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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions... Mostly. This month the wise one has a bit of scattered psyche, so you may notice some differences, but after all who truly knows the ways of one so wise!

From Dan Plomish

Hello, im searching for an old episode from the 60s animated series where Spidey battles the Red Skull, i do not remember much about this episode except that the battle took place in a cave on the side of a cliff in the shape of a swastika, and the inner contents of the cave were missles from the war.

I was really young when I saw this episode and would like to see it again, for some reason I can not find any information on it, maybe because of its nazi criteria.

In fact, the Nazi criteria is not likely to be a prime reason in why you can't find this episode. Schindler's list is happily available on DVD. Unfortunately, the 60's episodes are not available on general release in any form right now.

I'm hoping that the upcoming movie will spark the studios into re-releasing some of the previous series on VHS and hopefully on DVD... but that is a completely unfounded hope so far.

From janet

I have a collectors copy of "The Mystery of Jessica Drew" The Avengers. The front says "240 Feb.

Where can I find information about it, do you know? I've looked several places to no avail.

What you have there is a comic, probably an Avengers comic. I'm guessing it was issued early in some year, around February, or just before. The comic number is likely to be #240, and it features The Mystery of Jessica Drew. Of course, since you have a collector's copy, then you must be a collector. So you would know all that.

From Andrew

Hey Al... Even though I don't read the regular Spider-books anymore, I still swing by SpiderFan.org for your work there. Keep it up-- it's great!

Your most recent piece on the Sandman sparked some nostalgia in me-- one of the first issues of Spider-Man I can remember buying featured a battle between Spidey and the Sandman. This would have been back in the early Eighties, I believe, when Sandy was still wearing his Frightful Four costume that the Wizard made-- you know, the one that let him mix oil with his sand and whatnot. The issue ended with Sandman blasted by some sort of cockamamie freeze-ray and turned into an ice-cube.

I lost that issue long ago but would like to track down another copy. Any hints as to which issue I'm thinking of? Any help you might offer would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, I know exactly what issue that is. Amazing Spider-Man #154 (March 1976). It shouldn't be too hard to find a copy.

Thanks for the kind words, by the way. It's always nice to hear that all of us at PPP are being read and appreciated. Also, you might want to take a glance at the regular Spider-books again. There's some very good stuff coming out of them again.

From Brian

Hello. Do you know who has the copyright to the 1960s Spider-Man Theme Song? My quartet has heard an arrangement by Moxy Fruvous and wish to perform the theme song for live audiences.

Sadly, I don't know how to help you. The 60's theme song is a frequent topic of questions, "where to get", "lyrics", "who wrote", "who performed"... and so on. The 60's TV show is also a source of frequently asked questions. The amount of interest in getting those episodes is huge... but whoever has the rights to them doesn't seem interested in printing them right now.

All I can offer is the vain hope that perhaps the upcoming movies will put these old episodes and music back into the spotlight. There's little more I can offer.

From El Crow

Hi, i am from Mexico

Just one cuestion.

What do you know about, The spiderman's movie, after the terrorist's attack to NY.

For this, and all other Spider-Man movie stuff, may I direct you to the unequalled SpidermanHype.Com, which is a commercial site with ALL the latest movie news... including (of course) downloads of the 20Mb trailer. Enjoy.

From Chris

Where is Spiderman from, what city or town?

My friend says he has no town. I think it's New york or San Francisco. We have $5.00 riding on the answer. Please help...

Sorry dude, your friend emailed me yesterday and offered me a 20% cut. So, Spider-Man is from Chicago, I'm afraid... unless you wanna offer me a better deal?

From bishop

when was MJ's baby conceived?

About 8:30 in the evening - after dinner, and before snuggling up to watch "When Harry Met Sally" on VHS.

From VikingDark

Do you know if Ben Reilly will be rturning from the dead? If he is, then when?

Yeah, about 3:00am, just when those teenagers are deciding to take a short cut through the cemetary, when that spooky music starts playing... Oh, hang on, the guy melted. Nah, he's dead. The end. Unless you count Spider-Girl #44.