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Date: Sep 8, 2012
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From Antiyonder

Considering that the DVD set for the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon has been out of print and that there has yet to be any more legit DVD releases for the many Spider-Man shows (save for The Spectacular Spider-Man), I thought the site might be interested in links the related shows that www.marvel.com currently stream:

  1. Spider-Man (1967) at Marvel.Com
  2. Spider-Man The Animated Series at Marvel.Com
  3. Spider-Man Unlimited at Marvel.Com
  4. Japanese Spider-Man (1978 live action series) at Marvel.Com
  5. Also, you can get Spider-Man (2003) on Hulu

These uploads are all 100% legal, so enjoy with a clear conscience!

That's great info, thanks Antiyonder.

From william

could spider man eat a crock pot full of little wienies

Hell yeah. Radio-active blood, dude!

From Krzysiek

Are you trying to database venom as well? Because if you do the spider database lacks one important arc.

Those are the stories of venompool ( mixture of deadpool and venom), Here is more about him (chronological list begins from What If? Iron Man: Demon In An Armor).

Maybe you will find it useful

In the immortal words of "Dirty" Harry Callahan: "A good man always knows his limitations..."

We cover Spider-Man guest apps only. We cover Venom, Carnage, Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman main titles, but we don't attempt to track all their appearances. But if you want to set up "venomfan.org", we'd be delighted to link to your page!

From Brian

I find the Cards section of this website very helpful but I noticed there's no information on sets from 2004 onwards. Is this section going to be updated any time soon?

Hiya Brian. That's a good question.

The problem with the Cards section is that I'm the only Spider-Man card collector on the Spider-Fan staff. We have plenty of active comic collectors and reviewers among the regular staff. But there's just me who collects cards.

I've been working very hard on spending my time and money on my comic collecting recently, and haven't really had a lot of enthusiasm left over for cards. I'm also the site editor and the site programmer.

What we really need is an avid, enthusiastic, tech-savvy Spider-Man card collector to join the team and help us update the database. Care to volunteer?

From Andy

My name is Andy. I have stumbled upon your http://www.spiderfan.org/ site today while doing some Google searches.

I've been looking to get into this market for some time and have been wanting a site that's already off the ground rather than starting from scratch.

Would you be open to selling your site to me? If so, please respond back to this email and we'll talk numbers.

Now that's more like it!

I think you'll be making a wise investment here, Andy. You're clearly a cool-headed business man with a nose for successful web-sites that just need a little work to maximise their potential. I'd be delighted to show you around SpiderFan.org so you can get a feel for what a top-notch commercial prospect looks like!

First up, there's plenty of content here! Over 12,000 HTML pages, with 14,000 images! This has been built up over 19 years. That's right... you're buying a piece of history here. The site was first formed in 1992 as the "Marvel On-Line Quiz Page", and in 1993 it became "The Unofficial Spider-Man Page", before finally settling on SpiderFan.Org a few years later. Don't worry, we still have all the service records.

Of course the place is freshly carpeted with comic information. There's 6,800 Spider-Man appearances, 1,800 reprints, 850 variant covers, and 1300 references, articles, previews and spin-off guest apps! That's all yours for one low purchasing price! There's also 600 encyclopaedia articles, and nearly 2,000 items of various other types.

All of this wasn't created by one man of course. We have nearly 50 staffers currently on our reviewing mailing list. Unfortunately, they're not included. If you turned the place into a commercial concern, they would all head off somewhere else. They're in it for love, not money. Damn idealists. But what can you do? Anyhow, I'm sure you could replace them with other Spidey experts who would work for free to earn you cash! Just advertise on Craigslist or something.

Anyhow, think of the profit.

Hmm. Actually, there isn't any profit. We don't run ads, and we don't sell anything. But that's just a technicality. I'm sure you can turn that around.

Anyhow, now it's your turn. Show me the money. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

From John

I have the domain toddlerswingseat.com for sale for $275.

This domain will improve your web traffic now and will increase in value in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing this domain please respond to this email and I will send you an invoice.

Once payment is received, your domain will be transferred by the end of the business day.

Hey, you need to talk to this guy I know. His name is Andy, and he's been looking to get into that market for some time!

From Anonymous

Dear spiderfan.org,

Spidey fans are so angry with the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and you are not doing anything. Why? This childish show is a big insult to the Spidey fans but we don't see anything about all the negativity surrounding it on your website!

In their latest move the true Spider-Man fans have taken their complaints directly to Mr. Loeb and Quesada:

After being swarmed with fans complains, it seems that Jeph Loeb's facebook was deleted.

Also Spidey fans have been called to sign the petition called Marvel: Cancel Ultimate Spider-man Cartoon.

You want us comic book readers to have sympathy with you TV watchers because Quesada gave you a shitty cartoon show?

Boo Freaking Hoo! You wanna know what he gave us? BRAND NEW Freaking DAY!

From Emmanuel

What do you think of the current direction of Amazing Spider-Man? I'm reading Ultimate Spider-Man, and I think it's okay, but I refuse to read Amazing, now not because of the OMD so much, but I went back and saw some of the dialogue from JMS' era of Spider-Man, and it's not just the marriage... It's the way Peter was being written. He was an adult, intelligent with character progression in that he was teaching at Midtown and stuff. He seemed like he was more like an adult then, and the writing now, I don't really know... From what I've read, he's become more bumbling, and what seems like editorial mandates bog the book down.

I don't really like he's getting a sidekick, it seems like they're trying to build it up to 700. It's really the way Peter was being written. When Peter is written outside of his own title, it seems like that's the way he should be written, like in Ms.Marvel or even in Spider-Men.

Ultimate Spider-Man is okay, Miles hasn't really had a lot to do in this past year, but overall Bendis is moving in a good direction. He writes Miles like Miles is. What my problem is with Amazing is what my image of what Peter was, and how he is now.

Well... since you ask... I actually quite enjoy the current story lines.

Sure, I still think the way they got rid of MJ was a total cop-out (what the hell was wrong with just getting separated). But putting Brand New Day to one side for a moment, I actually reckong Dan Slott is (with only a few exceptions) generally clever, creative, and has a huge respect for Spider-Man as a character.

So overall I'm pretty happy with the stories, and reading Spidey is currently actually quite a pleasure, rather than a chore.

I'm not sure how long you've been reading. But trust me, things have been far worse than they are today. You might have a few complaints now, but I survived the late 80's and early 90's. I know just how bad it could be!

As for the "sidekick" thing, yeah, that's an interesting direction. Spider-Man is currently responsible for training the young girl Hope and preparing her to accept the Phoenix Force, as well as training up the Omega-Level wannabe super-hero "Alpha" to help minimise the potential harm he could do without supervision.

But trust me, both will just be temporary. If the Fabulous Frog-Man couldn't earn a permanent place by Peter's side, then I'm sure Hope and Alpha won't either.