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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Anthony

Hi! Great site you guys are running! just a quick question: was the I.D of the cooler, apparently supernatural Jack O'Lantern II ever revealed? And what's he been up to of late? Also, is Carnage gone? thanks for your time!

Jack O'Lantern II (Mad Jack to his friends) has remained a mystery to this day. But fear not! In November comes a 3-issue mini-series that should shed some light. Here's what the writer, Tom DeFalco, had to say of it: "It's a three-issue limited series that's currently entitled 'The Mysterio Manifesto'. It'll be an accessible 'hoo-ha' story for people who don't usually read Spider-Man or Daredevil. However, for regular readers of one or both titles, it directly ties into the Kevin Smith DD run and the recent (and seemingly contradictory) appearances of Mysterio in the Spidey books. It will also clear up a pre-relaunch mystery - the identity of the new Jack O'Lantern."

You may commence foaming at the mouth.

As for Carnage? Sorry, one question per customer!

From gipsy

I was wondering if you could help me. Is there some suggested reading that would allow me to fully understand the clone saga (all the way through). i.e. which series of graphic novels and or comics will help paint the best picture.

I used to be a big spidey fan when I was younger (my mid teens in the mid eighties) and I have only just heard of the clone saga. I was blown away-- peter a clone!? please help me with a prescribed reading.

A very common question. The Spider-Oracle has prepared an answer to be placed in the F.A.Q. List. Here is the Quick Guide to the Clone Saga.

From FM

Dear Sir

I am a big Spidey fan. I was in a bookstore and saw a graphic novel of Spiderman and I later returned to buy it only to find out they no longer sold it. I am still searching for it.I can't remeber the title.

The cover had a picture of Spidey's costume laying in a grabage can in an alley. The story begins with a kid bringing it in to the daily Bugle promting JJJ to put out a front page story questioning if Spiderman has quit for good, that all I know.

Please help.

This was probably Amazing #50.

It was reprinted in a TPB called The Very Best of Spider-Man, along with Amazing Fantasy #15, ASM #33, #248.2, #270, #365, and Spectacular #189.

It was also reprinted in Essential Spider-Man #3 and Marvel Tales #190.

From Manuel

A friend of mine was telling me about a battle between the hulk and spider man! It's where spider man was wearing the black suit,and he fought the hulk. He punched the hulk so hard that he got stuck in the atmosphere and was orbiting around the earth! Spiderman then jump up their to get the hulk, before, the sun came up and turned him back to Dr.Banner(he would've died as a human in the atmosphere).

Now i can't find this comic anywhere,and have moved away from the friend(& lost touch)!!! This was while i lived in England-they don't have diferent comics with the same carachters do they(overseas)???

Spider-Man met up with Grey Hulk on several occasions. The first was a crossover in Web #44 and Incredible Hulk #349.

Their next encounter was during the "Acts of Vengence" Marvel crossover, during which Spidey had cosmic powers. He trounced the Hulk in ASM #328, just as you describe.

Finally, Spidey and the Grey Hulk joined together with Wolverine and Ghost Rider to form the new Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #347-#349.

From WHO

Some What ifs you missed were What if Iron Man 2020 had been stranded in the past and what if callisto had chosen another toture for spider-man.

You are correct, the list was incomplete. The Spider-Oracle's adepts have completed the list of Spider-Man appearances in What If? (Vol.1) and What If? (Vol.2). However, the two issues you reference are not from What If. The Iron Man appearance is in from Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #20.