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Date: Apr 14, 2013
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From Tor

Can i ask if you know anything about what i can get a for a poster signed by Stan Lee? I bought it for £1000.

Do you think i can get over 10k pounds for it, if stan lee dies?

I own seven posters signed by Stan Lee. If I thought I could get 10 grand for 'em after he snuffs it, I'd fly over to Los Angeles and whack him myself!

From mjc83

Man, your site rules but you're mocking and sarcasm during the reviews is lame. Be better if you just reviewed the stories and had fun with it instead of being like everyone else in the world and trying to be funny.

I wish I could, MJC. I really wish I could. But if the world's finest surgeons were to operate on me and remove the sarcastic, arrogant, dick-headed parts of my personality, there'd be nothing left of me but a college education, smelly underpants, and a bad haircut.

From John

Is there a groupo/petition to protest at the shabby treatment of Peter with this new 'Superior' garbage? I'm dismayed by it all.


Not around here there isn't. Most of the staff at Spider-Fan are actually enjoying Superior Spider-Man.

It's all just a bit of harmless fun, ya know. It won't last. Peter Parker will be back eventually!

From Cody

I recently bought the trade paperback: Spiderman, The Cosmic Adventures off of Amazon for a hefty price. I had already collected the Amazing Spiderman Todd McFarlane Omibus, and noticed thay the issues in there were slightly different from the Cosmic Adventures. I counted the pages of each comic inside and...non were 20 pages long! I payed $30 for a cut-version of nine comics. That's completely worthless. Not only did they leave out the hilarious subplot of Flash's girl problems, but it dissmisssed art from Todd McFarlane's last issue on ASM!

I would love it if you could name each Trade Paperback that is cut.

I wasn't aware that the Trade Paper-Back reprints were expurgated in any way at all. I can certainly see how that would be a nasty surprise for you!

However, I can also see how an editor might decide that casual readers might be confused by the sub-plots, and would decide to "simplify things" when compiling that extended "Cosmic Spider-Man" event for the benefit of those who were just looking for a cosmic slug-fest. There's an argument both ways, I guess.

I'm afraid I would struggle to provide information regarding the TPB's. I don't actually own any of them. We do have some information, which various staff have contributed from time to time. But really, there's so many of the damn things, and as a site we really do target those old-fashioned collectors who still buy their comics stapled in paper, not glued into cardboard.

Mind you, we are conscious of the fact that an increasing number of Spider-Man readers do pick up their stories in TPB edition. Fortunately the modern trend with TPBs is to publish full stories in a well-numbered, easy to understand format. Also, in many cases the original comic books are actually written with an eye to the TPB market, so they are constructed in well-defined story arcs which are suited to compilation.

From Levis

I want to start reading Spidey comics from the beginning, so I decided Marvel Omnibus was a good place to start. Your thoughts? I am also planning on using your checklists, so do they include all the titles to date? Thanks in advance!

The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus #1 is definitely an excellent place to start. It's a bit heavy to carry around, but it contains all of those wonderful classic issues in a high-quality format.

And yes, our check lists are automatically re-generated every 24 hours so that they include every issue that is in our database.

From Jeff

Hey Jonathan. Love the site. I have been enjoying it for years. Grew up a huge Spider-Man fan in the 70's. I was wondering if you can help me identify my limited edition Spiderman movie poster. I do not wish to sell it or anything like that. I would, however, like to know what i own. It was given to me as a gift when the first movie was released. I used to have a letter of authenticity but it got lost when i moved. If you can assist me i would be ever so grateful. I have tried for many hrs but had no luck. Here is a link to a photo of my poster.

What you've got there is... a "limited edition" poster tie-in to the 2002 Spider-Man movie. I'm very glad to see that it's a "limited edition". The world only has finite resources, and I would hate to see any manufacturer producing an infinite number of collectibles - that would be very selfish!

Other than that, it doesn't look as if any particular artist felt emotionally involved enough to sign the work, and certainly it's not a "classic" piece at all.

From Kevin

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Hey, Kevin! Long time no jibberish!