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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Prophet

Waaaaaaay back when venom ate Carnage simbiote i said "THANK, GOD" i mean, way back when he was introduced in the spider mythos he was a very interesting character: hes was stronger than spider and venom together, had none of the morals of brock AND his simbiote could do things that Venoms had never shown BUT then came a day in the 90's when people was blood crazy and just LOVED everyone that seemed "edgier" than your average heroe / villain AND Carnage was suddenly all of a celebrity with TONS of stupid mindless, plotless miniseries which only goal was to show to the blood raving fans the way cool 1200000 ways carnage could evicerate anyone he wished and how coool was that. I HATED IT. So, after all the carnage fans saw their blood hunger saciated they forgot Carnage and went to look other things (namely porn in internet or that kind of things they like) and Cletus was forgoten for a while left now as a very formulaic character with zero interest or characterization. So, one day venom came back and ate his simbiote and i was very happy BUT today i was reaing your column when i read tha CLETUS KASADY HAS A NEW COSTUME AND HE GOT IT IN THE NEGATIVE ZONE?????????????? i mean who was the idiot who wrote that s**t? and who was the editor who was sleeping when tyhis crap was published????? and mor important than that WHEN DID IT HAPPEN???????

Good day, Prophet. Your frustration is well shared with many other Spider-fans. Your answers:

  1. Yes.
  2. Howard Mackie.
  3. Ralph Macchio.
  4. WEBSPINNERS # 13-14. (Jan. and Feb. 2000)

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle!

From Dan

How much did the original #15 comic sell for when it first came out? And how much does the original #15 comic sell for today? Also, what year did Spiderman first appear on t.v?

Well, Dan, when Spider-Man first appeared in AMAZING FANTASY # 15, it had a cover price of 12 cents. Today, a copy in mint condition would cost you around $40,000. Quite an investment, wouldn't you say?

Secondly, Spidey first showed up on the tube in 1967. You can read all about Spidey's many TV adventures in our Spidey Shows section.

From SilntWulf

In the "Secret Wars" series, where Peter gets his black costume, he gets the idea from Thor who had his helmet replaced by alien technology. Peter then uses the machine to produce the black costume. Why didn't Thor's helmet turn into a "Venom"? Did the writers just forget about it?

Well, Mr. Wulf, if we look at the issue in question (SECRET WARS # 8) we see Spidey gets confused as to _which_ machine was the one that Thor directed him to. Spider-Man chose one he thought looked likely and viola- alien symbiot. However in the last issue of the mini-series (SECRET WARS # 12) Spidey watches as some of the other heroes use what turns out to be the *real* clothes making machine; not the one he had used. When Spidey asked the other heroes if their new costumes obeyed mental commands like his did, they told him: "No, they're just.... just clothes".

From Spider-Rahul

Great Oracle of the Oracles of the Amazing Spideman.... This Indian Spiderfan from India is in a confused state of knowledgelessness.I have some questions and I hope that you answer them...

  1. Where is Venom?!!?
  2. Is Kaine dead in the real world!! (I mean ASM and PPSM)
  3. Do New York's Finest (The police) ever rely on Spidey?
  4. What do you think of the movie, honestly.
  5. Why Spidey never seems to team up with heroes these days?
  6. There is no Question 6

Please help your fan in this hour of confusion.

An Indian Spider-fan, eh? Well come out of the teepee, sharpen that tomahawk, and let's rustle some cowboys! (Just kidding, Rahul! Always nice to see Spidey-fans as far away as India. It makes us all one big Spider-family somehow, doesn't it?) On to the questions -

  1. Venom was last seen in the abysmal "Senator Ward" storyline from ASM vol. 2 # 22-24. But never fear! He's due to show up in a few months in the Paul Jenkins Spidey-book (whatever they'll end up calling it).
  2. Although Kaine did die briefly during "Maximum Clonage", he soon recovered. He was last seen (in the regular MU) in ASM vol. 1 #435, where he took possession of the oh-so-mysterious "package".
  3. Different officers have different opinions on the ol' web-slinger. A whole issue was devoted to this topic a year ago. Check out PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN # 26, or read our review of it here at spiderfan.org.
  4. Honestly? I think there were a couple of cheesy things about it, but in all, I was very impressed and really enjoyed it. On a scale of 1-10? I'd give it a 9.
  5. JMS and Paul Jenkins have currently been telling stories that just don't require guest stars, (although Dr. Strange did help out Spidey in ASM vol. 2 # 42). However, in the last couple of months, Spidey's been seen in DAREDEVIL vol. 2 # 35 and THOR vol. 2 # 51.
  6. There is no answer.

From Oded Engel

This issue is something that is burned into my head, I just can't remember all the details (it's been 21 years!). I'm looking for that issue desparetly !!! I can tell you the following details about the story:

  1. There was a villan there which had some sort of energy coming out of his hands (some sort of hale), he looked a bit like Kraven, he strangelled his victims, including some female doctor or something.
  2. The issue ends with a cliff hanger as he strangells Spidey and it seems Spidey is dead.
  3. During the issue spidey puts a spider tracer on someone which is aware of it and returns the tracer back to Spidey as they meet some evening on some building or something, I beleive that charcter was a friendly one.

That's about it. It trroubles me a lot, I've been looking for info on it for years, I would love it if you know what I am talking about, or can direct me to other info sources. Just name it, I'll go there.

Hello Oded. The comic you describe is MARVEL TEAM-UP #108. Now go buy a copy and relive that childhood!

From SportsPlayah

is venom dead or alive?... because in the venom finale it says he dies.. but in your charcter profiles it says hes alive, im hoping they didnt kill off venom

Our profiles aren't always completely up-to-date... we are an archive site after all! But in this case we're correct. Venom is alive, mostly well, and will be appearing in a few months in Paul Jenkins' Spider-Man title. Heck, he's even scheduled to be in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN before too long. So you've got plenty of "brain-eating" goodness coming your way.

From Alex

can you tell me what issue was the stag beetle in before tangeled web #15

And the answer is: none. TANGLED WEB # 15 is the Stag Beetle's first and only appearance.

From Jon D

A friend of mine and I disagree about whether one of Spiderman's friends, the Prowler, knows his identity. I read that Peter Parker had revealed it to him one issue (perhaps in Identity Crisis, when he needed Hobie's engineering skill.) My friend disagrees that he knows at all. Would you happen to have any info on this?

Your friend is right, Jon. The Prowler does not actually know Spidey's secret identity, although he has certainly helped him out a number of times.

From Fernando

I have to know what's happened with the character Kristen Watson. Do you know her whereabouts?

Good question, Fernando. Kristy at one point moved in with Harry and Liz to be a nanny to little Normie, but apparently wasn't very good at it as she soon dissappeared. She was seen briefly at MJ's "wake" in PP:SM # 19.

From CowBomb

If Madame Web Got Immortality From The Gathering Of Five, What Did Override Get?

Well, er, cowbomb. Although Override was though to have gotten "Immortality" in ASM #441, it was revealed in ASM vol 2. # 2-3 and PP:SM # 3 that he received "Death", (albeit a kind of "living death") and was now calling himself Shadrac. Makes ya think, don't it?

Note that Madame Web's Immortality only lasted a few months, then it "wore off". I guess immortality just doesn't last as long as it used to!

From PdnMan

Is Peter Parker the strongest human in the Marvel Universe?

No, the strongest human in the Marvel Universe is generally agreed upon as the Hulk, who can lift 100+ tons when need be. Spider-Man is rather week compared to that, as he can only lift a "measly" 10 tons.

From JB

Does Norman Osborn control a criminal syndicate? I know he organized the Order of the Goblin and he controls Oscorp, but they are a cult and a company, respectively. If Osborn does not control a criminal syndicate, how did he arrange and create the Clone Saga?

Osborn, being rich, can arrange almost any criminal activity he wishes. But if you are asking about a criminal syndicate like the mob or the Mafia- no, the Goblin hasn't been associated with them since the very early days (e.g. ASM vol. 1 # 23, 26, 27). As for how ol' Norman orchestrated the Clone Saga, the one-shot SPIDER-MAN: THE OSBORN JOURNALS should explain everything.

From Cindy

Is Peter a bit of a ladies man? Many young Spidey fans seem to think so. Has he had lots of serious girlfriends?

In order, I'd say there's Batty Brant, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Cissy Ironwood, Debra Whitman, and Felicia Hardy. If you'd like, I'll try to come up with a timeline.

From Kinos

It's me again, and I got a nother batch of Questions on my head, plus some notes about some of your pages on it, so pleas answer :

  1. Did Spidey fought whit other non-Marvel Villains beside the Joker ( Batman's worst Enemy) and Cound Dracula ? And will Spidey fight Dracu again? Or maybe Dracula's Son (Alucard) fight Dr.Octopus ?
  2. How old was Spider-Girl (Spidey's Future Daughter) when she did appeared in the comics in the beggaining ? And will Spidey have a sidekick beside her (or before)?
  3. I saw the picture of Mary Jane Wearing her Hasbond's Costume, so what's the deal ? Does she Cover on his truth or what? And isn't she weaker than Spidey ? So why you've wrote "none" on her Limitations section ? And about that swimsuit picture did you have to put it ? Kids are watching ?
  4. Will Spidey meet Other non-Marvel Characters like Jughead Jones (from Archie Comics) ? Remember the comics in title "Archie Meets the Punisher" or what it V.S. him ?
  1. Spidey's fought against the likes of DC villains Lex Luthor and the Parasite, and other monsters like the Frankenstein Monster. There are no current plans for Dracula to appear anytime soon in Spidey's books, but it always remains possible for the future.
  2. When the SPIDER-GIRL series began, May "Mayday" Parker was 15 years old. And according to issue # 47, she still is.
  3. I assume you're talking about the cover of ASM Annual # 19. In that story, Alastaire Smyth (of Spider-Slayer fame) assumed for a bit that Mary Jane was actually Spidey-Man. (As the Kingpin says: "Then he's madder than I thought".) She never actually wears the costume in the story, and she has never had any powers.
  4. There are no current plans for any cross-company crossovers with Spidey, but when any develop, you'll be sure to read about it here at spiderfan.org.

From Jimmy

Okay this should be an easy question for which i'm (unfortunatly) expecting a negative answer.

Which timeline/continuity/crackpot version of events is the Spiderman we see meeting up with the Transformers? (In the Transformers comics). Just cos the Transformers land on earth, Spidey shows up, and then we never hear from him, or anyone else for that matter, ever again.

Well, Jimmy, that does appear to be the official Marvel Universe version of Spider-Man that guest-stars in TRANSFORMERS # 3. But why, you ask, does no other super-hero ever show up in Transformers? Because the Transformers are a licensed property, not owned by Marvel. They have to be careful about how they mix them with their own heroes. For instance, Marvel can't reprint that particular appearance of Spider-Man, their own character, without permission from the Transformers owners. This is true with a lot of Marvel licensed titles like ROM, G.I. JOE, GODZILLA, and MICRONAUTS.

From Andrew

I have the first issue of Tangled Web but it does not have the Tangled Web logo. Instead it has Spider-Man Universe written across the top and No. 17 just above the price tag. Can you tell me what this is?

Back in 2000 & 2001, Marvel put several new Spider-Man titles on the racks. Meaning, the racks in the comic shops, the so called direct market. They wanted to make more money and to do that, that wanted to sell these books on the newstands too. They slapped a new cover on the books, called the series Spider-Man Universe and that was that.

Spider-Man Universe was originally a reprint series, reprinting relatively new Spider-Man comics. For the first 7 issues, it was available in the comic shops. As of issue 8 it became a newsstand only series and lasted until issue 21. Below a list...

8-10 = Spider-Man: Return Of The Green Goblin 1-3 (Limited Series)
11-13 = Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto 1-3 (Limited Series)
14-16 = Spider-Man: Lifeline 1-3 (Limited Series)
17-21 = Tangled Web 1-5 (called Spider-Man's Tangled Web as of issue 5)

If you want to see images of the full series, try Peter Kroon's Spider-Man CheckList site.

From Beleve

Are you aware of a mistake in Amazing SM #1? Peter is refered to as "Peter Palmer" more than once. Is this common knowledge or a rare book?

Yup. Twice in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN vol. 1 # 1, the narration refers to "Peter Palmer". This is pretty commonly known, at least among Spider-Man collectors. It's just a mistake of the early Marvel days. Like Doc Ock calling Spider-Man "Superman" in ASM # 3, or an old favorite, Captain America's quote in TALES OF SUSPENSE # 92: "Only one of us is walking out of this room, under his own steam, AND IT WON'T BE ME!"

You should note, though, that later reprints of all these books have been corrected, and so you need the original if you want to see these goofs in all their glory.

From Jens

I need your help on a trivia question:

In what issue number of Amazing Spider-Man does Doc Ock call Spider-Man "Superman"?

If you happen to know the answer please reply as soon as possible. The deadline is in a few hours...

Well, Amazing Spider-Man #3 is the answer. But since you in Germany sent the question to an editor in New Zealand to be passed to an Oracle who inhabits a mystical plan in a time-zone 39 hours from any of us... I must apologise but we failed to meet your rather agressive time-frame!

From Darren

Hi i am planning on attempting to create a spiderman computer game and wondered if you could maybe help me with a few things? im not sure if you would even know but the level of the game is basically going to be Manhatten NY. I was wondering if you know where i could find out things like where abouts his appartment with Harry Osborn was and where aunt may and ben lived thingfs like that.

Well... we can't help, but the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe can. It's out of print now, sadly, so we're going to take a risk and reproduce the Manhattan map for you. Oh, and if you're wondering why you couldn't find this on the 'Net, it's because you can't spell Manhattan!

From NeoPoter

after episode 13 of web of spiderman (spiderman goes crazy)and j.j.j. excepts spidy as a good guy dose he continue to consider spidey as a good guy?

I wouldn't really say that after WEB # 13, Jonah "accepts" that Spider-Man is indeed a hero. Rather, he decides to present a more balanced view on Spidey. And really, for a good long time after that issue, JJJ wasn't so quick as to blame every disaster imaginable on Spidey. That particular issue, by the way, is an early Peter David-penned issue, and is great at revealing some of the dynamics between Jonah and Spidey.

From Nelson

Hi, I am a fan of Spider-Girl I just have a few questions that I want to know.

  1. Did Spider-Girl ever kill Normie Osborn the Green Goblin because I heard that he betrayed her.
  2. In Spider-Girl annual 99' (I think that's it) how did May's parents die?
  3. Who is the Scarlet Spider and how did Spider-Girl and her met?.

Well, Nelson, let's see what we can do for you.

  1. Nope. Spider-Girl has never killed anyone, Normie Osborn has not betrayed her, and she and Normie are now very good friends.
  2. May's parents (Pete and MJ) didn't really die. Rather, it was a cruel illusion by a new villain named Misery.
  3. In Spider-Girl's world, the new Scarlet Spider is Felicity Hardy, the daughter of Flash Thompson and Felicia Hardy. And she and May attend school together. More will be shown of her in the next few issues of SPIDER-GIRL.

From FlashBagle

Why is there no mention of Spidey's team-ups with his amazing friends, Iceman and Firetar? Did it not happen in the true Marvel Universe?

P.S. Todd McFarland wrote the funniest friggin' Spidry story ever in Torment. It's like he thought we can't see the pictures he penciled. Damn funny.

"Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends" was an animated show that ran in the mid-eighties and featured Peter Parker living with roommates Angelica Jones (Firestar) and Bobby Drake (Iceman). It was quite a bit of fun, but it has no relation to the real Marvel Universe.

P.S. Yup, "Torment" was very much an unintentional hoot. But it's sure drawn purty!

From Allison

Why does Ralph Macchio's name appear as the editor of the Superman comic on many different web search sites? I am curious for a number of different reasons and if you could find the time to answer, it would be greatly apprieciated.

I don't know much about DC comics, Allison, but I'm pretty sure that Ralph hasn't done much (if anything) for them. He's pretty much a full-time Marvel guy. And since alot of people ask: No, he's not the same Ralph Macchio from "the Karate Kid" movies.

From David

I recently got back into Spidey, and have noticed a few continuity problems that I hope you can clear up for me. The major one is...since when did Spidey get his powers with Doc Ock?!! This is a joke, right? They wouldn't screw with Spidey's past would they? Say it ain't so.

It's like this, David: A few years ago, the Spider-titles weren't doing so well. The Clone Saga had been over for well over a year, but fans still weren't happy with the direction of the books. Solution? Hire John Byrne to write and draw a 13-issue limited series called SPIDER-MAN: CHAPTER ONE to retell the early days of Spider-Man and "improve" them.

Such improvements included,

  1. Changing Spidey's origin to having him be a survivor of a huge explosion which killed many people, and was conducted by Dr. Octopus.
  2. Spider-Man lets the Burglar run past him because of ignorance instead of apathy, thus doing away with the whole "great power = great responsibility".
  3. The Burglar sees Spidey come out of the Parker house and assumes that he's a burglar, too.
  4. Norman Osborn and the Sandman - cousins.

There were a ton of other changes, too. Some of these retro-active changes were then adopted in the modern stories being written by Byrne and Mackie at the time. Briefly. But the bottom line is that fandom disliked the series intensely, and most hard-core fans just ignored it completely.

These days, it's never referred to in the core books and is no longer considered "official" continuity.

From Chuck

I remember having these comics were carnage gave birth or better the eggs came out and created more carnage type of vilains could you please tell me who they were ( I know there was a women carnage) and in witch issue were there in ?

You wouldn't believe how often we get asked this question, or variations thereof. They refer to the absolutely terrible four-part Venom mini-series, "Separation Anxiety", which spawned five symbiotes (Riot, Scream, Lasher, Phage, and Hybrid) and a video game. It was written by your favourite writer and mine... Howard Mackie.

I would like to mention at this point that we are SpiderFan.Org... and this is a Venom comic. If you really need to know more, then go track down a Venom fan site! We've added a brief FAQ, so hopefully we'll never have to talk about this tragic episode from one of the darkest periods of Spider-Man's long history.

From Brad

Are you aware of a villan named "mr. hyde"? i have never seen or heard of this guy. they briefly mention him on marvel's web site (very briefly).

This is another popular question... which we have answered with an entry in our ever-helpful FAQ list.

From Tracy

I recenetly picked up my very first copy of spider-girl. (Getting U.S. comics is a nightmare in the U.K.) I thought you maybe able to answer a few of my questions I have about the series. O.K. here we go:

  1. Why is M.J. in a wheelchair?
  2. Why does Peter Parker look so radically different?
  3. Peter works with a bloke who is the new green goblin and he dosen't do anything about it, is the green goblin a hero now?

Here's some answers for you, Tracy!

  1. Mary Jane is currently pregnant in SPIDER-GIRL, and complications from it have left her wheelchair-bound. It's assumed she'll be out of the wheelchair after the pregnancy.
  2. In this title, Peter is around 35-45 years old. About 15 years older than he is in the core Spider-titles. Plus, he lost a leg in his last battle with Norman Osborn (shown in flashback in SPIDER-GIRL # 49).
  3. That new Green Goblin is Phil Urich, a close friend of Peter's who knows his former identity and is the unofficial "uncle" of Mayday. He is indeed a good guy.

From SciFic

Where exactly do "Spider-man The Redemption" and Spiderman Unilimited #12 fit in with the CLone Saga?

I know Redemption takes place after "Return of Kaine" 1-4, but before what following storyline? Kaine says during one of the issues of "Redemption" that "The Parkers are not home right now", but do return at the end of REturn of Kaine part 4. (You would think that Peter and MJ would NOTICE the damage done to their house when Kaine 'talks' to Ben during that issue!)

And for Spiderman unlimited #12, it seems like it should come right after Blood Brothers part 6.

That was a kind of convoluted time, wasn't it? Well, this is by no means definitive, but it appears that UNLIMITED #12 actually takes place between parts 4 and 5 of "Blood Brothers" (that would be between SPEC #234 and SEN #5). And REDEMPTION seems to take place between SPEC #236 and SEN #7.

Pete and MJ would indeed be living at Aunt May's house at that time period, but apparently they were on a vacation, or maybe going back to Portland to re-pack all of their stuff.