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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Joe Hummel

I recently interviewed Richard C. Everbeck (Eddie Brock in the movie) for my site, and was trying to track Eddie's first appearance.I know he was "in" Web of Spidey # 18 & ASM # 298, but I can picture an altercation outside of JJJ's (?) office where Eddie pushes ol' Pete aside. Was this scene AFTER McFarlane started his Spidey run? In any case, do you know where Eddie first appeared, I'd like to send Richard a copy as a "Thank You".

Joe Hummel
webmaster, TheSpidermanMovie.com

Although Eddie had brief cameos with his face not shown in WEB # 18 and 24 and then ASM # 298 and 299, it was in ASM # 300 where we first saw his face, learned his name, and his history. So ASM # 300 is considered to be his first full appearance.

From KingOfNewYork68

I remember reading in an old comic book that in a battle with Spider Man, Electro discovered that Spider Man used an advanced form of static electricity to cling to walls (something I believe was a previously unknown fact, even to Spider-Man). Of course, since he controls electricity, Electro was able to cancel out Spider Man's wall crawling powers and kick his butt (at least in that issue). However, I didn't see this particular aspect of Electro's powers highlighted in his biography on your website, so I'm beginning to wonder if I'm mistaken.

Any insight? Thanks.

Before answering this question, let's see what our next letter-writer asks.

From Jake Nelson

I know that Spidey can stick to virtually anything he desires and cannot be pried or dijointed from said object, unless his arms are ripped off, he becomes unconscious or he chooses to release. I'm not sure if I understand why he can stick to almost anything, whether he can mentally change the attractive powers of his subatomic particles or if there is another explanation, that really doesn't matter.

What I was wondering is if he consciously controls his sticking to any surface, how could he possibly ever slip or fall? Technically, there should never be a time when Spidey would be hanging on for his life, unable to stay on for much longer, correct? I seem to remember a scenario like that happening at least once, but I can't remember the exact issue, but if that scenario was to play out, wouldn't that be a continuity conflict? Or is there something I'm missing?.... I was also wondering if Spidey has some sort of 'field' around him which allows him to stick to walls and whatnot with clothes on.

By definition, Peter would have to have bare skin to material contact to enact his "sticking ability", otherwise he would have to be able to change the structure/activity of the molecules in whatever clothing he had on (i.e. shoes, shirt, gloves, etc.). If this is true, how far could he extend this field? Into other people or objects? Or, do I have Spidey's powers defined in the wrong?... I know I may be getting a bit too in-depth with this, but my analytical mind can't stop wondering. Thank you for taking your time to read this and if you could, please pass it on to anyone who might know the answer, if you do not.

Both of these questions stem from the same problem: the reason Spidey sticks to stuff. The official answer is- there is no official answer. When the core Spider-titles renumbered, the writers were going on the theory that, like a spider, Peter has a bunch of tiny microscopic hairs extending from his hands and feet that can grasp even the smoothest of surfaces. The movie follows this same theory.

However, there is another theory that says that Spider-Man doesn't technically "stick" to stuff, but adheres to it through a form of static electricity--the same reason your socks can stick together when they come out of the dryer. This was demonstrated most effectively in the storyline the first question mentions. In SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #134-136, Electro absorbs all the static electricity in the area and causes Spidey to fall right off the wall he was clinging to.

So the reason Electro has never used this trick again? Probably because the writers at the time are opting for the "hair" theory. And the debate continues.

From Rahul Kurup

Treyarch and Activision are making a Spider-man movie game on the Playstation 2. I'm on the team, and I have a couple of questions about the comics that we might refer to in the game.

  1. In the animated series,Spider-Man became the Manspider due to mutational changes. Did he become Manspider in the comics as well?
  2. Did the venom symbiote bond with any one else?
  3. Has Mary Jane tried to become a superheroine?
  1. Yes, Spider-Man did become Man-Spider in the comics - in ASM #437, if memory serves me correctly.
  2. Regarding symbiote bonding, please refer to a previous supplicant's request to the Oracle from Spider-Oracle Petitions 01/08/2001.
  3. And finally, Mary-Jane was believed to be Spider-Man in the delightful Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19.

From Tommy

I asked my friend one day who his favorite villain is. He said it's Riot. "Who's Riot?" I thought. So I just wanna ask you who he is and where can I get a picture of him?

Riot, eh? Well, there was a "Riot" in the series Skrull Kill Krew, and a second "Riot" in the New Warriors volume 2 (issues 4 and 7), but neither have met Spidey.

From SpeedBlaze

hi again i'm sorry for asking really old questions but was speed demon a spidey villian or someone elses thanks.

Speed Demon has fought a few heroes, but most often Spidey. Their first meeting was in AMAZING # 222.

From Gotenks

Three Questions...PLEASE ANSWER!

  1. How was spider-man a clone did he get knocked into amnesia and got cloned that's why ben riely didn't know who he was?
  2. I've heard rumors that spider-man will be killed off, is that true?
  3. Last question. Why do people keep going backwards in the spider-man series? (ex. Spider-man blue, Ultimate spider-man...) Why don't they make a new series that continues on the series not go backward?
  1. The clone saga is hard to explain. For a brief synopsis see the Quick Guide to the Clone Saga. For a more detailed analyis, see the "Life of Reilly" column at GrayHaven Magazine.
  2. No.
  3. Many writers prefer to write stories from when Peter was in high school, or when he had cast members like Gwen Stacy who can't be used in modern-day stories.

From sensaironixis

  1. If a story that starts in, say, Amazing Spider-man is continued in, let's say, Uncanny X-men, which then ends in The Punisher is written, then assuming that Spider-man would star or guest star in all of those, how could that issue of The Punisher be able to happen simultaneously with the unrelated issue of Amazing Spider-man to come out that month? Spidey can't be in two places at once... I'm sorry if this question is hard to understand, I just noticed that a lot of really good stories bridge the series gap...
  2. What exactly happens in What If? #44, "What If Venom possessed the Punisher?"
  3. What are the main differences between Venom's powers and Carnage's powers?
  1. I'm not too clear on your question, but basically, the date of when a particular issue is released is not necessarily related to when it takes place. The best way to sort stories is to wait six months or so 'til you have all the needed "before and after" parts of the story to see the big picture.
  2. Venom possesses the Punisher (Kidding! The alien costume gives the Punisher greater ability to kill crooks, but it drives him crazy as it urges him to kill Spidey as well.)
  3. The main difference is that Carnage can make solid projections of his costume, especially knives, axes, and other blades.

From Cyke

As I am in the UK and read the reprint title "The Astonishing Spider-Man," a big fuss was made a few years ago about Firefist. As you know he appeared once, but Marvel UK were stupid enough to put him on their cover for Astonishing Spider-Man 22.

He appeared in Spectacular # 225. (The one that introduced the Phil Urich Green Goblin.) I almost had an aneurysm remembering *that* one.

From BigRedBaron

Dr. Octopus is dead... according to you... two times he died how did he die each time?

Another thing, what do you think about Elton John playing Dr.Ock in the next Spider-man movie? (As far as I know he's not, but would you think he could make a good Ock?)

Well, he was at ground zero at a nuclear explosion, and Kaine broke his neck. And Elton John? Well as long as Ock doesn't break out into song, I'll approve - although I think they just need to borrow the toupee and glasses, anybody could wear them and look like Ock.

From Allizdog14

There's a question about Spider-Man that's been bugging me for years. I've looked up and down this site, but I didn't find an answer, so now I come to you, O Spider-Oracle. [Oh, that's REAL smooth. Insult the guy you're asking for help.] Uh, sorry, that's my other self. He's rather bitter. [Just ask the stupid question already, or I'll bite your head off.] Okay: How do the lenses in Spidey's mask widen or narrow to match whatever expression Peter has on his face at the time? I noticed this mainly in the "Return of the Sinister Six" storyline and in the 90's animated series, whenever Peter flashes back to when he cornered the Burglar. (Was that okay?) [Shut up.]

In real life, the lenses in the mask wouldn't move very much, but in the comics, artists like to change the size and shape depending on Spider-Man's mood. When the main character wears a mask, you do whatever you can to show his or her expression.

From Eric V James

Can you please tell me who performed (sang) the theme song to the 60s cartoon series?

{It's jazzy ... and kind of reminds me of The Flintstones theme song.}

Indeed, this information is now on the Spider-Man TV (1960s) page.

From John Walls

Does the Ultimate Spider-man Hardcover book contain the full comics from issues 1-13 or one's that have been altered like in "free comic book day" issue 1? I was also wondering if they are planning to make another edition for later issues.

One more question that has nothing to do with Spider-Man, but I was curious if it is possible to buy a similiar hardcover of the early ultimate x-men or team-up series?

The hardcover ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN does indeed have issues 1-13 of the series, uncut, just as they appeared in the comics. It also has some nifty sketches, designs, and a reprint of AMAZING FANTASY # 15.

The possibilty of a second volume all depends on how well the first one sells. I am not aware of any other Ultimate series being released in hardcover anytime soon.

From Anonymous

What can you tell me about someone named Captain Universe? I don't know who he is or whether hes a villain or hero. Heck, I'm not even sure if he exists! One on of Spider-Man's video games (aka:Spider-Man) he can change into Captain Universe. I just wanted to know if there really is a Captain Universe in the Marvel comics.

Captain Universe isn't so much a person, but a cosmic force called the Uni-power that travels around the Universe bestowing a person (temporarily) with its almost unlimited power in a time of crisis.

When Marvel had its "Acts of Vengeance" crossover, Spider-Man was granted the power to aid the Uni-power in defeating the Trapster, Dragon Man, the Brothers Grimm, the Hulk, TESS-1, Goliath, Magneto, Titania, and others. For that period, Spidey was the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe. The whole story was in SPECTACULAR # 158-160, AMAZING # 327-329, and WEB # 59-61. All nine issues were reprinted in the TPB SPIDER-MAN: THE COSMIC ADVENTURES.

From The Amber Imp

U asked who herbert landen is. He was a character in the spidey tv series. He was an anti-mutant bigot who tried to make an anti-mutant goop that he fell in, turned into godzilla crossed with a pea plant. He eventually shrunk and remained some sort of marvel version of the batman villain two face except he was green. A very boring character.

Now here are some questions:

  1. Will that bulked up idiot the black tarantula be coming back?
  2. Do you know what happened to the spider-man site u rated as brilliant, www.samruby.com go? I have tried e-mailing the guy who runs it and he isn't replying.
  3. Will you be doing a cobra profile on ur villains page?
  4. Will you please be sarcastic if you reply?
  5. What are the cobra's powers?

Thanks for the info on Mr. Landon. As for your questions -

  1. Not any time soon.
  2. Like spiderfan.org, the increased traffic caused by the movie made us go boom for a bit. We're all much better now, and hopefully SamRuby will recover also.
  3. I'll certainly pass along the request.
  4. Well, if you insist. I've got one last question in which to be sarcastic.
  5. He does whatever a cobra can! Like, duh-uh!

From Peteski

what issue is the first issue that Peter Parker FIRST asks Mary Jane to marry him?

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 182 from July 1978. In the next issue she turned him down. Peter, of course, proposed to her again years later in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #290.