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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Jonathan Moore

I am tring to get a complete list of the 1970s Marvel novels published by Pocket books. I found your site with the 3 Spider-man novels and wonder if you could tell me the titles of the others of I could search used book stores for them. Thanks for any help you can give.

OK, this wasn't easy to collate, but here's the info you need:

Book 1: Spider-Man: "Mayhem in Manhattan"
Book 2: Hulk: "Stalker From the Stars"
Book 3: Hulk: "Cry of the Beast"
Book 4: Captain America: "Holocaust for Hire"
Book 5: The Fantastic Four: "Doomsday"
Book 6: Iron Man: "And Call My Killer...Modok"
Book 7: Doctor Strange: "Nightmare"
Book 8: Spider-Man: "Crime Campaign"
Book 9: The Hulk, The Avengers, The X-Men and Daredevil: "The Marvel Superheroes"
Book 10: The Avengers: "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"
Book 11: Hulk & Spider-Man: "Murdermoon"

From Jackal

I just read your latest Oracle page and regarding the Man-Spider question:

In Amazing #37 that was Man-Spider however Man-Spider first appeared in a comic cross over with the X-Men, in Marvel Fanfare #1-#2.

Well, indeed. Consider yourself an honorary oracular assistant!

From Rob

In a past review of the Cyclone story, Al (the reviewer) notes:

"They converse in French, which Spidey can't understand because he only took Spanish in High School. (And I could have sworn that, in an earlier issue, when Spidey fought the Tarantula, he lamented the fact that he only took French in High School, but now I can't find it."

Well, for the record, when Pete is fighting The White Tiger in an early issue of PPSS (#9) he laments that "3 years of high school French" aren't helping him understand the Spanish that the White Tiger and buddies are speaking.

Hey, who's supposed to be the Oracle here! Maybe this should be marked as "assistant Oracle month". OK, grab yourself some white robes and a certificate as another assistant oraclish expert.

From Zeichman

Is there a non-Ultimate version of Justin Hammer?

Yes. Justin Hammer has appeared most frequently in IRON MAN over the years. His last appearance was in the IRON MAN: BAD BLOOD miniseries, where he for all intents and purposes died. His daughter Justine is currently causing havoc in the odd-numbered issues of THUNDERBOLTS.

From LGex2

Was Razorback's only apppearence in Peter Parker #'s 13-15?

is Pete and Mary and MJ going to get back together?

Razorback was also in SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK # 4-7, 44-46, and 48.

And Pete getting back with Mary Jane? It shall come to pass. Just have patience.

From David

Which spiderman issue had the climactic final battle at the church tower between Peter and the alien costume. Also, when was the battle between Spiderman and Venom on the deserted island where he tricked Venom into believing that he was dead.

The church tower battle was in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #1. And the desert island battle was in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #346-347.

From Philip

I read an article in a fan mag, either alter-ego or comic book artist, where they mentioned Spidey goes to hollywood to make a movie about himself, green goblin follows him out there and they fight all over the lot. It is a Ditko issue or even Romita. Which issue?

That issue you're describing just happens to be the first appearance of the Green Goblin. It's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN vol. 1 # 14 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. You can find it reprinted in ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN 1, MARVEL TAILS # 152, or SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS # 15.

From Joe

I recently purchased the Ultimate Guide to Spider-man by Tom Defalco. I was stunned to find in the guide that Peter's mother's last name is referred to as Mary Slattery and not Mary Fitzgerald. I have never heard her addressed as such. Can you shed any light on this? Or is Tom simply providing the fans with false information?

Also I have heard on some message boards that Peter Parker is Jewish. I do not understand this considering Parker is a British name and Fitzgerald is Irish. I also remember him celebrating christmas on numerous occasions. Do you have any info. on this subject?

As for Peter's mother's maiden name, it has been established in the past as being "Fitzpatrick". If the Ultimate Guide got it wrong, then I assume that it was forgotten. I highly doubt that anyone, especially a nice guy like Tom DeFalco, is trying to deliberately mislead the fans.

As for Pete's religion, you're correct that he has been shown to celebrate Christmas throughout the years, but in these days of commercialism, it possibly might not be due to religion. In any case, Peter has not been identified as any particular religion in the books - very wisely.

From Tellah

I want to know about the black costume. Where on Peter's arm does the web shoot out? Is it like Venom, out of the white squares on his hands, or like the web shooters, at the base of his hands?

P.S.I am talkin about the REAL black costume, not the one Kat made for him.

The original Black Costume that Spidey wore is the very same one that Venom has. So when Spider-Man used it (in ASM # 252-258, SPEC # 90-95, and MTU # 141-146), the webbing came from the back of his hands. This is demonstrated most effectively in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN # 93.

From Xon

I understand Peter lost his job with Tri-Corp, but why can he return with his old job in the Daily Bugle? Does Jonah knows Peter is Spiderman?

Though it changes occasionally, Peter usually just freelances as a photographer. So it's not a "job" per se. And no, Jonah has no idea that Spider-Man and Peter are one and the same.

From santiagobotero

I love Spiderman. And I also like his stories. But I have a doubt about something. When aliens gave Peter his spider powers, why did they omited the web shooting abilities. Also, in the Nuclear Saga, why did Doctor Octopus just disappeared? I don't understand that.

The web-shooting abilities were not a standard option and thus Peter forgot to ask the aliens about it. As for Doctor Octopus disappearing, well, that's what happens when you attack David Copperfield.

To sum up, I think the Spidey comics you're reading in Latin America (?) are somewhat different than the ones in the states.

From Jamie

I am trying to locate information on the comic book "spider-man and Angel iceman, a mutant gone mad!" # 229 from November 1989.

That's actually MARVEL TALES # 229 (which itself is a reprint of SPECTACUALR SPIDER-MAN # 18). It'll cost you around $ 3-6 at a nearby comic book store, if they still have a copy.

From SchoolJester

As you know Spiderman was created in 1962 and this year is 2002. Will he be having a 40th anniversary comic? What I mean by that is will he have a comic like Spiderman #26 or the Amazing Spiderman #365.

At this time, there's been no announcement of a 40th anniversery comic. Though you bet there's sure to be a 50th anniversary celebration ten years from now. But in all, I think we as Spidey fans have it pretty good this year. The tiltes have fully bounced back from the horrible Mackie/Byrne era, plus that little matter of a motion picture that's now # 5 on the all-time U.S. box office list (and coming to DVD November 1). A great year to be a Spidey fan indeed.

From Nick

What is Pete Parker's middle name and in what issue was it revealed? I always said it was James.

Peter's middle name is Benjamin (named after you-know-who), and it was revealed in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN # 19. Although in the daily comic strip, MJ sometimes calls him "Peter Q. Parker". But it's the comics that are cannon, of course.

From Sam

  1. In "The Amazing Spider-Man #1" the Chemeleon (to my astonishment) uses actual disguises e.g. fake moustache mask etc. (unlike the 90's cartoon). Does he improve his ability with a gizmo or something later? If so which issue?
  2. Who is "Kill Kraven"
  3. What issue did Steve Ditko resign and cease to pencil ol' webhead?
  4. What is your favourite Spider-Man:issue,villian and friend to spidey?

Let's see what I can do for you, Sam.

  1. Yup, the Chameleon originally used rubber masks and such for his disguises. It's in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 186 that he got a power upgrade.
  2. Are you thinking of "Get Kraven"? That's a 7-issue limited series that's currently being written by Ron Zimmerman. Or maybe you're thinking of "Killraven"? He's a character from one the many "alternate futures" of the Marvel Universe. He originally appeared in AMAZING ADVENTURES # 18-39. He teamed up with Spidey in MARVEL TEAM-UP # 45, and he's getting a new limited series by Alan Davis. The first issue of which is due October 9. Aren't you glad you asked?
  3. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN vol. 1 # 38 is the last time Mr. Ditko drew his most famous creation.
  4. Hmmm.... Favorite issue? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 200. Favorite villain? Norman Osborn. Favorite friend? (Before the Mackie/Byrne era) the Sandman.

From Daniel

When Peter Parker first got the idea for taking pictures he asked 'ol JJJ to give credit to another bugle staff member. Yet while i was reading the gathering of the five storyline i noticed the photo of spider-man beating over-ride being credited to Peter Parker.

So when abouts did Peter stop worrying about getting the credit for his pics?

In UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN # 10, one of Peter's high school classmates, Sally, goes to the Daily Bugle trying to find just how they get all those pics of Spidey. She runs into Peter there and realizes that it's him that takes all the photos, but doesn't understand why he doesn't want credit for them.

In the next issue (# 11), Sally wants Peter to get her in touch with Spider-Man and threatens to tell all the kids at school about his pictures if he doesn't. Rather than give in to blackmail, Peter voluntarily shows all his classmates the Spidey pictures himself.

This all takes place between issue # 12 and 13 of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN vol. 1, BTW.

From Marjorie

I have read the original comics, Spectacular Spider-man 25 and 26, as well as the Trade Paperback "Spider-man and Daredevil Special Edition", which reprints Spectacular Spider-man 27 and 28. After reading the first page of the reprint of issue 27, I felt like I had missed something from the ending of issue 26. Issue 26 ends with Spider-man telling Daredevil that he is blind after falling through a stack of pigeon cages on a roof top.

Issue 27 of the reprint opens up with Daredevil helping Spider-man web swing across town. Did the TPB change the original book or did the original book start out this way? I just felt that some important conversation got left out of the reprint!

Nothing was changed, Marjorie. You've got the whole story there. That SPIDER-MAN/DAREDEVIL special edition you mention, BTW, didn't include the first parts of the story (issues # 25 and 26) because Marvel was only interested in the two issue (# 27 and 28) that were drawn by Frank Miller. Those issues were Frank's first time drawing Daredevil, which is the character that pushed him into the comic book spotlight.

From Chris

What ever happened to Nathan Lubensky, did he croak, or what?

Yes indeed, Chris. Nathan became a victim of the Vulture in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 336. (With the always enticing "Someone DIES!" on the cover. Groan.) You can find the issue reprinted in the RETURN OF THE SINISTER SIX tpb. (Make sure it's "Return", and not "Revenge".)

From Anonymous

I wonder if there's a "behind the scenes" story to the symbiote costume Spider-Man had. Does anyone know if the whole plan was to give Spider-Man the costume just to have it later turn into Venom? Or was the plan an attempt to update Spider-Man's costume and, due to readers' complaints, they had to get rid of it some way and someone got the bright idea of Venom?

Good questions. Was the black costume supposed to be a permanent change? Probably not at first, but it later became the plan after the story in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN # 17-18 where Pete's "last" red-and-blue costume is destroyed. From the issues starting September 1986 until May 1988, He wore the black costume exclusively.

Why did the writers give it up and go back to the red-and-blues? Well, fan reaction was certainly part of it, but also at the time, they were looking to get a hot new artist named Todd McFarlane on AMAZING, but he didn't want to do it unless he was drawing the original costume.

As for the creation of Venom, well the alien costume was presumably killed in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN # 1, but writer David Michelinie planned on bringing the alien back merged with a new host. The first appearance of this new villain was in WEB # 18, where at the end of the issue someone shoves Peter in front of an oncoming train. Though Pete dodges it in time, he's still freaked because his spider-sense didn't warn him before being shoved.

What's interesting is that according to Michelinie, at this point in time, the new host for the costume was going to be a female! This "non-spider-sense-triggering-female-host" made one more appearance in WEB # 24 where you see the mysterious person's arm again try to kill Peter. However this was David's final issue of WEB and the subplot was dropped.

When David became the writer of AMAZING almost a year later, he brought back the idea of the alien costume with a new host, but this time, came up with the extremely poorly motivated Eddie Brock. And in later back-up stories in Spidey's annuals, the arm from WEB's # 18 and 24 were retroactively shown to be Eddie/Venom.