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Date: Aug 25, 2011
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From Christoffer

My name is Christoffer and I'm a journalist and writer from Sweden.

I have this writing project, an embryo of a novel, that I'm working on.

Long story short, it's about a character who is obsessed with Spider-man comics. He even makes silicone masks of characters from Spidey's universe.

Right now I'm doing some research for the novel. My own knowledge of Spider-man isn't enough, so SpiderFan has been a great resource. But I'd like to focus more on the characters background, why he loves Spider-man, how a regular day in his life looks like and so on.

Therefore, I'd be very greatful if I could do a mail interview with either you or someone else from the staff. Is that possible?

Well, I'm pretty high among the most obsessive Spider-Man collectors on the planet. I'd love to be the model for the character in your story! Let me tell you about myself.

I live in old house in the suburbs. All the other houses are new and clean, but my house is overgrown and unkempt. I inherited it from my grandmother, who died in an accident when I was sixteen years old. My mother and father had disappeared when I was only four years old. They went to join a revolution in South America. I never heard from them again.

Now I live alone, and most days I go no further than the mailbox where my comics arrive. Most of the other things I need, I also order over the Internet. I spend a lot of time looking after my comics. I also look at photos on the Internet. I try to find pictures of young women who look like Mary Jane, or Gwen Stacy. When I see one, I search for all of the pictures of them that I can find. I print them out and pin them on the wall, along with pictures that I cut out from the comic books.

Then I take photos of myself, dressed up like the men from the Spider-Man comics. I have different outfits, that I wear. I take those photos and I put them on the wall as well. I make up stories and write diaries of myself. Diaries of me, Peter. Or me, Harry. Or Norman. Most of all, I like to be Norman Osborn. I dye my hair and cut it very short. I put on a very old suit that my father left behind. I put the pictures of me next to the pictures of Gwen on the wall. Daddy wouldn't approve. Daddy would like Peter. But Daddy never came home. When I am Norman, I don't like Peter at all. I want to hurt him. But it is only me that I am hurting. The cuts heal quickly, but the scars won't go away. The scars are small, but there are so many of them.

I have the television on all the time. I like to watch old black and white movies with music and dancing. I don't like to watch the news, because sometimes there is violence. It's not that it frightens me. Quite the opposite. It... excites me... then it makes me want to wear my suit and pretend to be Norman. When it is night, I go to the city and I walk around. I am Norman Osborn. I look for Gwen Stacy. I see her face all the time. It is a very pretty face. When I see Gwen Stacy, I make her come to my house. I want her to meet my Grandmother. I don't want her to meet Daddy. Daddy wouldn't approve...

From Sean

(Regarding your F.A.Q. : Has Spider-Man Killed?)

Morlun for sure, since he basically ate him.

Was that Spider-Man, or was that "The Spider"? In any case, I think it's an episode which Marvel is trying hard to pretend never happened. So we're delighted to add it to the list. Consider it done.

From angel

I have the whole card collection but to cards and I need to sell it for 1000 I'll send some pics of my collection if you repley I all so carrie a large collection of legend of the five rings cards so rare and basic if your interested contact me thank you angel

A thousand dollars for "the whole card collection"? Sounds like an excellent deal! In fact, I'll take two whole sets please!

From Syber

I was always a huge spider-man fan and over the years accumulated quite a bit of old comix in digital form (old ones that can't be bought anymore).

Now this database has come to a size of about 12GB of zipped comix including amazing spider man, peter parker spider-man, scarlet spider mini-series, secret wars, spectacular spider-man, untold tales of spider man, venom - carnage unleashed, web of spider-man (annuals), web of spider man, webspinners and lots of others in another folder I never really got sorted out.

I see you have quite a complete database of comix here and I wonder if you know some way (or interested people) I can publish these files, have others help organize them, maybe even add things that I am missing and then re-publish it in a way other people can get access to it?

I really need to delete these files now, but it feels like such a waste since so many were so hard to get.

Thanks allot!

PS: I am not trying some sort of scam or whatever, but there are lots of original scans in there and it seems they should be in some "fan online database" or something like that...

Well, I thought it was an interesting concept. But when I suggested it to the lawyer who advises us on copyright issues, he ran screaming from the room, shaved off all his hair and caught a plane to Fiji. He is no longer answering my phone calls.

Do you think it was something I said?

From Kevin

I am a huge spider-man fan and your website is truly awesome. I just finished reading the Ultimate Spider-Man series. I was wondering being that many of the characters appear in other "ultimate universe" comics, do you know where peter's clone appears after the series ends? I've been checking online but can't seem to find a listing anywhere. Does spdierfan.org have a listing or do you know the issues? Thanks. peace out

Every "Ultimate Universe" comic which features Spider-Man and/or his Clone is listed in our Spider-Man Ultimate Universe section.

Note also that after Ultimate Comics Spider-Man ended with issue #15, Ultimate Spider-Man re-commenced with Ultimate Spider-Man #150, and is still continuing.

From anthony

hi mate how you going my name is anthony, and i have the whole complete set of 1994 marvel spider man flair cards with the four holler grams n the see through twelve cards , doctor octopus carnage etc.. i was wondering what the value of the whole set is worth,? if u could please help me

Nobody collects those holler grams, they're just TOO LOUD! One of my religious buddies is crazy about holy grams, and around Christmas time there's a good market for holly grams in the UK. But don't bother with those hollow grams... there's just nothing in them.

P.S. Check out our F.A.Q. : Buying & Selling.

From nick

hey my name is nick i have about a 100cards that are still in the plastic i was wondering if i can get them vauled

Of course you can! You don't need my permission to get your stuff valued! Just do it!

From Ackling

Hi I just recently started collecting amazing spider-man again and I started up with 606 because the Black Cat is very hot. I saw all the ones you have listed on your site but that only goes up to 2002 and I was wondering if you could tell me other recent ones she's been in, I know Evil that Men Do, and Amazing Spider-man Presents: Black Cat, but other than that i dont know what she is in after Amazing Spider-man 606-607. If you have time could you please let me know?

Heya there!

That's an awesome offer. We really struggle to find people to keep those appearance lists up to date. Our staff are kept busy just keeping up with reviews and entering new comics. We really love it when people offer their assistance with that kind of time-consuming research.

Just email me the update appearance list and I'll enter it into the system for you. Sorry, gotta run now... have to go bury a dead lamb, then put my kids to bed, then do some budget planning before work tomorrow.

Catch ya later! And, thanks again!


Given the popularity of our favorite web-spinner, has any consideration ever been given to publishing a comprehensive encyclopdia of his rich history? Covering such topics as characters and events spanning the last nearly 50 years would be an exhausting project but similar tomes pertaining to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman currently exist (and in my library). Just curious because it's the character I most want to reminisce with. Thank you in advance for your response.


Oh, hang on. You're just trolling, right? You just sent an email to a site with a searchable comics index that proudly features the Marvel Encyclopedia (Vol. 4) Spider-Man, run by the editor and team that created the Marvel Encyclopedia (Vol. 4) Spider-Man, to ask if such a thing as a Marvel Encyclopedia (Vol. 4) Spider-Man exists?

Damn, you nearly had me there! Nice one!

From Mark

Hopefully this note doesn't fall into #5 of your list of no-no's, but I wanted to bring to your attention a Spider-Man blog I recently launched: www.chasingamazingblog.com.

I've been an avid collector of Amazing Spider-Man since I was a child, and after more than 20 years of off and on buying and collecting, I'm about 23 issues away from having the entire run of ASM, a lifelong ambition of mine. Now that I'm in the final stages of my "chase" I'm using this blog to talk about my life as a collector, my emotional reactions to past issues and current ones, as well as some general rantings and ravings about the comic book industry.

These posts are not reviews, but more or less the biography of my collection and myself as seen through my Spidey comics. I really enjoy your site, already have it in my blogroll and read the reviews and news regularly. Since there's obviously some commonality in our sites, if there's any way you can bring attention to my blog it would be greatly appreciated. I really hope to attract an audience of passionate Spidey enthusiasts and collectors.

Well Mark, normally we don't link to Blogs. But yours is interesting enough to be worthy, so we have added a new category to our Links Page, and you are the first entry.