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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions. Except the dumb ones, we only answer a few of those.

From Sanghoony

Hello.. This guy asked me if I know the name of the planet the secret war took place. What was it? I only know it is far away place. And was there a flashback of where the venom symbiote came from?

Not an offical name, but the heroes all came to refer to it as "Battleworld". It was composed of pieces from other planets throughout the universe (including a suburb of Denver).

There was no symbiote flashback. At that time, the costume was not known to be a symbiote.

From Spider-Rahul

I am a Spider-Man fan from India,and i dont kknow whats going on there but thanks to Spiderfan.org I have come to know of almost everything.I have some questions;

  1. Do The Human Torch & Spidey have similar enemies?
  2. why did Venom team up with Spidey on some occasions and then start hating him again?
  3. In the animated series,Conners(Lizard)was one of Peter's teachers in the comics.Was he his teacher in the comics?
  4. Whatever happened to the Black Cat?
  5. Is Sauron Spider-Man's enemy?
  6. (only if u know)When is the Spider-Man movie coming in India?

Some answers.

  1. Similar? Well, while the Human Torch's foes (and therefore the FF's foes) tend to be more cosmic, Spidey's are mostly enhanced human. However there are many supervillains out there who've fought both Spidey and Torch, at the same time even. This includes the Enforcers, the Wizard, Speed Demon, Moribus, the Vulture, the Green Goblin, the Lizard, Mysterio, the Black Abbot, the Super Skrull, and many more.
  2. Venom was becoming such a popular character, that Marvel wanted to give him his own series. That was tough to do because, although Venom wanted to help innocents, he also wanted to eat Spider-Man's brains. The solution was to have him stop hating Spider-Man, which he did in ASM # 375 when Spidey saved his ex-wife. After his series (actually a string of mini-series) came to an end, it was time to have him become a Spider-foe again, which he did in SPIDER-MAN: THE VENOM AGENDA. His hatred for Spider-Man really came back with a vengeance, though, when he blamed Spider-Man for his ex-wife's death in ASM vol.2 # 19.
  3. No, but for a while in the late 70's, Peter was a TA at ESU while Connors was a teacher there.
  4. Soon to be coming your way in the mini-series SPIDER-MAN/BLACK CAT: THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, and then her own series, both written by Kevin Smith.
  5. Spidey and Sauron have scrapped once in MARVEL FANFARE vol. 1 # 1-2.
  6. The movie in India? Er, not sure but if it makes you feel better, I'll mail you the Nicholas Hammond one!

From Johnny Barden

Ok, I was very very dead set against the inception of the Ultimate Spider-Man title a year or so ago. I've read the irst 8 issues and they were very fun, often reminding me of high school more so than the original, but my question is: how is this any different from Chapter One?

I have never read Chapter One, but from what I understand, it was very unpopular and ill-recieved.

How is Spider-Man: Chapter One different from Ultimate Spider-Man?

Well, that's easy. Back in 1998 Marvel decided that, like many other characters, Spider-Man needed a reboot. In order to update the origin they asked John Byrne to rewite history. He'd done that a couple of times before with other characters, so, why not Spidey? Well, in my opinion the answer to that question should have been because Stan Lee and Steve Ditko did a perfect job.

Anyway, the powers that be decided John should go ahead. Out came a dreadful new Spider-Man origin. The running Spidey titles were cancelled and started again with number 1. In fact, the story simply continued. The reboot was nothing more than a renumbering of the running series. And Chapter One was quickly forgotten.

Then came 2000, there were new powers in charge and a new timeline was created. With Marvel, timelines are invented every 2-4 years, so nothing new there. This time, the newly created timeline was a retelling, recreation of the ongoing timeline that started in 1962. They called it Ultimate and it tells the story of Spider-Man like it is happening today. One could say, they are capturing the same spirit of the current era like Stan Lee did back in 1962 with his era.

Marvel tried to push us Chapter One as part of the established continuity (such as, the burglar went to the Parker's house to steal their new computer - kills off Amazing #196-200; Doc Ock and Spidey were created in the same radioactive accident; Norman Osborn was the mastermind behind the creation of some classic villains... ??? Way sucky...), while Ultimate Spider-Man has a continuity of it's own. No matter what happens in USM, we do not know its future. With Chapter One, we knew 40 years of the future, and it just doesn't make any sense.

So, back to your question. How are both stories diferent? Both are reboots, both retell the origin of Spider-Man. The difference is that Chapter One really sucks and that Ultimate rocks. Does that answer your question?

From MPalmpa

A friend and I got into an argument the other day on whether or not Spidy is a mutant. She said yes, and I said no. I was just wondering if you could clear things up for us.

Spidey is not, never has been, and with luck never will be a mutant. End of story.

From D.M.

There is a book I am trying to locate. I think it may be 1 or 2 years old. The main storyline is that of a little African-American kid who is obsessed with the Wall-Crawler. I have no idea of it's title, or which run it belongs to.

PPS : Looking forward to (a) Your response, re book I'm asking you about; and, (b) Your sarcasm!

It's Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol.2) #35.

Glad we could help. And no sarcasm! Not like you needed help, sheesh, the comic isn't even a year old. How hard is it to go look at the recent issues!

From SCAP1301

Where does Spiderman live??

At Peter Parker's apartment.

From Dan

I've been out of the Spider Man loop for awhile, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me...

  1. The costume...is it black and red or blue and red? Just curious...in some shots in amazing, it looks black.
  2. Peter Parker: SpiderMan...just got the issue with doc oc (final one in the story arc I think), and it was great. Is PP:SM in the continuity along with Amazing?

Red 'n Blue! Actually, I heard a rumour that the original intention back in Amazing Fantasy #15 was that the costume be red and black. But due to printing issues, the blue highlights used to add texture totally overwhelmed the black, and the costume ended up red and blue, which it remains to this day.

For the second, try our Current Comics Title Summary for more info.

From Ultxon

Hi, I just wanted to ask a couple questions that have been puzzilin' me.

  1. What exactly is a "defeat"? Ex: it says in Amazing Spider-Man # 3 that Dr. Ock was the first villain to defeat Spider-Man but in # 2 Vulture knocks Spidey out and puts him a water tower, what is that concidered? This is the question that has been bothering me the most.
  2. Why did Marvel Comics stop making comics that had a fold-out cover [you know, the ones with character info and a previously page]? Just in case you might know.
  3. I never understood how Spidey in the earlier comics [1960's], was able to shoot a thin strand of webbing and have it expand over an object. Was it something Stan and Steve were experimenting with or what? Ex: Spidey shooting web over the guards in Amazing Spider-Man # 1 [Spidey Vs. Chameleon].

Answers coming right back at you. We can't bear for people to be puzzlid.

  1. Some battles are really open to interpretation as to if there's a winner or loser. In this case, Spidey apparently doesn't that first encounter with the Vulture to be a defeat. Probably more like a delay of getting to the real battle. On the other hand, that first encounter with Doc Ock would be considered by most people to be a humiliating defeat.
  2. Part of it was cost, part of it was that ideally, the story in the comic should let you know all that info, and part was that many people didn't even read them.
  3. Spider-Man's web-shooters have an adjustable nozzle that determines if the webbing comes out as a thin line, a spray, or even a "goop".

From CaptainUniverse

Hello! I have a few simple (I think) questions I'd like answers to. What is the status (living? Dead? Location If alive? Any other info) on these chars:

  1. Venom(Brock)
  2. Carnage(Cletus)
  3. Kaine
  4. Mary Jane
  5. Peter
  6. All 3 Spider Women
  7. The 5 Spawned Symbiotes (Riot, Lasher, Scream, and the two other ones)
  8. Madame Webb
  9. Deadpool
  10. X-Men
  11. Fantastic Four
  12. Iron Man + Co
  13. Alistar Smythe, and his father
  14. Doctor Doom
  15. Osborn
  16. Jackal
  17. Herbert Landon
  18. Apocalypse

That's alot of folks! To be brief...

  1. At large
  2. At large
  3. Last seen in Europe, perhaps with custody of Baby May
  4. In California
  5. Featured every month
  6. a. active (as a detective) b. inactive in Denver c. active
  7. All Symbiotes deceased.
  8. Active
  9. Featured every month in their own books.
  10. Featured every month in their own books.
  11. Featured every month in their own books.
  12. Featured every month in their own books.
  13. Alistair Smyth - in jail. His father - dead.
  14. See current issues of Fantastic Four.
  15. Norman - at large. Harry - deceased
  16. Deceased
  17. Who?
  18. Shows up in X-Men occasionally.

Now, that's a lot of answers for less than a quarter! Never let it be said, the Oracle doesn't give value for money.