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Date: Jul 12, 2012
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From SummerSlam1988

Why did you guys stop putting the new issues of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man up? You only have it going up to issue #3.

Ah, yes... good old Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2).

The problem is, we had trouble finding any staff member who found it interesting enough to be worth their time reviewing or updating. We have just persuaded Adam Winchell to pick up the title, and hopefully he'll catch up before too long.

I have been adding the issues as I get them. But my comics come from overseas every two or three months, so I'm often quite a bit behind the current issues. I have just added all the issues up to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #10.

From MediaCares

I wanted to let you know about a unique piece of Spiderman memorabilia. As part of the Broadway Bears auction, a bear from Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark is being auctioned online.

We would appreciate your help spreading the word about these unique collectables. We believe your readers would be interested in these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Well, I'd love to bid. But I already spent all my spare cash on a series of Bobble-Head dolls starring characters from "Highlander II: The Quickening". Oh yeah, and that set of bath towels featuring out-takes from Adam Sandler's "Jack & Jill" that I picked up on eBay for a just under two-thousand bucks.

But seriously. Good luck with the charity. Shame about the show, eh?

From Aleksandra

My name is Aleksandra and I am writing from HalloweenCostumes.com. I'll bet your office is the only one that rivals ours, with regards to how excited we are for the 2012 box office release of the new Amazing Spider-Man film! We're doubly enthusiastic, because we will be carrying the film's officially licensed costumes this year.

If you're curious, you can peruse our Spider-Man Costumes and take a peek for yourselves!

Heh, nice sales pitch. We don't include commercial content in our Fans : Costumes section. But we'll happily throw up a link to you on our Links Page.

From Krzysiek

I have another finding.Are you truing to database venom as well? Because if you do the spider database lacks one important arc.

Those are the stories of venompool (mixture of deadpool and venom).

His chronological list begins from What If? Iron Man: Demon In An Armor.

Hiya Krzysiek. Thanks, but no we don't try and track a complete appearance list for all of the Spider-Man spin-off characters. We only record spin-off titles in which they are the main star, such as Venom (Vol. 2).

We would love to extend our database further. But you would be surprised how hard it is just to keep up with all of the Spider-Man appearances! I have been collecting for thirty years, and I'm still missing over 400 Spider-Man appearances! We have to draw the line somewhere.

From maxfrankow1991

Hi Dave,

I'm a longtime visitor to the site, and I found the psych evaluations for all the villains. Great reads, but I'd like to see you take a crack at Peter Parker. While obviously not insane, he is somewhat neurotic, and I'd like to see what conclusions you'd come to. I'd do it myself, but I'm not much of a psychologist. Just some food for thought. Also, there're more villains to brain pick at! Bring them on sir! Take care.


Hi Max,

Glad to hear that you enjoyed my Dr. Kafka's Notebook subsection. You are the first viewer to give me any feedback so your letter was very welcome.

I really dont have any plans to add more villain psych evaluations at the moment. Little known fact: I did, at the beginning of writing the evaluations, have many more villains planned. Frankly it got to be too much and so many of the backgrounds and evaluations started to sound alike. I didnt want to keep writing the same thing over and over, more or less. Off hand, I was also going to evaluate Shriek, Mysterio, Jason Macendale, Scorpion, the Molten Man, Phil Urich and the Rhino. I'm sure there were others but I dont remember.

I have thought about doing profiles for some of the supporting cast, like Mary Jane, Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson. Maybe someday I will write them up.

If you are interested in reading more such evaluations regarding science fiction nut jobs, I recommend "The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame" by Daniel H. Wilson and Anna C. Long. I used that book as a template for Dr. Kafka's Notebook. There is also "Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight" by Travis Langley. Finally, there is "A First Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness" by Nassir Ghaemi. That book is about historic figures and not fictional characters but I found it interesting anyway.

Happy reading!