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Date: May 31, 2012
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From Rodrigo

I'm a spider fan too, and I have all the cards of the your list and also alot of comics. I would like to search for other collectors to buy/sell cards/comics.

Hiya Rodrigo,

We don't really operate any sort of swap/trade site. If you would like to to trade cards with me, then here's my personal list of Cards to Trade.

Other than that, here's my list of Comics I Want. I mostly buy on eBay these days, but if you're offering to sell some rare comics, or if you're selling cheaper than I can find on eBay, then feel free to let me know.

Other than that, I don't sell comics. And if you're looking for collectors to buy and sell comics, 99.99% of them are on eBay these days! That's where all the action takes place.

From mcaskeyd

I was never really into comics as a kid, but every so often, my dad would take me down to the local comic shop so I could have a real childhood. I remember buying this one Spider-Man issue- the funny thing is, I don't really remember Spider-Man being IN it- but here's what I DO remember:

  1. It began with some sort of large spaceship on the moon, with a man on a tether spacewalking.
  2. There was some scrawny army guy with some other large army guys in a bar.
  3. He sees some other big guys giving an attractive woman a hard time, gives his friends his credit card, which they proceed to order shots with.
  4. The attractive woman playing pool gets her ass grabbed by some meathead, and she promptly beats the shit out of him with a cue ball and a stick.
  5. Scrawny guy and hot chick hook up. Of course, the young, curious Me found the panel where she pulled showed her cleavage to be the most memorable.
  6. The next morning, the chick is gone, or dead, or deformed, and scrawny guy has this new-found attitude about him. Something has happened here.

It all goes blank, until...

  1. A rather large amount of soldiers surrounding a rather large symbiote with the intent of taking this mother down.

And... that's it. Anyway, this has plagued me for YEARS, but I haven't seen it in any of the story arcs. This sound familiar? I appreciate it, thanks.

Familiar? Yeah, sounds like pretty much every Saturday night around where I live. Minus the symbiote, perhaps.

In terms of a comic, well, no it doesn't sound like any Spider-Man comic that we can recall. It does sound kind of similar perhaps to some of the Venom stuff that came out in the 1990's. Venom appeared as a backup story in some of the Spider-Man annuals too. But I don't recall any specific story which matches with the version of events you provided.

Perhaps you might want to browse through the Venom covers in the Spider-Man Spin-Offs section and see if any of them look familiar?

From michelle

hi my daughter LOVES spiderman & i need to mail a ltter she wrote to him lol. any help with where to send it would be great! thank you

And, which part of SECRET identity is she struggling to understand?

From Clement

I'm trying my luck if I cab share my knowledge about Gambit. He influenced lots of poker players and some of them idolizes him when they were a kid. I'm thinking if I can submit you an article about him though. This will give your audience a different perspective that most people idolizes a marvel icon before they pursue what they want in the future.

And, which part of "Spider-Man Fan Site" are YOU struggling to understand?

Ah... hang on. Reading your follow-up emails, it appears that what you actually wish to do is edit some of our database entries and include subtle text links to your poker site, in return for which you will pay us money.

Thanks for the offer, but no thanks!

From Fred

[Regarding the 1995 Fleer Ultra collection of Spider-Man Cards.]

Firstly I would like to thank yourself and Daniel for the incredible work you have done compiling the guide for this collection . Greatly appreciated.

My query is with regards to the Fourth chase subset in ClearChrome. On the site there is no image next to that list. Would really like to get hold of the images as they will aid in completing my collection.

Sorry, but the reason there's no image for that subset is because I am still missing ClearChome #8 of 10 (The Shocker). If you or anybody else would like to do a little trading and help me complete the set... please check out my Cards to Trade list and mail The Editor.

From kevin


Well, hello there. Thanks for your email.


hello, sorry, I want to know this is the spiderfan.org yes ?

Nice to hear from you again. Yes, that's us.


hello, is me, I want to order the spider-man round robin tpb, I don use credit card sorry,

I have money order from the post office, is o.k. I can send it to you

Why, certainly you may send me money. Also, I hope you manage to get hold of a copy of that TPB you are looking for.


hello, my name kevin I want to buy the spider-man comic book, I don use credit cards sorry, I have money order from the post office, is o.k. ?

Hey, you don't need my permission to buy comic books! And yeah, you're always happy to send me money any time. Or chocolate. Hey, we're not fussy!

From Heidi

I'm missing volume 1 for the spider-man collectible series. From 2006 that was in the Newspaper. Please help me as to letting me know how or where i could get that.