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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Tornado-Storm Dude

I've been reading some old and not so old spider-man related titles. The artists that illustrated these specific issues are incredibly gifted. (At least in my opinion) Anyway, I wondered if you know this info. or if you know a internet site to reference information about these specific illustrators. I'm looking for info. concerning their art education, professional career how I might correspond with them and mostly what they are doing now.

The first artists name is John Calimee; he pencilled a short story in 1995 "The Amazing Spider-man" #1 titled "Street Fear". The other artists name is Mark Armstrong; he pencilled a number of issues in 1983 & 1985 "Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham".

In terms of Spider-Man Credits, Mr. John Calimee is only listed for the single story you mention, the Steel Spider story in Amazing Spider-Man Annual from 1995. Mark Armstrong is listed for penciller on Marvel Tales #1, and Peter Porker #1-#4 and #7.

For other Marvel references, you could try the Handbook of Marvel Creators web site. And for non-Marvel references, you need The Grand Comics Database, which indexes over a million comic books credits. Awesome!

From kewlguy_9

I was looking through all of the comic covers and reviews on your website and I noticed that on the cover of Spider-Man Unlimited # 5, there is an appearance by a "Steel Spider." Is this the same Steel Spider from the Amazing Spider-Man Super Special issue (Planet of the Symbiotes Part 1)? Please tell me, and thanx.

The very same. Mr. Ollie Osnick, former Spider-Kid. He gets aroound, eh?

By complete coincidence, that's the very same story pencilled by John Calimee, who was the subject of the previous supplicant's question.

And... by another co-incidence, he's also the guest star in Spider-Girl #32, which we review this month!

From ozzysheadlessbat

Numbered questions for the spider-oracle.

  1. I always thought Reed Richards got rid of the symbiote for Spidey. How come in another comic it says Spidey got rid of it himself in a church?
  2. If Doc Conners says clones dont have capacity for emotions, Ben had so many ups and downs in his life?
  3. Why was Harry so evil in that afterworld place Peter went to when Doc Ock came back if Harry died being Peter's friend?

A. In Amazing Spider-Man #258, the symbiote attempted to bond permanently with Spidey. Reed Richards blasted it with a sonic gun to get it off Peter. Reed then caged it until he could learn more about it. However, it soon escaped, and in Web of Spider-Man #1, attached itself again to Peter. While he attempted to make his way to the Baxter Building to get Reed's help again, Spidey panicked and stopped off at a church instead. He used the sonics of the massive bells to drive the symbiote off of him.

B. Hmmmm. I don't recall the good Doc ever saying that. I'm guessing you're thinking of Amazing #150 where Peter decides he can't be the clone because of his feelings for MJ. In that case, it wasn't the presence of emotions that convinced him, but rather emotions in particular for MJ which developed after Peter had been cloned. Rest assured that Ben, Kaine, FreakFace/Spidercide, Jack, and the Gwen-clone all definitely have emotions.

The tests which Doc Conners performed, the results of which were placed in the envelope (which Peter subsequently decided he didn't need to read) were purely scientific, and were not related to any emotions.

C. I'm not quite sure which story you're referring to here. You'll have to direct me to a particular issue. But I can tell you that any Spider-Writer could have portrayed Harry in any way he liked in an afterworld place. It's all open to interpretation.

From Bryan C

Do you know what Spiderman comic and issue # GI joe made a brief appearance in?

Sorry, but Spidey has never met a member of G.I.Joe. The closest he's come is meeting the Transformers (Transformers #3) who have met G.I.Joe (G.I. Joe and The Transformers #1-#4, natch). But that's as close as you'll come to seeing Spidey hobnob with Snake Eyes!

From Aaron T

Dear editor of Spiderfan.org,I just want to tell you I really like yor website and I have a question concerning a certain Spider-Man or villians that you did not acquire in your site. THE ENFORCERS! (OX,FANCY DAN AND some cowboy with a lasso whose name I can't remeber.) I remember seeing them in a reprint of ASM#10, and I know they were led by the once criminal mastermind known as the Big man and thanks for the info on him, but the question remains is, whatever happened to them?

I read somewhere there was a new enforcers team once years ago, but that's all i remember. I also saw them once in an issue of untold tales of spider-man and I read they were in an issue of Spider-man adventures (which was also based on Spider-Man's recent animated series when it first began on fox in 1995. I was just wondering if you hd any info on them, were they cast into marvel limbo like that SHA-SHA woman or were they just offed by the kingpin's men or did the punisher do them in?

Yours 'til Spidey meets the Savage Dragon (Oh what a team-up that would be.)

  1. The three core members of the Enforcers are Ox, Fancy Dan, and Montana.
  2. They've appeared in ASM #10, #14, #19, Spectacular #19-#20 MTU #39-#40, #138 Untold Tales #8 Dazzler #7-#8 and Daredevil #357. They also appeared just last month in ASM Vol. 2 #28.
  3. Spidey has met the Savage Dragon! It's a two part story that runs in Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck #1 and Spider-Man Team-Up #5.

From RJone

Can you tell me when Ross Andru passed away and under what circumstances?

Marvel & DC Artist Ross Andru Dead at 66 - 1993. Other than that, I can tell you no more, sorry.

From Enrique

I grew up watching the Nicholas Hammond Spiderman movies/TV series. I used to watch it on Saturday afternoon's with my grandfather. My grandfather died about 4 years ago now, and I have a couple of them on tape and they really bring back to the days I used to watch them with him.

But the reason I'm writing is because I'd like to know what became of Hammond. I know he's been in a few movies here and there, but I think a one-on-one interview with him would be a really cool addition to the site.

I know the shows got mixed ratings from Spidey fans, but for a low-budget 70s TV version, I loved it. And I thought Hammond made a great Peter Parker/Spiderman. And I have a lot of childhood nostalgia related to it.

I'm a journalist myself, so if you don't have time and want me to interview him, I would be willing to do that. I don't know how I can get in touch with him, so if you have any leads, that would be cool.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Nicholas Hammond (Actor, Writer) is credited with 35 appearances - from his first role in the 1963 version of "Lord of The Flies", his first starring role as Frederich Von Trapp in the 1965 "The Sound of Music", through to Peter Parker in the 70's, and beyond.

Following Spider-Man, there's a string of TV appearances, the latest being a role as the U.S. President in an Australian/U.S. TV mini-series "On The Beach" in 2000. The site also lists 25 or so TV guest appearances.

The later appearances are all Australian-based, since Nicholas moved to Australia in the mid-80's, and now lives and works in Sydney. He is also listed with a couple of recent TV mini-series writing credits, so obviously that is a new focus for him.

From searching the 'Net, you would get the feeling that he is more well known for his role in "The Sound of Music" as for his part as Parker. He seems to have spent much of his time in the 70's and 80's doing publicity work for the ever popular musical - heck, the seven Von Trapp children attended a re-union in Salzburg as recently as last year.

I couldn't say if he would provide an interesting interview - it certainly seems like he is a long way removed from Peter Parker these days. He may or may not be keen to reminisce. He certainly doesn't seem to have had much to do with Spidey in the last 25 years or so!

From Adam

Amazing Spiderman 188 is an appearance of Jigsaw who was last seen using Spiday as bait to draw out the Punisher in issue 162.

Does Jigsaw make any reference (flashback/cameo/mention) to the Punisher in 188?

No, Jiggy doesn't seem to make any reference to the Punisher. He makes several references to his defeat at the hands of Spider-Man. In ASM #188, he makes it very clear that he intends to avoid Super-Heroes, and Spider-Man in particular. When he happens to choose to hijack the very ferry on which Peter Parker is taking a cruise, his worst nightmares come true.

From Good1

Did SPIDERMAN(tm) ever wear a red, yellow, and black costume. thanks

You mean, like this one? Now, I hate to be the one to have to point this out... but check out the long hear, the luscious figure, and not to mention a couple of *ehem* key points. Sheesh, look, you'll have Jack B. writing to me again, complaining that I'm no better than the rest of them!

I think you'll find that the Spider-Star in the red, yellow, and black costume is of the female persuasion!