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Date: Aug 3, 2010
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From Jeremy

I'm a big Spiderman fan and I couldn't help but notice that you didn't have any information on your lovely site here about the soon to be opened Spiderman the Musical on the great Broadway!

You should research it and put some info up on the site!

Actually, we have been keeping our eye on the wavering progress of Spider-Man on Broadway. Most recently we posted a summary of events in our News section under the headling Spider-Man on Broadway - One Last Chance.

To be frank, if the Musical were a company, I wouldn't recommend you buy shares in it.

From Elizabeth

I don't see this anywhere on the "web"...when is Peter Parker's birthday? I mean like the month and year. Has one ever been established? I am trying to find this out for my little boy.

Good question. This is something that we don't Marvel has ever specified. Nor are they likely to ever specify it. Certainly they will never fix Peter's birth to a specific year, that would just lead to trouble ten or twenty years later when it no longer made sense.

If a date was ever chosen, Summer (April - August) would make sense for several reasons.

First, he's 15 during the Spring of his Sophomore year. Given school birthday rules, that indicates summer, otherwise he would more likely have been 16 during that year. Then again, he was a very clever boy, and the school could conceivably have pushed him ahead a year - though that has never been mentioned in the comics.

There are at least 2 issues we can think of where his birthday his mentioned - Spider-Man #23 and Amazing Spider-Man (Vol .2) #57.

The Amazing issue still takes place during the school year and Pete says it's getting closer to Summer vacation. This might make his birthday more around April - May at this point.

From Lucas

I happened on to this site awhile and I want to applaud the work that you and everyone has put into it. I was curious if to know if you're going to continue to review current issues as it's been since ASM 612 since anyone has posted a review. Maybe you've all given up on BRAND NEW DAY. I wouldn't blame you.

That's pretty much what happened. I think we all just got so depressed there for a while, we just lost the will to live, let alone review.

However, thanks to an anonymous donor, we've been meeting on Tuesday evenings for "group therapy" sessions. At a nudie bar at a secret location downtown. It was touch and go for a while, but we're all feeling a lot better now. Thank you Trudi. And yes, you too, Krystal.

We're pretty much up to date again, and we all have so much energy! Mind you there is a down side. I've booked out the entire J.J. Cale wing of the Betty Ford clinic starting next month. She don't lie... she don't lie... she don't lie...

From RadioTaboo

There was also a Spider-Man (tv theme) pirated (presumably) 45 RPM single, and I think it differed from the Buddah one (Buddah was an actual commercial label, though I do not recall seeing that copy elsewhere). Mine was in a plain white sleeve, light blue labels ("Spider-Man" only, as I recall, no label info) with darker blue lettering, I think the main theme was on both the A and B sides. Found this at a comic con in the 1970s, a number of copies were out there at the time, but have seen none since. At the time the copy had been unplayed, but no idea when it was actually manufactured. Probably pressed in the hundreds.

Thanks for the heads-up. However, we don't include bootleg copies of comics, records or such-like on the site. That's a little bit because we don't want to support piracy, but mostly because unless there's some actual new or interesting creative content involved, it's really not worth the bother and cost of tracking down that kind of item. We have to draw the line somewhere.

That said, if I stumble across it one day, now I'll know what it is - and if the price is right, I may just add it to my humble collection.

From Anonymous

Hello there,

Do you have any idea how I can try out for the new Spider-Man movie or play?

Thank you so much.

So... an anonymous person from an un-named country with unspecified age, gender, appearance and talents is asking a fan-site webmaster how to get into an unspecified show?

Well, at the risk of overwhelming you with details, I would suggest you talk to an agent or somebody involved with some kind of show or play and arrange to turn up at a place on a day as yet to be determined. With luck, you'll be able to perform a sequence of interactions to a suitable level sufficient to attain an as-yet-unspecified degree of involvement.

Good luck!

From Rob

Just gotta say...........


Fantastic site and reference material guys and girls!!!!!

I used to have my own compiled lists and stuff, but i threw it all away and 100% use this site for EVERYTHING...

Thanks soooo much for making my Spider-Man collecting that much easier!!!

So again Ill say it.........


Awww... shucks!

From Rob

Hello again my BRILLIANT Spider-man people!

I am trying to find a list of the COMPLETE Hallmark Spider-man ornaments released.. any pointers? Cant seem to find anything out there.

You should, in my HUMBLE opinion, have these listed in your "stuff" category.

Ah... but why stop there? Why not include Spider-Man ties, T-shirts, postcards, posters, drink bottles, frisbees, wrapping paper, watches, socks, underoos, party plates, soft toys, mugs, keychains, pens, erasers, stickers, playing cards, buttons, soft furnishings, kites, night-lights, handkerchiefs and more?

I'll tell you why. Because a complete collection of every single Spider-Man item produced would cost several million dollars and would fill several average size houses.

We have a staff of one or two dozen regular contributors and we still only just managed to keep up with all the comics, books and TV shows. Yeah, you might call us cowardly for declining to include holiday ornaments in our scope. We, however, would just call it a "drawing the line somewhere".

Unless of course, you're volunteering?

From Rob

Im just wondering if you have a resource that would identify all of the spidey action figure runs that have been released

Raving Toy Maniac, as listed on our links page.

From Trish

we have a kaine page on facebook that is picking up all posts by my son kaine, his famioly and friends. can you get rid of this please

Sure thing. We just need to do a quick security validation to ensure that you are entitled to make this request. Simply send us your bank account number and a sample of your signature, and we'll get that taken care of right away.

No need to thank us. It's all part of the friendly service!