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Date: Aug 21, 2010
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From LilJ DarkKnight

Just wanted to say that I've been a fan of your site since about 2002 (I think?) but I noticed that it's become rather stagnant and lifeless lately. It seems the backlash from OMD has really slowed the contributions that used to flow so freely through this fine site.

Like the story drove away people from the book, the hate for the book drove me away from this site. I've been a fan of Spider-Man since I was just a wee kid, and my father was a fan back when he was a wee kid, so I've been exposed to all different eras of Spidey books. Without a doubt, there is no time like the present. JMS did a phenominal job on the title, but became rather hit or miss as the years went on. This thrice monthly title has kept things feeling fresh month in and month out. Always something new, new story, new creators, while still keeping subplots and character interactions consistent through each creative team.

The post OMD Spider-Man makes me proud to be a Spiderfan. Why waste time about a plot detail when the book is so good? Nothing has been ruined, why can't people just enjoy some Amazing Spider-Man?

Hold on a second there. Take a moment and have another look at the site and the reviews. You'll find almost no editorializing against One More Day and/or Brand New Day. Sure, some stories are better than others and we take the bad ones to task. But it's not all one-way traffic.

I myself have been quite enjoying the recent titles, and I thought that Shed in particular was the best take on Lizard in forty years.

I'd go further. I have regularly commended Joe Q on sticking to his guns and keeping Peter and MJ separated. I even think he might succeed in making it work. I know there are many who would disagree, but I reckon the recent efforts with Michelle, Carlie, Felicia are the most successful attempts to re- single-ify Peter in two decades.

So, if you've been staying away from Spider-Fan because you thought we were permanently septic about OMD/BND, then maybe it's time to come back?


Oh dear, there's nobody there.

From BigSoySage

just read your ASM #617 review...

You rat-basterd...you already know what happens in the follow up issue! How could you be disappointed with that? I mean...sure its a little cliche and predictable, but it's SOOOOO well written in the sense that for once we see Rhino as a MAN of honor and character instead of just the usual "I M Rhino, I M Stoopid, I M Russian." In my opinion these two issues were the ONLY jewels the atrocious Gauntlet "event" (read as: over-advertised, disorganized, poorly written, Marcos Martin is the WORST artist in the world sales-boosting scam).

I feel like the two Rhino issues really developed Aleskei as a character and gave him a real, personal reason to be mad at Spidey, rather than just having to fight him over another botched bank robbery Spidey coincidentally swings past and stops before one of New Yorks 10,000,000 other super-heroes even notices. I would go so far as to say this Rhino story was one of the top 5 BEST Spider-Man stories I have ever read!

I fully respect your opinion and understand if you read and interpereted these issues in a different light. As an aspiring comic book author/artist myself I'm fully aware that there is nothing that EVERYBODY likes!

I must confess you're right about knowing in advance. We were running a little behind on the ASM reviews for a while (caught up again now though) and I did know about Oksana's demise in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #625 at the time I wrote the review for #617.

But as you will see from my review of that follow-up story, I did have to give JK credit where it was due for a well-written pair of stories. Yes I was disappointed at the plot direction, and gave it two webs to reflect that. But in my text I offered due recognition to the quality of the script, despite my high-level objections.

From DryBonesReborn

Hello. I always thought Spider-man never killed villains unlike Batman. I was shocked to read the review in "Noir" that he killed Vulture. That's surprising to me. What's even more so is he slept with Black Cat in "Eyes Without A face". Is to follow a more nitty 30's era morals? Did he not have a christian background. What do you think of these issues? Thanks.

I think you need to do a little more background reading. Let's see what to suggest. OK, try these: Noir (aka Film Noir), Earth-7207 (aka Marvel Noir), and, oh... too many choices. How about 2 Sam 11:4?

From o1man

I notice the absence of any mention of the Japanese series. Is this only because your main focus is on Peter? They are streaming episodes on the Marvel web site, with subtitles. . . just in case you didn't already know.

We have recently revamped our Shows section and have finally started adding reviews to it on a regular basis. We have yet to add the Japanese show, also the recent Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, and also the Fan Movies by Roger King. But rest assured, we have some momentum now and we'll get to them eventually.

From Awest

How did. Spiderman die. And. Who. Killed. Him

From jwwalrath

I've visited this site for years and I have to ask: how come you still have not up a character profile for Jonas Harrow? You've put up plenty of profiles for characters who have made fewer appearances than him. And although he's no top-Spider-Man character he has at least made semi-regular appearances since his creation.

From JDavisJJr

I was wondering ,it would be really cool to see Tombstone the albino hitman from Harlem NY along kingpin with a few of the sinister six like Mysterio electro on spiderman's 4 movie but that's not up to me to decide,I personally think it would be corny for the lizard to be on there but carnage,thats a different story.Anyway should any of you consider passing that on to stan lee talk some sense in him it would be appreciated people young and old would like to see something a little more realistic instead of like the power ranger goblin and octy looking characters in the the first two movies and the really dorky computer character venom in the last one if you want a blockbuster hit tombstone's kingpin,mysterio,and electro and carnage gotta put them in


No, wait. No.

Bother. Sorry, could you repeat the question please?

From John

I wanted to react to this news of a "new Spider-Man". I haven't read the article of Marvel, but the last couple of months, I've got this idea that his daughter May will return.

All the players in this big hole in Spidey's history are back. Kaine, Norman Osborn, Mary Jane and even back-up stories of Ben Reilly. What if Kaine put May in custody of Kraven for some reason? And this little Girl is Ana is actually little May. May would be a mutant an has some powers.

If this become a revelation, he would be a father again. And that's a new Spider-Man with all new point of view to explore, but still Peter. Peter a family man fighting the good fight for a better world for his daughter.

Kaine took this deal with Kraven to feel more human. The angle between this two is still unknown to me. I think it will be revealed soon, if it hasn't yet in "Grim Hunter".

Also there's Mephisto. Why did he erased the memory of the world knowing Pete's identity? Maybe we have Ben Reiley to thank for. He owned one to Ben and hoped to pull out of the deal if Peter sacrificed himself. But it was MJ who closed the contract with the demon with a whisper.

I think there will be a Peter Parker as a new Spider-Man. And I know that this theory isn't the right story, but certainly a possibilaty. Peter Parker no more? I don't think so.

You're referring of course to the hints dropped by Marvel and mentioned in our news item Peter Parker No More?.

Marvel has gotten particularly good these days about controlling what information goes out, so that long term plans are kept secret. Either that or... well, possibly they don't have any long term plans. They could well just be making it up as they go along. In which case, your guess is as good as anybody's.

I'm sorry we couldn't help. However, it is nice to see such thoughtful letters arriving in my Inbox every day.

From Bidwell04

oh well hell..ss thats what i wanted to know so what the hell do you do there? Maybe you can let me talk to spiderman himself lmao......bahhhaaaahaaa

On second thoughts, that comment about my Inbox. Forget it. Gawd, it's so depressing. Every day there's a new letter from some dumkopf. It just makes me want to chuck it all in. Doesn't anybody have anything nice to say about SpiderFan?

From Sergio

Hey guys I am a big spider-man fan and just wanted to thank you for focusing your time and effort on reviewing anything that spidey is involved in. This website has been such a blessing and whenever I get caught up at work and can't pick up the latest issues I can always count on you guys to fill me in. You guys have the best reviews and everything on this site is so organized. Please keep up the wonderful work.....spidey truly has the best fans.

Well, that's excellent timing!

From TKPhoton

SPOILER WARNING: This letter contains spoilers for the "Grim Hunt" storyline which concludes in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #637. This is the last letter on this page, and if you want to avoid the spoilers, just stop reading now. You have been warned!

I read the last of The Grim Hunt story the other day and thought I'd share my thoughts...

The story is interesting on a conceptual level but the writing seems a bit scatterbrained in places. The first two issues stack the odds against Peter Parker. He's sick, worn down from weeks of fighting all his sworn enemies reborn and now facing a seemingly invincible enemy. By the fourth part we're supposed to believe an hour or so long dirt nap has completely refreshed him? Now he chases Kraven's family down and gives them what-for. Being unbeatable villains they all turn tail and run for their lives. Or are we supposed to believe the "Spyder" spirit/whatever reinvigorated him? The same spirit that was essentially laughed at in part two as being a ridiculous concept.

For that matter, how did the Chameleon know about Ezekiel? If Madam Web told him then why didn't she just tell them Peter's real name and address while she was at it? They could've went to his front door, knocked it down and shot him with a tranquilizer instead. No wasting time pitting him against all his foes and manipulating events (it's less dramatically interesting but sometimes I wonder why no one does the straightforward obvious things in stories).

After all the build-up for The Gauntlet storyline I had assumed Spidey would have to take on his rogues gallery throughout this story to get to the Kravens. Instead, we get Chameleon and a five second cameo by Electro. So, basically, the Gauntlet was a pointless waste of time.

Kaine had previously come across as a major bad-ass. Apparently a woman, a teen-aged girl and a man can beat the tar out of him and make him run away screaming like a four year old. In contradiction, the back-up tale has Kaine take on Kraven himself and beat him. No attempt is made to explain this discrepancy in the story.

Madam Web died. Oh well. Before the BND era when was the last time she even appeared anywhere in a Spiderman comic? No big loss, in my opinion. I guess Julia Carpenter can take her place instead (since she apparently has no life of relevance anymore anyway). One good thing was eliminating Arana's old costume which looked like she bought it on a budget from a Walmart.

Kraven is back. Now we can get the genuine article when he inevitably reappears and hatches some dumb plot to get Spidey. I really wish they'd killed off his annoying daughter. Maybe next time? Kaine died--but then he got better and he's a freak now (er, more of a freak, I mean).

I almost wish Spidey had killed Kraven and his family. It would've been shocking, totally wrong and pissed a lot of fans off. It also would've increased sales and stirred interest. I know Peter Parker would never really do that but it could've started a darker new direction and made this story less run-of-the-mill (besides, isn't feeling guilty about stuff what Peter does best?) No one would've seen that coming! But no one tries to be unpredictable in comics anymore and it's a shame.

I guess it was a mediocre story overall. Interesting idea but the execution was lacking. I think a better writer (DeMatteis) could've done it better. I think the back-up tale might have been better if it had been a prologue flashback in the main tale. Given Kaine's importance to Kraven's past his part in the main story seemed small (ignoring his sacrifice, of course).

Well, you'll see our staff reviewers were equally disenchanted with the story, both for some of the reasons you mention and for others of their own.

Of course, whenever I'm depressed by a disappointing Kraven story, I just go and read Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #47 and suddenly I feel much better.