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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Bryan

Last month you featured my letter concerning G.I. Joe appearances in Spidey comics. You replied that Spidey and GIJ had never met.

The question was part of a competition. I received the following answer from the competition question setters...

We would have accepted one of two answers. Web Of Spider-Man #6 or Amazing Spider-Man #268.

These two issues tied into each other and was part of the Secret Wars II crossover. The all-powerful Beyonder decided to help Spider-Man out with his financial problems by transforming an entire New York sky scraper into solid gold. The weight of the building after being turned to gold caused it to collapse in on itself.

The US government along with the King-Pin of crime knew that if that much gold was dumped into the economy it would cause total chaos. The government quickly threw up a cover up of the entire thing and brought in a secret military group to sneak the gold out to sea were they would dump it. The leader of this special team was a General Hawk. They were never even officially called G.I. Joe but that is who they were.

Hmmm... an "unofficial guest-appearance" type thing? I can see where that would be a fun thing to throw in the issue when you're writing it. The problem here is that it's never stated to be G.I.Joe, so I can't really say that the appearance can be "confirmed". However, I'm glad that you've let us know; I'm always excited to expand my useless spider-knowledge!

From RJone

Can you tell me when Ross Andru passed away and under what circumstances?

I know that Ross Andru died aged 66 in 1992/3. I'm afraid that's all I can tell you. Does anybody out there know any more?

From Jack B

I seem to remember a "Spider-Man Meets Spider-Man 2099" issue in which the two Spider-Men disable some sort of machine. The result was that the whole herd of Marvel heroes come stampeding in a wave back from someplace(?) to which they had all previously disappeared. Do you have a way of knowing whether this odd climax - which seems completely unrelated to anything developed later by any of the magazines - was supposed to go anywhere? At the time I thought it was going to be the way that the company got out their characters out of Franklin Richard's' little blue ball (Onslaught).

The machine in question was causing time fluctuations, and what Spider-Man 2099 saw was an image of the Marvel heroes arriving to stop the machine a few minutes before they actually got there. No relation to Onslaught/Heroes Reborn intended.

Here's the review of Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man.

From ParkerReilly

Do you know what issue they had a funeral for ben reily in?

The funeral (actually a wake) for Ben Reilly wasn't shown in any of the comics; it was shown (for the only time) in the Revelations Trade Paperback.

From RJPeck

Hopfully you can help me. I started collecting spiderman comics in 1989. In 1998 I stopped because I got married and there just was not anuff time. But I have recently started again with Amazing SM#23 and PP,SM#22. The old marvel magic never truely dies. But I have a couple of questions that I don't know because of my absense.

  1. What happened to the hobgoblin?
  2. What was the last spiderman comic he was in?
  3. What ever happened to carnage?
  4. What was the last spiderman comic he was in?

If you could answer those four questions it would help me out a lot. Thanx.

  1. Depends on which Hobgoblin you mean. There have been two main Hobgoblins throughout the years. The second one (Jason Phillip Macendale) was killed by the original Hobgoblin in Hobgoblin Lives! #1
  2. The last time the original Hobby (Roderick Kingsly) appeared was in Spectacular #259-#261.
  3. Still around, sadly.
  4. Last appeared in Web-Spinners #13-#14.