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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Andrew

Recently, my friend Dan Irom had written to your "Oracle" page. He said that he and a friend had a debate between whether Spidey's web shooters required a single or double tap to activate. Your response sided with his opinion, that a double was required. Well, I am that friend, and I can safely say you are TOTALLY wrong. The web shooter have never been activated by a double tap, it has always been a pressure plate requiring 65 lbs of pressure to activate, located lower on the palm, so that a clenched fist could not mistakenly activate the device.

There are many events that could prove my case, the most recent occurs in an issue of "Peter Parker Spider-Man" ( I wish I could remember which one). Spidey had recently been robbed of his costume and web-shooters while sleeping in an alley. The crook had been a young kid, who later in the book was shown experimenting with Spidey's stuff. Since the kid lacked the super strength of Spider-Man, he could not activate the web-shooters. Eventually, the thief placed the shooters in a vice and hit the pressure plate with a hammer ONCE with all his might. The little crook was then met with a blast of webbing, that's what ya get for messing with Spidey's stuff.

Anyway, this event proves that only one tap is required, for the thief didn't hit the thing twice. Frankly, I am amazed that you and others out there (like dan) are under the false assumption that a double tap is required. In light of this evidence, please re-evaluate your decision on who is right and write me back, so I can finally tell Dan to shut up. Thank you.

A loyal Web-head.

Due to the many, many writers who have worked on Spidey, inconsistencies abound with alarming frequency. See for instance SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN # 114 where a teenage kid steals Pete's Spidey costume and equipment (sound familiar?). He could work the web-shooters easily, no 65-lbs. of pressure needed. So which one is right? Well, they both happened. However, the "official" explanination for working the web-shooters, as in OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, is that a double-tap is necessary.

From TruSManN75

Dear SpiderFan,

Recently I was looking through my older comics when I came across Amazing Spider-Man #439. I flipped through it, but when I got to the end I noticed a picture of a bunch of Spider-Men. I sent you the picture. I know the one in the upper left hand corner is Spider-Man 2211 and the one on the left is Spider-Man 2099 and the one in the center is Spider-Girl but could you help identify the rest. Thanks.

Having never seen the other two before, I can safely assume they're non-existing characters, (or perhaps "yet-to-exist- characters?).