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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From discodew

Keep up the good job on your web page because you guys are the Spider-MEN!

couple of questions, do you think...

  1. Stan Lee is a multimillion air?
  2. It is a real competition to work for Marvel?
  3. Who was the director of the 90's Spider-man animated series?


  1. Of course! Stan Lee is full of hot air!
  2. Of course! Sometimes it's a real challenge just reading Marvel!
  3. Try reading the credits next time you watch an episode! You'll see that it is John Semper.

From Matt

I hope you can help me. Some time durring the 90's Spider-Man found out that he was a mutant (could fly, turn stuff into other stuff) but it messed up his spidey sence so Magneto helps him get rid of his muntant power. What comic is that story in? I can't find it and my friends think I am nuts. So could you help me out?

Sorry Matt, the bad news is... you are nuts. You're thinking of Cosmic Spider-Man/Acts of Vengeance. Spidey gets cosmic powers, but he isn't a mutant. Magneto fights spidey, he doesn't help him! Read the summary.

From Steven Wu

Dear Spider Team,

unsure who to write this message to but anyway, I have to say your site is excellent all the info yuo need for Spider-Man!!!

I am actually writing to ask some questions on Spider-Man. I hope you could help!!

Spider-Man recently has jumped to places to places he's done so many series lately and mini series. I have lost total track of him. I'm very behind. I'm look for some back issueus of Spider-Man now.

I was hoping you could guide me on what isses I need to get, I'm not sure what has happened to Spider-Man. Is the Kingpin dead, is the Green Goblin dead, I heard that MJ died as well, did they???

All these questions that need answering!! I'm not sure which issues to start with!

I was hoping you could tell me what has recently happened to him. And which issues to start to read first and last. Such as about Green Goblin, Kingpin and MJ!!

Do I start getting Spider-Man Vs Green Goblin the mini series, then Daredevil/Spider-Man mini series. Also I heard he did some more mini series, such as Timeslide or something.

So please can you direct me to which issues to start reading on about Green Goblin, Kingping, and other big events!!! And please give me some brief info on what has happened to Spider-Man recently!!

OH YEAH!!! I was hoping you could up date on the characters bio such as the Black Tarantula, Jack'O Lantern, you haven't done alot of bio on Kingpin it doesn't tell me alot of info on him of his recent work, and the Scrier you should do some work on them as well who or what are they what have they been up to recently!!!

Can you also tell me the secret identity of who Jack'O Lantern is and who is the Black Tarantula is please!!!!????

Thank you

*crack knuckles* Let's see what we can do.

OK Steven, let's get rolling.

Is the Kingpin dead


Is the Green Goblin dead

Three of them are. Two of them (including Norman Osborn, the original,) are still with us.

I heard that MJ died as well, did they?

MJ was believed dead by the characters in the Spiderverse recently, but turned up very much alive.

All these questions that need answering!! I'm not sure which issues to start with! I was hoping you could tell me what has recently happened to him. And which issues to start to read first and last. Such as about Green Goblin, Kingpin and MJ!!

Green Goblin - REVENGE OF THE GREEN GOBLIN # 1-3, ASM vol.2 # 25, and PP:SM #25.


Mary Jane - ASM vol. 2 # 28-29, PP:SM # 29, and ASM ANNUAL 2001

Also I heard he did some more mini series, such as Timeslide or something.

TIMESLIDE is an Avengers special from the mid-90's. Aside from a cameo of a young Peter Parker, it has nothing Spidey-related. The only other recent Spidey mini-series were LIFELINE which involved the Liazard and Hammerhead, and THE MYSTERIO MANIFESTO which involved Daredevil and Jack O'Lantern along with you-know-who. Both series are recommended.

Can you also tell me the secret identity of who Jack'O Lantern is

The first one - Jason Phillip Macendale

The new "Mad Jack" one - Maguire Beck

And who is the Black Tarantula is please!

Beside lame? His name is Carlos Lamuerto. See ASM # 436 for his whole deal.

Thank you, Steven Wu

You're welcome Steve. Happy reading!

From LiquidBeing8409

Maximum Overdrive is a really bad movie about trucks going hay-wire but the biggest and baddest one has the face of the Green Goblin on it. Is that supposed to be Osborne or not?

While the similarity is very striking, the goblin face on the front of the rig in that movie is not supposed to be the Green Goblin of Spider-Man fame.. I cant be sure.. I believe it was a toy-store supplier, and the 'goblin' was more or less a mascot figure, somewhat akin to a clown or jack-in-the-box.

From Doug

Dear Editor,

I just started reading Spider-Man seriously although I've been a big fan since I can remember. The new comics that are coming out with the Ezekiel storyline is cool and everything, but I have a couple questions (don't worry, these aren't commercial related at all) that a more rabid Spider fan can possibly answer for me:

  1. Did Peter and M.J really get a divorce? And if so when did they get back together?
  2. If M.J. just died, how!?
  3. Will Harry Osborn come back?
  4. Will Venom ever come back?
  5. Exactly how old is Norman Osborn!?
  6. Since M.J is deead in all, who do you think will become Peters love interest?

OUt of all the spidey websites I've visited, this is by far the best! Keep up the good work, hope to hear from you soon!

  1. They haven't. At least, not yet.
  2. She hasn't.
  3. Probably not.
  4. Definitely so.
  5. It's never been stated in the books, but you can figure him to be somewhere around 45-55.
  6. She isn't.

If you can, find a copy of Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2001. That should fill you in completely regarding MJ.

From giuseppe panella

I was wondering if you could send me a list of all the comic books and issues that had ben reily in them. Wheather it is a cameo or a feature. But I am only looking for the issues in which ben is wearing the newest of his spiderman costumes(not the original or scarlet spider costumes). Thank you and I hope you can help me out.

A complete list of Ben Reilly appearances is now given on the Ben Reilly Profile, with thanks to the Marvel Chronology Project.

From Richard Stanton


No, it's not my pitch for a new Spidey villain, just my incredulousness that the bastion of spidey knowledge has finally slipped up. In this month's PPP someone asked who the venom symbiote had bonded with apart from Petey and Brock, to which the answer was "no-one, apart from an innocent bystander in spec #100". Oooops.

Are we forgetting the awful 'trial of venom' one-shot featuring (gasp) *she-venom*! It's been a while since I read it, but as I recall the symbiote travels through the phone lines, into the writer's colon, back out and eventually into Venom's ex, who I think is called Ann.

I humbly request you remove this besmirchment from the face of our once proud Oracle.

Joking aside, this is by far the greatest spidey site on the web, and I must say I preferred your approach of not reviewing stuff until it's been out for a while; let's face it, most people will buy an issue regardless of a review if they're a fan, and it was nice to be able to read others' thoughts on an issue a few weeks after I'd bought it. Ah, progress...

Hmmm.... "The Trial of Venom" is a UNICEF giveaway from the mid-90's. I had pegged it as being non-continuty. For instance, Venom has basically the same trial in the VENOM mini-series "On Trial" featuring (like the giveaway) Matt Murdock as defense attorney and Spider-Man as a witness. We'll let fandom decide on this one...

From Anonymous

Re the Spider-Oracle's answer to the question "Who has the Carnage Symbiote ever bonded with?"

I distinctly recall the Carnage Symbiote bonding with the Silver Surfer for an issue or two there.

Ah, you are no doubt remembering ASM # 430 and 431. I was actually testing fandom, to see if they would spot this mistake! (Nah, truthfully, that totally slipped my mind. When I went through my brain thinking: "Other people the Carnage symbiote has bonded with", the Surfer simply didn't enter my mind as your typical person. Thankfully, Spider-fans are a very observant lot and are more than ready too correct me!

From Another Anonymous

the Venom Symbiote has bonded with others, Eddies ex-wife, Ann Weying in Sinner Takes All #2,3,5.

Hmmm. Now THIS one. The reasoning behind this one- I didn't read the VENOM mini's unless they included Spidey. (I tried, I really did, but that one with the Punisher, and then that one with Juggy... it hurt).

Man, this one question gave me a hard time! Thanks for all the fans who helped me out!

From Jonathan

I have a little question. In the Spiderman Animated series the Spider-Carnage is the mastermind behind the whole "Realities Destruction" thing. Did this realy happen in the comic story? Why did they think that the Spider-Carnage thing was more important that the whole Norman Osborn scheme? What was the real involment of the Spider-Carnage in the real story line? Are you following me? I hope so.

Also as spiderman fan #1 you should know I'm doing Spiderman episodes in GIF format. Tell me if you're intrested in seeing them. If you got original storylines for them would'nt hurt.

Thanx for listening

Though there was briefly a "Spider-Carnage" in the books (SEN # 3, ASM # 410, S-M # 67, and SPEC # 233), there was never a "Realities Destruction" like in the cartoon.

From merle

Hello. Enjoy your site. I have a question. When I was younger, about twenty years ago, my mother bought me a book about spiderman for a long family trip. I enjoyed it very much, mainly because it was complete reprints (in a paperback book size) of issue 10 through 20 (or something like that) of the original spiderman comic. Had the first appearance of green goblin, kraven, etc. My cousin had the first book, I had the second, and I know there was a least a third one. I have since lost this (or can't find it) and have always wanted to find another. Have you any idea what I am talking about?

thanks for any info you might have

You are almost certainly thinking of the Marvel Pocket Comics.