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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From David McCall

In the Oracle column of PPP #8 there is a letter from "Andrew" claiming that Spider-Man's web-shooters work with a single tap and that this was proven in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #18, when a kid hits a web-shooter with a hammer.

This is incorrect. I received my third No-Prize for catching this mistake and writing the following letter to Marvel:

"When the kid who found Spidey's web-shooters hit the trigger with the hammer, webs spurted out and pinned him to the wall. Very humorous, but impossible. We all know that it takes a double tap on the trigger in order to fire. Wait, now that I think about it, it seems obvious that the hammer rebounded upwards off of the trigger before slamming back down a second time, simulating the double tap. Hmm, that sounds like no-prize material to me."

And it was, my No-Prize arrived shortly. This confirms that Marvel also believes it takes a double tap, or at least that the current editors do.

A great explanation, and indeed worthy of a No-Prize? Your third? That hardly seems fair... when so many of us must do without!

From Chris Z

Who is Bubbles Jackson and can you tell me some ish's he is in?


Bubbles Jackson? That name does not match any comic book character that I know of. I believe Michael Jackson has a pet chimp named Bubbles, which in a way would make it "Bubbles Jackson", but otherwise I'm at a loss.

From Id

Hey, man. Nice site.

I have a Question about WOS #100 that doesn't deal with the Spider Armor.

I seem to remember a character introduced in a sidestory at the end of WOS #100...He sorta looks like Spawn...He got his costume from a future version of himself... and I forgot what his name was.

Can you enlighten me?

That would be Nightwatch. A short-lived character created to cash in on the Spawn franchise. He only lasted a couple of years before he died.

From Joe T


I have a terribly important question: In which issue of spiderman does the green goblin figure out spidey's secret identity?

Thank you very much...

Amazing Spider-Man #39.

From Dave B

Alright I AM a hardcore spidey fan (yup I'll admit it) and I have over 1000 issues but I have one question: What the HELL was that green slime in Spec. #216 that prevented Peter from killing Scorpion? ( I tried looking everywhere for 215 I can't find it trust me) Did it ever come back? Or is this another 'Facade' type villian? Thanks

It would appear that the mystery of the "green slime" has never been revealed. It appears to be similar to the Man-Thing in that it is a mass of green muck that is attracted to strong emotions. I can attempt to e-mail Tom DeFalco and find out if there was more to be told.