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Date: Jan 23, 2011
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From Mark

A question: I'm visiting Spider Man Core Titles Section, but when I click on the Images links it appear an authorizathion box where i have to write nickname and password. Do I have to register to this website?If yes, where?

Ah, you're referring to the pale gray "Images" link which is just below the "Staff Only" heading. That is actually the link for staff to use when UPLOADING images to the site. I can't see any reason to change it though, you're the only person to have ever gotten confused by the text.

To clarify, there is no general public registration to the site. In future we may add some interactive comment (e.g. feedback and detailed voting) for which we may ask people to login. But that is definitely for the future.

From Wilhelm

I own an original art work supposedly belonging to Spidey Super Stories nr 16.

I've located said issue in your files, but when I attemp to see the images a pop up appears asking for user name and password. I've checked you website and I cannot find where to join. Could you please inform me about it?

Fine! OK! I get it! I'll change the text on the Images UPLOAD link to make it clearer!

From Andres

I have two suggestion:

[Provide] the checklist similar than now is, but with the detail of the stories (for example: "Amazing Spider-Man #1" is composed by "Story 1" and "Story 2").

It would also be interesting download the checklist in other format better than the current (xls, csv, mdb, etc.). Now is useless.

Hiya Andres. I have two responses:

For the first, the checklist is designed primarily to help people complete their collection. It doesn't matter how many stories are in the comic, generally you can't buy them separately, so the checklist doesn't list them separately. This helps to keep the checklist small and compact.

Regarding the second point, I agree that the HTML format is good for printing but not for electronic data editing. I have just written some code to provide all the checklists in Microsoft Excel Format as well as in HTML. If you don't have Microsoft Excel, you can download the free Open Office software to open the Excel files.

From Christopher

Hello. I have just found one small reference to Spider-man in the second issue of "Beyond Wonderland " series. It is non marvel horror comics. On page eleven of this issue a boy in the cafe has spider-man head on the back of his shirt. I can send a picture of it, if you are interested. it is comics from 2008, but I don'r know which month it was published.

Thanks for the chronology of spider by the was. Great job!

Aaarrgh! Personally I hate those "Spider-Man References", and for myself I never buy a comic just because it has something like that in it. However, there's a couple of guys on the staff who do collect those tiny references, and a while back they ganged up on me and forced me to include them on the site. I'll pass that info onto them and see if they get around to uploading the details for this one too.


From Dinko

Hi my name is Dinko and Im an artist, Im NOT looking to work for Marvel at this time, Im just writhing to ask you if you need any artwork done for your site, My rates are more than reasonable for the quality that I provide, thanks in advance.

Heya Dinko! I love those samples you sent! I'm pleased to be able to offer you fifty percent more than the rate that I get paid. So on an hourly basis that would come to... let's see, carry the seven, shift two decimal places, and umm... oh yeah, absolutely nothing!

We're a fan site, dude. I pay a few bucks for the web-hosting, and the rest is done for love.

From Chris

Thanks for the site. I've had a nearly complete set of Fleer Ultra 1995 Spidey cards since I was really young. Considering I live in South Africa I think that's fairly impressive. :P

I think of all the collection I'm missing 7. 2 holoblast cards and 5 clearchrome cards. Don't worry, I know how to work the Internet so I won't bother you with the question of getting them. I just remember how awesome it was to go to Cardies (little gift card shop) and buy my pack of Spider-Man cards every week. I loved the smell and the excitement of seeing a clearchrome if you were lucky enough.

The simple pleasures are the greatest.

From Ken

Good afternoon, My name is Ken Landsperger. I noticed my name on your site under MMMSM. Imagine my amazement when I saw that and remembered when I ordered the membership kit. Wow.........deja-vu to say the least. Good thing I had a paper route back then as when I was a kid 69 cents was a lot of money. Imagine if I still had the contents of the kit not to mention the 1st issue of SpiderMan........which my Mother through out. If she had only known the value. Thanks for the re-visit to a part of my childhood.

Always a pleasure.

From Max98.20

How it is possible to download comics Spectacular spider-man (UK magazine)?

Oooh... nice question to finish on! Here's some from me to you...

  • Why are wrong numbers always there when you call?
  • If the professor on Gilligan’s Island can make a radio out of coconut, why can’t he fix a hole in a boat?
  • If a man speaks in a forest, and no woman is there to hear him... is he still wrong?