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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Robert

1) I read your list of people among the living who know who Spider-Man is. Could you tell me how the following found out?

  • Angel
  • Dr. Strange
  • Kazar
  • Thanos
  • Mephisto
  • Thor

2) Isn't there a chance Dr. Doom might know. Here are my reasons:

Gather info of Spidey and had his computers find a match.

During Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars after stealing the Beyonder's powers he could have had an expanded mind.

The short answer is to check out the referenced issues (like for Thor, see MARVEL TEAM-UP # 7) but here are some quick answers.

ANGEL - Warren Worthington went with Sauron's girlfriend Tanya to the Savage Land to look for him. They brought along photographer Peter Parker. Both Angel and Spidey were transformed into... uh... "animal-things" until Sauron helped change them back to normal (Spidey being minus his mask when his "animal-head" ripped it open).

DR. STRANGE - Spidey and Dr. Strange needed to get to upstate New York in a hurry, so they went to a rental car agency. As they stand outside the building Spidey asks: "Do you really think they'll rent a car to a couple of guys wearing costumes?" As they walk in the door, however, their costumes suddenly change into street clothes. "That will not be a problem, Peter," Doctor Strange tells him. Peter is impressed. "Neat trick, doc.... Hey, how'd you know my real name?!" "A lucky guess."

KA-ZAR - Peter was in the Savage Land (again), this time with JJJ and Gwen. When Gwen was kidnapped by Kraven, Peter risked becoming Spidey (even though if JJJ or Gwen saw him in costume they would easily put 2 and 2 together). Though neither of them saw Spidey, Ka-Zar did, and he *did* put 2 and 2 together.

THANOS - apparently learned when he was omnipotent. When Spider-Man died (briefly), Thanos was there to greet him (as Peter Parker) in the afterlife.

MEPHISTO - Being the Marvel equivalent of Satan, he just knows.

THOR - Thor met Peter Parker on the streets of New York and when a crisis arose Peter simply changed into his Spider-Man duds in front of Thor. (Read the book and you'll find out why.)

As for Doom? There's always a chance, but until something comes along that points us in one direction or the other, better to reserve judgment.

From OttoGunn

Hi, i just got a quick question. I kinda quit reading spidey when the reboot started, so i have no idea what has happened since then. But, i was just leafing through my back issues today, and got curious. i just have two quick questions that were never answered when i stopped reading.

- Who was the "stand-in" Green Goblin that was in Osborn's employ during "Spiderhunt" and that Hobgoblin/GreeGoblin three parter in Spectacular. Has that been revealed yet?

- Where is Kaine? I know he was involved in "The Gathering of the Five", for about a page, then conveniently written off. I actually liked Kaine as a villain, and wasn't satisfied with him turning himself in in that four-parter that i can't remember the name of.

I know this must be very annoying to you, but i just was curious about what has happened since i stopped reading.I'd appreciate any answer. Thanks for your time.

As seen in PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN # 18, the "stand-in" GG was a genetic construct. And yes, that's lame.

Kaine has been MIA ever since taking Baby May from the Scriers. A possible-future version of Kaine has been seen since in SPIDER-GIRL #14, #17, and DARKDEVIL #1-#3.

The four-parter was called SPIDER-MAN: REDEMPTION.

From Richard

Thanks for answering that ASM #200 question last month, that's the kind of question that bugs me for ages.

BTW, have spidercide and kaine just been conveniently forgot about by Marvel? Last I read, they were still alive although there's been no mention of them since. Probably some lame excuse like clone degeneration to get rid of them or something, as there's been nothing so far in the new series'.

Spidercide is dead. See above regarding Kaine.

From Chris

a few years ago a credit card company put spiderman on a credit card do you know which company did this and is it still avaliable. thnak you.

Sorry, neither the Spider-Oracle nor the Editor can remember the details. It was certainly well advertised on the back of comic books. A flick through a few comics should easily turn up the information. Maybe one of our readers can dredge up the details?