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The wise one answers all your Spider-Questions.

From Ender

Hello, I saw your list of people that know spider-man's identity, and you missed 2. BOTH PEOPLE BY THE NAME OF MAY PARKER, and the prowler, and Dr. Strange. And when did chamelion die? Thanks a ton!

May "Mayday" Parker lives in an alternate future, and therefore does not apply.

The Prowler knows there is a connection between Peter and Spidey, but he does not suspect the truth. See ASM #87 and #93 (the later being reprinted recently in Marvel Selects: Spider-Man #6) for details.

Dr. Strange is on the list. He learned Spidey's identity in Marvel Team-Up Annual #5.

The Chameleon is currently believed to have died in Web-Spinners #11.

From SASpurs316

What happened when Spiderman went to join the final battle with Onslaught? What issue was that and is there a review for it?

At the end of Peter Parker: Spider-Man #72, Ben Reilly (Spidey at the time) and Pete (who had just regained his powers) took off for the climatic fight in Central Park that readers saw in Onslaught: Marvel Universe. They never appeared in the actual issue, and it was never explained why they missed the fight.

From Steve

I would like to know if there is someone who has an idea of how many issues of Amazing Fantasy #15 and The Amazing Spiderman #1 there are in circulation (whether public or private).

Yes. There is someone. But not me.

However there is no reason to believe they are scarce. Being publish in 1962 and 1963, they are very recent compared to, say, Action Comics #1 from 1938 (of which there are approx. 20 copies known of in better than fair condition.)

From Tommy

Hey I just visited your website and it was great!But can you help me find out if there's any graphic novels that compile the newspaper spidey comics?and are they even a part of regular Spider-man continuity?Thanx

In the early 80's, Marvel published at least two mass-market sized books that reprinted the Spidey comic strip. The first three villains he fought in the comic strip were Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, and the Rattler, respectively. The title of the series was Marvel Pocket Comics.

The comic strip is not considered official continuity. In the comic strip, Aunt May has never been dead, MJ is currently alive, and Spidey has never worn a black costume, among other differences.