am aware that she showed up looking for him and Venom inadvertently informed her of a marriage. When do she and Peter confront next. Was he still pissed about the whole "collaborating to set me up for murder" thing?
  2. I am doing a column for Samruby.com which involves information on the Original Gwen Stacy clone. I didn't read "Power and Responsibility"...heck I didn't read most of the clone saga. Was that the original Gwen clone in the story? Was it just another one. I always thought her next appearance after Spec Ann 8 was Web 125.
  3. Why does the new Marvel Encyclopedia say that Jonah's first appearance was Fantastic Four 9...I looked and looked...he sure isn't in there.

Look with me into my crystal web, o Rock. There we will find the answers to your burning questions.

  1. After the Foreigner storyline, Peter next saw Felicia in ASM # 329. She had just started dating Flash Thompson in an effort to break his heart the way Pete had broken hers. Those crazy kids, eh?
  2. The Clone Saga is causing you confusion? That's unexpected. The Gwen clone from the original clone story (ASM #144-150) was next seen in SPEC Annual #8 (about 6 years or so before the Clone Saga). She next appeared, as you say, during the Clone Saga in WEB #125. Finally she played a pivotal role in "Maximum Clonage" And joy of joys, she's *still* out there somewhere, ready to return at any moment. Anyway, there's only been the one clone of Gwen EXCEPT for one that lasted a few pages during the "Smoke and Mirrors" arc of the Clone Saga. Now where's my aspirin?
  3. I checked the Encyclopedia, and it actually says FF #8. I had never heard this before, and it contradicts the OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, the OFFICIAL MARVEL INDEX TO THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Overstreet, Wizard, and many other sources that say JJJ's first appearance is ASM #1. Looking into my copy of ESSENTIAL FANTASTIC FOUR, I see that issue #8 is the issue that introduced the Puppet Master and Alicia Masters. But I saw no mention of JJJ or even a character that looked like him. I would have to say it's a simple error in the Encyclopedia.