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From Steve

Hey i have been a spiderman fan for pretty much my entire life. In high school i kind of started to lag in my comic book purchasing. I had lost track of spiderman and besides reading a few back issues and trying to complete my back issue collection i wasn't getting too much spider news. Recently i found more time and more money to try and start things up again because i still have a huge interest in the old web head. i was shocked to see that all the titles have changed. if its possible could you fill me in on a bit of whats been going on. what would be very helpful is if you could let me know what all these new titles are and how they fit in. i'm interested in the storyline i was use to. so which titles would still continue the old spiderman story. what should i look into buying. what are these books titled Peter Parker: Spiderman, and Tangled Web. could you clue me in here.

This is a fairly frequent question, and so I have just put together a brand new page just for people in the same situation as you. What you need to read is our new Current Title Summary. We'll try to keep it updated, but for now it should answer your question!

From Kid Rock

Ok,This has been buging me for awhile. So when the symbiotes go on to brock and Kasedy they have a mouth like Riot,Hybrid ETC. And when Spidey Gets The Sybiote He dosen't have a visible mouth??????

The most plausible reason for this is that the symbiote was attempting to keep a low profile, and avoid attracting suspicion. Hence it played a role as a costume, rather than as a powerful alien parasite with hundreds of slobbering teeth and a two-foot glistening tongue.

Also, the suit did open a mouth hole so that Peter could eat without removing his costume.

From Michael

Did spiderman have a dog and if yes what was the name?

In the comics, Spidey has never had a dog. But in the mid-80's show SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS, his roomate Angelica (Firestar) had a dog named Ms. Lion.

From Royal Rufus

Hi, I am doing a research paper on spider man and I understand that he first appears in Strange Tales #97. I was wondering if you could tell me who was the writer and artist of that comic.

Strange Tales # 97? Not quite. Though that issue is significant in that it has a 5-page story called "Goodbye to Linda Brown" that includes characters called "Aunt May" and "Uncle Ben". Now, are these really the same popular aunt and uncle we've all come to know and love? You can read the story and decide for yourself. It was reprinted recently in MARVEL SELECTS: SPIDER-MAN # 5.

Spider-Man himself first appeared in AMAZING FANTASY # 15, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko, natch!

From Cleeaz

I've no idea how to get through to Marvel, but what the heck is going on with Amazing Spider-Man! Seems like we're behind at least 2 issues (37 & 38 using the new numbers). Thank you Oh Wise One!

The wise one can see through the misty veils of time and space. He can penetrate the shadows of deception, and shine a ray of truth into the darkest corners of the most hidden planes of the cosmos. He is all-knowing of the human spirit, and of the creations of mankind and beasts on this planet and others.

However, not even the Spider-Oracle himself can make head nor tail of Marvel's shipping dates. It'll get here when it gets here. Just be patient and read your back issues in the meantime.

From Ronnie

  1. I want to know if you know Mr. Hyde.
  2. I think he was madly in love with Mary Jane.
  3. Is he still alive?
  4. Do you have a picture of him?
  1. Not intimately.
  2. Nope. Mr. Hyde has never met Mary Jane.
  3. Yup.
  4. Just some etchings.

From BarryMan

Is it me or was Peter going to get it on at with Mary Jane at the end of AMZ#149?

Was it you, or Peter? Hmmm... I'd say out of the two of you, probably Peter. Sorry!

From Jim

I live in San Francisco and starting today the local paper has decided to discontinue Spidey from their comics page. I was wondering if you knew of a site on-line where I could continue to follow the strip?

Sure thing. King Features has the strip online, and in color too! See our Links Page for the link.

From dirk

i saw that you have an article about the old amiga computer game dr. dooms revenge. i own this game. i played a lot with it, but i never managed to reach the end of the game. i brought spiderman and captain america in the end of the game, killed all super enemies and reached the control room of dr. doom. but there i always did not manage to kill doom. several times, i destroyed his life energy, but then he exploded and suddenly returned with more life energy. can you tell me what happens when dr doom is definitely death? what comic sequence appears, what do the characters say, what happens, what can i see on the computer monitor? please help me.

Gamefaqs hosts a review for the game. Read it here, for politeness.

Then e-mail the guy who wrote it (SPaul) asking the same question.

He should be able to help you, since he probably finished the game, and his review is quite recent (September 1st).

(Reply by Henrique Ferreira)

From FreakyKid3

Hey, Im looking for the SpiderMan quote that Peters uncle, Ben, said to him, I remember it started with "With great power" but thats all I can remember, can you help?

Comes... great wealth? Great abs? Great gravy?

Hmm... doesn't ring a bell.

From HumanTorch5000

A while ago, i bought a spider-man book from my local comic book store(i live in England), i think it was a green goblin comic, with phil urich as the goblin, back when onslaught was kicking new york's heroes assess!, anyhow, in the story, it featured news reports, and one said something about the new warriors trying to take back a bridge from the sentinels, and said that the steel spider was going to help the warriors. now, what i don't understand is, i thought spidey was the only hero called steel-spider, if he was, who was this other hero called steel-spider?

Nope, Spidey has never been the Steel Spider. The only person to ever use that name is Ollie Osnick (who before that was the Spectacular Spider-Kid in ASM # 263 and 266).

From Roy-G

Sorry to bother you but did spiderman ever fight against thor. I seem to remember him being killed by thor (i may be very wrong) when i was very young.

Although Spidey and Thor have met many times, and even had an occasional skirmish (though nothing really more serious than the equivalent of a shoving match), I don't believe there has ever been a fight-to-the-death between the two. Do any Spidey-fans out there know what Roy might be thinking of?

From Lucid Parody

In the section where you list the times Spidey has been merged and such. You made a joke "maybe we should list the times he had cosmic powers".

You guys really should put up a section like that. I never knew he had any cosmic powers till now.

Yes indeed. In a great storyline that ran through SPEC # 158-160, ASM # 327-329, and WEB # 59-61, Spidey was bestowed with cosmic powers in time to help help him mop up such foes as Titania, the Trapster, Graviton, Goliath, the Hulk, and Magneto. Although Spidey didn't realize it til the very end. It was the power of Captain Universe (i.e. the Uni-power) which he had received. All nine issues were reprinted in the SPIDER-MAN: THE COSMIC ADVENTURES trade paperback.

From Chris J

I was just wondering, am I the only one that noticed this? The name of the boy who jumped off a roof trying to be like Spider-Man in PPSM #31 was shown in the newspaper to be Jeremy Markley, but Fusion refers to his son as "Francis" in PPSM #32. (don't reply if you don't want to, I just thought I'd point that out).

You're not the only one to notice, Chris. Just chalk it up to a little indecision as to what the name the character.

From Brian R

im a big fan of the fox spider man tv show. in the venom saga a space shuttle crashes carrying that mysterious meteror which eventually creates venom and carnage. can you tell me what the name of that mysterious element is?

The element was called Promethreum-X, or something which sounds very similar.

From Mike

i was reading through some of the pages, you said the "fake" Lizard was in many issues? can you, if possible send me a list of them.

SPEC # 237
SPEC # 238