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Date: Sep 16, 2011
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From Rick

I recently acquired a Series 80 Gottlieb Spiderman Pin and I am trying to get it working again. I know a lot already about upgrades to the typical S-80. For example, this pin has all of the grounding upgrades already done to it. On this web page it talks about the System 80 repairs listed on Pinrepair.com, but I can not find anything mentioned there about S-80 machines for 1980. It only covers up to 1979.

If you have any information on how I can get my CPU board tested, I Would appreciate it. I am not positive, but I think the rest of the machine is working OK. Oh yeah, I shorted out the Slam circuit at the CPU, so that's not the problem. Symptoms are, . . On turn on, I get the 2 left displays light a "0". It will not except a test switch or coin switch signal. I did probe the "strobe" 1-8 on the A1 J6 pins 1-8, they are all high (5V).

Sound works good. All voltages are good on the PS board, and the 5V is good, as measured in several places on the CPU board.

Any help or persons that can help me troubleshoot this fantastic pin, please let me know. I own it, and have it in my home in Renton, WA. I have a LONG history with this machine, as I have reconditioned it 2 times in the past 25 years for a friend of mine. He finely sold it to me. Yippee!

Hiya Rick. Yeah, I managed to completely recondition my machine about three years ago, including repairs to all my circuit boards except the main driver board (which had burnt through in some places). I ended up buying a second hand driver board, between two boards I found enough good components to get one working.

I can't help much with the CPU problem. Dammit Jim, I'm a programmer, not an engineer! I know how to work a soldering iron, and a multi-meter. Other than that, I just followed the instructions from PinRepair. The documents are "Repairing & Upgrading Gottlieb System 80 Pinballs from 1980 to 1989" (Parts One through Four).

However, the problem seems to be that you are missing the instructions. They used to be available here: http://www.pinrepair.com/sys80/index1.htm but I see that page is now missing. Fortunately, there is a backup copy available on an Australian Arcade archive Site, check out The Pirates (PinRepair.Com > Gottlieb Sys 80) Folder. (Note their spelling error in the URL path).

Hopefully, those instructions will help you finish the job. They certainly worked for me.

From Ted

love your site. glad its finally being updated.

1) will u have new appearances for current comics for 'black cat.' i know the character history is updated.?

2) do u have a 1st app list ready for all characters instead of going to each character --(more time consuming) ?

Hey Ted, that's excellent. Thanks for your very kind offer. We've all been too busy writing reviews to get around to it. But since you're keen to volunteer... just send me the updated list of Black Cat appearances, and I'll make sure they get entered into the system.

Regarding an automatically generated standalone list of "first appearances", there's lots of other work that needs doing on the site, and you're the first to every ask for such a feature. If I get a flood of requests for such a page, then maybe we will add it. But until then, it's unlikely to make it up the priority list, sorry.

From Grant

I've been a serious Spider-Man collector for the past 16 years. My goal is to own every Spider-Man comic ever, and I'm getting close. Of course, it's very difficult to know what constitutes a "Spider-Man" comic, and in that regard, your checklist has been a real life saver.

To that end, I have a suggestion. The checklist is very difficult to keep up with because it is always changing. It would be great if you guys could, in addition to the master checklist, issue a yearly update checklist. For instance, the "2010 Update Checklist" would be a checklist ONLY of Spider-Man comics released in 2010.

This way, instead of constantly having to print out an entire new checklist, hardcore collectors like me could have one master checklist and then just print out the updates as they come out.

I know it'd be a huge help to me, and I imagine other collectors would appreciate it as well. Regardless, let me extend my warmest thanks for all the work you and your colleagues have put towards this site. You've already built what is, without question, the world's greatest Spider-Man resource.

Ah... Yes, I see your problem.

However, even if we separated out the lists by year, you would find that even the old lists keep growing. The SpiderFan staff are constantly finding old back issues and adding them to the site.

The real solution is to extend SpiderFan to become an online service where you could register and manage your collection against our database. Unfortunately, that's just a metric heck-load of work that I don't think we'll ever really be able to take on unless we became a commercial site.

Though, while we're making "wish lists", here's one other feature I've always thought would be nice. The ability to generate a check-list included exactly the Spider-Man comics you wanted to collect. For example, some people collect Promo comics, other's done. Some collect cover appearances, some collect cameos. Some collect Spider-Man magazine articles. It would be nice to be able to select a bunch of options and generate a custom-built checklist.

Unfortunately, all of this requires a considerable amount of programming work, and we have very limited resources. So until Google wants to buy us out...

From PRJ

I was just reading over your SMURF, and noticed everything stops after ASM 564. Is there an update avaliable?

Regretfully, no.

Determining SMURF codes is a time-consuming. Currently the team is flat out just trying to review issues. Our Master-Smurfer Tommy Wilson performs updates on older issues from time-to-time. But we don't currently have sufficient resources to keep that list up-to-date.

From Emmanuel

what do you think of the New Ultimate Spider-man Miles Morales? I don't know, I think that since the movies came on Spidey has lost his Essence and we have lost him as character. and Marvel only cares about the money. And now Disney Owns it.

In The 616 Universe all went bad an boring since Brand New Day and now in the Ultimate Universe Pete was Killed and now Marvel want to sell the Idea of a new spidey "for the 21 century"......

The New cartoons like apectacular Spider-man are to much for Kids the art is awful. No wonder it didn't last.

Spider-Man has changed so much; or maybe I'm growing up; what does a Veteran reader like me and colaborator of spidey think about all this? Spider-Man it's not only for kids or is it now?


Wait. I mean no!

Hold on. Sorry. What was the question?

From chieflewal

Regarding the F.A.Q. : Has Spider-Man Killed? page.

Wouldn't that time he threw Wolverine out a window (Amazing Spider-Man #522) count as attempted murder? I mean, even if he thinks Wolverine will survive it, what about the people walking on the sidewalk Wolverine's body lands on? Reckless endangerment right there.

If we lowered the bar to include reckless endangerment, that list would include nearly every Spider-Man appearance since 1962. I think we need to draw the line somewhere.

From scifi75dynamite

Hiya there, What do you think about Spider-man taking on Doctor Doom. I notice Spider-man and the Fantastic Four have one thing in common about the comic books. Do you notice they both fought Doctor Doom in the same number of issues of # 5. First he meets The Fantastic Four in issue # 5 and Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards is suppose to be his arch enemy. Then later Doctor Doom meets Spider-Man for the first time and he became his second major enemy in issue # 5. I need to know something ! Is Spider-Man suppose to be a wild card player against Doctor Doom. Did Stan Lee have a good reason letting Spider-Man fight Doctor Doom in the same number of issue # 5 like he met The Fantastic Four in the other issue # 5.

One more question I remember there's another villain who made his first appearance in the Spider-Man comic books. He was the original Spider-Man villain before he became a Captain America villain. I think his name was Protocide, but not sure though. I remember you have him on the Spider-Man villain list and it's not there anymore. There's one thing I want to know though is he still part of Spider-Man's life before he became a Captain America villain. Thank You !

In response to your first question. I don't know. Because those thoughts were in somebody else's head, forty years ago, and my psychic powers don't work back through time.

Secondly, as far as I'm aware, Protocide never met Spider-Man. And I'm sure we have never had a Protocide profile on this site. Perhaps you are thinking of the unrelated character named Spidercide?