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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Crockett

Does Peter Parker have any other children besides Spider-Girl that I don't know about and how many different costumes and mutations has Spider-Man gone through?

No, Crockett, May Parker is the only descendant of Peter Parker so far, though he has another on the way in the alternant future of SPIDER-GIRL.

How many costumes and mutations? Too numerous to count, including Cosmic-Spidey, the Spider-Hulk, the Spider-Lizard, Six-arms, Spider-Phoenix, Prodigy, Hornet, Dusk, Ricochet, etc. Check out our Costumes Index.

From Crockett (again)

How many clones are there of Spider-Man or Peter Parker (how ever you want to say it) and where can I find great info and pictures of them on the web?

Well, Crockett, first and foremost there was Ben Reilly, known to many as the Scarlet Spider. Besides him, there is Kaine, Jack, and Spidercide/Freakface. Finally, in the aptly-named MAXIMUM CLONAGE arc, there were a few hundred Spidey-clones who didn't get names of their own.

The only one who's still known to be alive today is Kaine.

From Kinamore

Who is the one super-hero that spider-man has teamed up with the most?

Well, Kinamore, it probably depends on a couple of factors like what exactly constitutes a team-up. If Wolverine shows up in ASM but they just talk for a few panels, is that a team-up? Or if Spidey is in THOR this month and the story continues with Thor in PP:SM, is that 1 team-up or 2? And would you consider the Black Cat eligible? She was practically Spidey's sidekick for a while.

However, it's a pretty safe to say that most people would name the Human Torch as "most-team-uped-with", with Daredevil coming close behind.

From Benuvius

Recently an internet friend and I have been having this Spider-man trivia contest on some message-boards.

One of the questions that came up was the name of the first green goblin's father. I used Spiderfan's character reference, which said that his name was Norman. (The first green goblin being Norman the second.)

My rival had a reference book that said his name was Amberson. Which of us is right?

It turns out you're both right. Norman's father's name is Norman Amberson Osborn, and it was revealed in the REVENGE OF THE GREEN GOBLIN miniseries.

From Ted

Who were the original sinister six?

Ted, the original Sinister Six, as seen in ASM Annual #1, consisted of Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio, and Kraven the Hunter. If you want to read the story, you can find it reprinted in many places, including ASM Annual #6, MARVEL TALES #150, and ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN #1.

From Erik

Spider-Man battled Dracula in an old comic... it was the first time they'd met... probably early 80s, possibly late mid-late 70s... not really sure which series even... but would you know about this issue?

Indeed I do Erik. You're thinking of GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1 from July 1974. GS S-M was a big, quarterly title like UNLIMITED, but always featured a guest-star like TEAM-UP. It lasted 6 issues.

From Ktkmtbb

Are there any Marvel Novels with Kraven The hunter, from the Amazing Spiderman show? Or with Kraven The Hunter, not the new Get Kraven books. Books with Dr. Mariah Crawford and Kraven.

None of the Marvel novels from the 90's had Kraven as the sole villain. Plenty of Goblin, Octopus, Venom, and Lizard to go around though! Check out our our Spider-Man Novels (Byron Preiss) information as a great starting point.

From Jimbo

I used to be a comic book collector many years ago. I gave it up around the time that companies began putting out multiple cover issues. Anyway, I know that the scene in the movie with Spiderman kissing Mary Jane while hanging upside down is borrowed from the comics. I vaguely remember it being a cover of

some issue. Do you or any one here have any info on this?

Well, Jimbo, I'm mentally accessing my memory banks as I type. No image comes to mind of Spidey smooching MJ while he was upside-down. Especially on a cover.

Unlike in the movie, Mary Jane prefers the Peter-persona to Spidey, so most tonsil-hockey between the two has been done with Pete in plainclothes. There is a recent cover of MJ and Spidey frenching (PP:SM Vol.2 #29) though both are rightside-up. The only time I remember Spidey swapping spit with someone while he was upside-down was with the Black Cat in SPECTACULAR #92 (though Felicia was upside-down as well.) And there you have it: all the slang terms for "locking lips" I can think of!

From SodoHavok

Hi, i was wondering if there were reprints for the first set of the secret wars. if so, do you have photos of the original cover and the reprint cover of Secret Wars #8

Sorry Mr. Havoc, but aside from some TPB printings, SECRET WARS has not been reprinted. But you can see the covers to all 12 issues here at spiderfan.org on our Secret Wars title page.

From Joe

I was hoping you could tell me who Felicity's father is? And what happened to him?

Felicity's father is none other than former bully/Vietnam vet Flash Thompson. You can catch the MC2 version of Flash appearing occasionally as Mayday's basketball coach in SPIDER-GIRL.

From Gary

In which issues and series of Spider-Man did Flash Thompson & Felicia Hardy finally decide to call it quits?

Hey, Gary! Flash called it quits with Felicia in SPECTAULAR #209 and 210. Those crazy kids, eh?

From RockAroundTheNet

  1. Going through your ASM Spider-Man cover archives I came across (I forget the exact issues... 18something) where Jonah shows Pete pictures of him throwing the Spiderclone into the chimney. He then tells Peter he knows and he has proof. What happened in the issue and how did it get resolved?
  2. When Norman returned, what did he tell to the people who saw his corpse and went to his funeral?
  3. When did Harry and Liz marry? Who were the groomsmen and maids of honor.
  4. Speaking of wedding why did Pete pick Flash over Harry (odviously his best friend) to be best man at his wedding. I also find it out that Ned choose Pete as his best man considering it never seemed they were close. In fact he rarely refered to him as anything but Parker.
  5. Is Marvel planning on doing an Essential Spider-Man volume 6? If so when.
  6. Can you give me details on Betty and Ben (Reily)'s relationship?
  1. That's ASM #169. Though a bit of pre-preparation, Peter convinced Jonah that the photos were faked. The photos (which of course were real) were FYI taken by Harry Osborn behind the scenes in ASM #151 while being hypnotized by the third Green Goblin Bart Hamilton. Well I guess they do that sort of thing!
  2. "I'm feeling much better now!" No, he told them he went into hiding because he was concerned Spider-Man was trying to kill him.
  3. Well, in ASM # 203, (1979) Pete, Flash, and Harry went to see STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. And that was the last Pete saw of either Harry of Liz for three years. When he contacted them next (SPECTACULAR # 63) (1982), they had already gotten married in the interim. No mention made of their groomsmen et. al.
  4. Well, Pete has called both Flash and Harry his "best friend" at times. As for choosing Flash for best man status, I suppose it was because he had know Flash ever since they were little kids. Pete didn't met Harry until college. And Ned? We've never seen Ned with any of his friends. Maybe he didn't actually have any! Perhaps former love rival Peter was the closest thing Ned had to a friend.
  5. Volume 6 has not yet been scheduled. But I and alot of other Spidey fans are anxiously awaiting it.
  6. There's really not much to tell. A few wistful glances between the two, but Ben was much too busy worrying about Janine, Jessica, Desiree, and Angelica. Poor guy, eh?