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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From SpeedBlaze

I hate to mention this but here it goes. The the story is long gone but still worth mentioning i hope. In the time bomb story (if you remember this stupid story) It was the last issue of Web of Spider-man i kinda forgot the number but you know it anyway. That the jackel was controlling Peter to kill MJ but ben and his warrior friends try to stop him but no luck. Well you know how it turns.:)

Anyway here it is jackel had a programming into peter saying he was a clone. But letter when Ben Reailly dies it is revealed that he is the orginal. I mention this because no one else mentions this in the spider-man storys after that of course. Can you tell me if this was solved or is this another limbo unsolved?

Good question!

Of course, it's never been answered, because when the "Time Bomb" story was written Peter *was* (officially) the clone. So when Marvel did an about-face and said, "Whoops. Big goof. Peter real", they had no story solution for the "clone programming". But don't fret; just chalk it up to hypnotism instead of programming. (Or, ya know, just cause Ben melted doesn't mean that Peter isn't a clone, too. Lovely thought, eh?)


I am trying to find out if MARVEL reprinted "Ultimate Spider-man #1", as a second printing???...have looked and looked to answer this???

In answer to your question, there are a few reprints of Ultimate Spider-Man #1. Here's a list...

  1. Ultimate Spider-Man: Collected Edition (first printing, US market only), contains issues 1-3
  2. Ultimate Spider-Man: Collected Edition (second printing), contains issues 1-3
  3. Ultimate Spider-Man: Power And Responsibility TradePaperBack, contains issues 1-7
  4. Ultimate Marvel Magazine 1 (US newsstand market only), contains issues 1-2
  5. Ultimate Spider-Man 1c, Thermos Giveaway, contains most pages of issue 1

So, as you can see, the story was reprinted 5 times so far. But only the Thermos giveway is the closest you can get to a single issue reprint. Mind you, this Thermos book is an edited version (some pages are shuffled, others cut) of the original issue 1.

From Mike

Seeing as you're one of the most extensive and exhaustive sources on Spider-Man, I decided to bring this question to you.

I saw an image on marvel.com's page, in the bio section. i believe the artwork was done by jae lee...i could be mistaken, though. Anyway, here is the URL for that image:

[Ed - Image link now dead, and removed.]

I was wondering if you could tell me what book, or at least what series, this image comes from? I've been going crazy about it, since I am a huge Jae Lee fan!


The picture is definitely a Jae Lee. In fact, it's the Dynamic Forces variant cover to "Spider-Man: Revenge Of The Green Goblin", issue 1. Only 5,000 exist.

From David

if i sent this to the wrong person, i apologize. just wondering, how many symbiotes have been on Earth? How many are still around? Who has the Venom symbiote bonded with, other than Spidey and Brock? Who has the Carnage symbiote bonded with, other thyen Kasady? And finally, is the general public aware of symbiotes, or the fact that their from another planet?

just wondering

The answers to your questions: 7. Probably 3. No one else (well, an innocent bystander in Spec #100, but just for a couple pages). Ben Reilly. No and no.

You're welcome!