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Date: Apr 1, 2010
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From Cristopher

New Upcoming actress Lindsey Elise Tewell wants the role of Mary Jane Watson, so please join her Facebook group and here's another link to check out at IMDB for her biography, pictures, movie credits, and more info.

Trust Me people, look up her YouTube videos. She's sweet, totally hot, red-head, looks exactly like MJ from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and very passionate about her acting.

Hmmm, Looks like a gelfling, smells like a gelfling, maybe you are a gelfling.

From Score

While Spidey movies disappointingly did not match the fun of 60s/70s mags, a saving grace of 3 was appearance of blonde bombshell Gwen - altho' potential of 2 triangles (ie pete, mj, gwen plus pete, harry, mj) wasn't delivered in a corny second half

Anyway, Spidey did NOT kill Gwen in 70s - he was trying (desperately) to save her, for crying out loud - but simply could not or goofed; if firemen can't catch somebody falling, nobody says the firemen killed anybody, do they ?

IMHO, true Spidey only intentionally kills where no alternative is feasible

'nuf said

Indeed. I particularly loved the nude shower scene with Gwen and MJ. Mmm...

Or wait. Did I dream that?

From Jeff

Weird/sad timing! Elephant Larry (the sketch comedy group that made the CollegeHumor short "Minesweeper: The Movie") just shot a fake Behind The Scenes featurette for Spider-Man 4 as part of their faux entertainment show, The Wow.

Enjoy: Spider-Man 4: Behind The Scenes featurette on YouTube.

From Ramon

I just got a bunch of comic books from an uncle of mine and do not know what the value or what is the safest wasy to an accurate estimate appraisal. Can you point me in the right direction?

Hiya Ramon. I recommend you do not take any risks at all with those comic books. Simply post them to me, along with my standard valuation fee of 5c per comic (cash is acceptable, I trust you). I will evaluate the books and will return them promptly as soon as I have finished with them all.

P.S. Check our F.A.Q..

From Derek

I am currently working on a feature article focusing on the founders of successful fan websites and their webmasters, and how the success has affected their lives and opened up opportunities. I know SpiderFan is one of the most popular Spider-Man sites out there, so I wanted to try and include it if possible.

So, would you mind answering a few questions either over e-mail or some kind of IM this weekend if you have the time? It wouldn't be too personal, obviously; I'm merely interested in your insights on how you view your site's success, how it has opened up opportunities for you, and what it's like to have something that (I assume) you put together in your free time evolve into something so popular.

This will be a relatively small article, but if it turns out well, I am going to submit it to some local publications. So you can think of this as possible PR, if you like. :)

Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions before answering for sure, I'm totally open!

Well, mostly it's the fame. And the money. The fame and the money and the things they bring... like the hookers, the drugs. I mean, I try to use my powers for good. For my own good, mostly. Is that bad? Does that make me a bad person? Shut up kid, I'm taking here. Pass me another bottle.... what? Yeah, of course it's French, you think I drink that domestic crap? So, yeah, where was I... right, I mean, so... have you ever tried a three-way? Well, don't worry, you'll pick it up easy enough once Michael gets here.

From Emmanual

It`s me; Emmanuel Langarica from MÃ?xico; Wishing you a happy new year; with a bunch health and success!!.

I Haven`t writen you in a while but as a hard core spider-fan that you are like myself for more than 30 years; (i`m 33 now) i want to know your opinion of the new spider-man movie with a new cast and director that will come up in a few years. I personallya think it`s a good idea; because Sam Raimi` version of Peter parker was a little cloumpsy and naive, Let`s see what happens,

They made a Spider-Man movie? Damn, I really gotta start keeping up with that stuff.

From Robert

Regarding your comments in the rave Current Spidey - Not So Bad After All?

"Comics change. Comic readers change. Here at SpiderFan we seem to alternate between sometimes complaining that comics are to childish, and occasionally complaining that they are too adult. I say "whatever". Fans change. Times change. Social mores change. There's no rule about how "adult" Spider-Man should be. If you want kid versions of the web-head, go read Marvel Adventures Spider-Man."

Now personally I have no problem with adult comics, but like with most adult animation, the comics come across as kid comics with adult content stuck in to make them seem mature. That's where I think Marvel is lack. Adult comics that are merely clever written as opposed to comics with profanity and gore inserted for the sake of it.

I mean if you look at Bruce Timm's DC Universe cartoons (Batman The Animated Series, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited), Gargoyles and even The Spectacular Spider-Man, they manage to attract fans who want mature tales without the gratuitous content. Now if the comics were to to achieve a more adult status through intelligent writing and characterzation, then I doubt that fans would complain about them being adult.

You're preaching to the choir. All the guys on the SpiderFan staff (well, at least those over 30 years of age) appreciate comics which are intelligent instead of just violent or offensive.

From R.Sidhu

I didnt know who to write to so I guess you can fwd this to all that are involved. I wanted to say thank you for such an informative site. I just began reading spiderman and I cant think of how many times I have visted the website to learn more and learn new things about spiderman. Thank you all of you once again for such a great job!

Aww... now that's the kind of email that makes it all seem worthwhile. For a bit. Until it wears off and we need more positive affirmation. Still, that should be good for a half an hour. Or at least a few minutes, thanks!

From John

Dear Sir,

As a man in his 30s who grew up with Spidey in the 80s and is still facepalming at the 90s and the 00s (yes, I'm a poet, too), I would like to comment that Spider-Man Noir is the best Spider-Man series I've seen since a long long time ago. The setting is perfect. The costume is deliciously scary. The writer is good. The artists are good, too. Peter is a real man with a real sexual life. And the best of it all: it is not a regular series.

There's still hope.

Indeed. The original four-part Spider-Man: Noir did pretty well and was followed up by the current sequel four-parter, Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face.

And if you enjoy that, I suspect you'll enjoy the slightly less dark but still pleasantly fresh Spider-Man 1602, I've been enjoying it for sure.