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Date: Sep 4, 2011
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From Emmanuel

I feel very disconnected, and very uninterested in the Amazing Spider-Man. I think it's because (sigh) One More Day. I really got turned off. Every time I look at an Amazing Spider-Man cover, I almost roll my eyes and keep looking to see if there's something good.

Now, I read Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, and it's exciting. Stuff is happening, there's danger, one, Peter's pushing Captain America out of the way, getting shot in the stomach. That's danger, that's story and great storytelling. There's consequences. None of it is fake. It feels raw and gritty. But from what I see in Amazing, it's just not as good.

Maybe I'm just an angry nerd. I don't know. But from what I've seen has really repulsed me. I don't want to be this way with it. I'm just biased. And weird. Haha. I just only got back into the comics, but this is because I just got a job. Good timing, eh?

Hmmm... personally, I haven't really enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man (temporarily known as Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) since the events of Ultimatum. All those teenagers in Aunt May's house felt like a cut-down version of "The Brady Bunch" with super-powers. And goodness knows what will happen now in USM, after the world-shattering events of Ultimate Spider-Man #160. Personally, I'm not sure I'm ready for yet another version of Spider-Man. One would be enough for me.

Meanwhile, back in the mainstream Spidey, as the events of One More Day drift into the past, I have found myself increasingly able to enjoy current Amazing Spider-Man stories purely on their own merits. Dan Slott is forging his own direction and doing something new for a change. His sense of humor aligns well with my own. I'm happy to go along for the ride with him. Just my 2 cents.

I guess that's the joy of the different versions of Spider-Man. You can just pick the ones you like best. Except for me of course. I feel obliged to collect them all, even if I don't like them. Yeah, I got issues. I don't wanna talk about it.

From Jamie

Hi, I was hoping you could help me on something Spider-Man from the 70's. I have looked at many fansites for a particular toy. It is a Spider-Man wall deco thing. I had it as a boy and I looked at it every morning when I wake up. It's something nostalgia for me. This wall figure is in the style of John Romita. It has a pose like the one you see here in this sock...

I'm hoping you tell me what exactly this is called and who makes it. I would be interested in buying one for old times sake.

I'm not even going to pass this one on to the Oracle, he will only punish me for my insolence in asking poorly-phrased questions.

What you need to understand is that Spider-Man has appeared on literally thousands of products. No... literally tens of thousands of products, toys, posters, busts, statues, pictures, decorations, toys, and more.

Don't believe me? Check out this web-site: www.spidermancollector.net. As of last count, it features somewhere around nine-thousand Spider-Man collectibles. A good percentage of those collectibles can be placed on the wall, and an equally good percentage will feature a classic Spidey pose created by John Romita, Sr. Go look for yourself, maybe the inadequately-qualified "item" you seek is among them.

Then again, perhaps not. Huge as that collection may be, I assure you it is far from complete.

From Dan

I know this is probably covered by the list of questions that will not recieve a reply, but I thought it would be worth trying anyway. I just bought a page of original art from Kev Hopgood (the artist on Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #7 (Story 2)) and I am trying to find a copy of the magazine to go with my page. This is proving impossible, so I was wondering if you'd be willing to sell the copy that you reviewed or if you still want to keep it, could you maybe scan the page in question or just take a photo for me.

Sell you my copy? Dude, I'm only missing #5 from a complete collection! But I can send you a scan of the page.

From Bob

Don't know if you even update the characters page anymore, but if you do, I can help with who Spiders-Man is in the Future & Alterverse section. He can shoot webs that show alternate versions of the future that you can walk into. He uses this power to convince people to join the Church of Immortus. He convinced an older Peter Parker to stay in an alternate reality where him and Gwen were married.

Whew! There's a blast from the past. I wrote that section many years ago, when my collection was considerably less complete. Since then I have managed to acquire every issue of Universe X, including the "Spidey" one-shot. Of course, even though I now have the comic, I still didn't actually get around to filling-in that missing info.

I have added your information to that page. Though actually, as part of the (currently in-progress) total site revamp, those costume pages will be entirely restructured, and hopefully extended.

From J & N

I've been hearing your comment about your dislike for the Super Hero Squad and hope to get some clarification.

My kids and I have enjoyed the TV series from day one. It's a fun ride with some good plot. It's not simple like The Electric Company episodes, but it's not as violent (for the kids) as The Amazing Spider-Man can be in comic form. I think they found a good balance of humor and fun for the kids but story lines that adults can enjoy watching too. I love the in-jokes (the way Thor talks is my favorite) and guest appearances they have. And I enjoy helping my kids learn more about the Marvel Universe. I lament that Spider-Man isn't in the cartoon, but I'm sure it's due to something legal.

But I have not read the comics. Based on your reviews, the comics are horrible. So my question is whether you've watched the TV show. If so and you dislike that as well, then I know our differing opinions are a matter of taste. But if you are only familiar with the comics, I invite you to rent the first season on the TV show and watch just a couple of episodes to see what you think. In my opinion, it's worth the time.

It's always such a fine line for adults watching kids comics/shows. Sometimes a show (or a comic for that matter) is "clever" enough to appeal to adults. Other times it's just plain silly and un-self-conscious enough to appeal on a different level.

I must shamefully confess that I really don't watch a lot of shows in general. I still haven't seen all the episodes of the 60's Spidey series, or even the 90's Spidey series. I've watched the odd episode here and there, and I own many of them. But I just never seem to justify the time to sit down in front of the box and passively absorb them.

Once my comic collection is closer to being complete, I'll probably be able to put a bit more time into catching up on five decades of Marvel TV. In the meantime, I'll just have to take your word for it that the show is superior to the books and comics. That may well be the case. It's very common indeed that much is lost in translation across the print/video boundary.

From Steven

I have these Marvel Comics (copyrighted) The Amazing Spiderman playing cards double pack one red and one blue dated 1972. They are sealed and are in their own base case.

I cannot find these on any search engines and I have contacted bona fide Marvel Comics specialist stores in Sussex and they also have not heard of them on this date, only 2002 onwards.

I would like to know what, if any their monetary worth is, as I am willing to sell them for the right price and a good home as I am not a collector. They are in excellent condition.

I have added them onto Ebay for a starting 'buy now' price of £150.00 as I do believe they are very rare for this date being as they are now 39 years old and in pristine unused condition.

Heh, good luck with that.