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Date: Jan 7, 2010
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From Claire

hi there is a shop where i live in clacton on sea essex its magdlen green post office where they are selling kids marvel chocolate eggs , i have been buying them evey day now last week and today and all he is getting is the same toy i am not very happy with this as they are 79p a egg he wants the spiderman one as he is mad about him and he is sad that its the same toy , can you please do anything about this please. i will leave this you.

i look forward to hearing from you,

You've come to the right place. I've arranged for a couple of guys to go around just after closing time to "speak to him" about the egg situation. The lads will explain the consequences of the kind of behavior he has been getting up to. As I always say "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few legs..."

From Daniel


Os envio el dibujo de un superheroe que me he inventado: se llama Destructo-man.

Espero que os guste.


And Salada! to you too, Daniel!

Thank you for your offer to send photos of the recent gusty tornado damage done to your Llama farm in Holland. However, while we are sad to hear of the loss of your enviable inventory, we unfortunately do not have anything to offer other than our condolences.

From Hank

If you want to wear a spider earring or a pair or a pendant or charm, check out my new website (link deleted). We sell spiders in gold, silver and rhodium plated black. We also have wholesale prices.

Wholesale prices, eh? So... if I wanted to wear, like, 200 gold spiders all over my body, you're the guy to come and see? Excellent to know!

From Antiyonder

I'm a little confused. I thought the Better Read section were for comics that are recommended. So why is there a review for a comic you don't like?

Well, we do include many comics that we figure it's BETTER that we READ them and warned you, than for you to accidentally read them.

But it's an excellent point. In fact, it's such a great point that we've just renamed that section as "Beyond Spider-Man".

From Roger King

Peter's Web "Buried Alive" is now available for viewing at BagAndBoard Productions.

For those who haven't been following this, Roger King has been producing a series of fan mini-movies focusing on key events of Spider-Man's history. "Buried Alive" is Part 4 in an ongoing roll-out.

While clearly produced on a low budget, Roger's tribute flicks have good pace, and show him as a guy who seriously knows how to get things done.

From Jared

I'm doing some research on a hilarious "board book" I found at the dollar store recently and was trying to dig up any information on "Paradise Press, Inc." While websearching it, I was very confused when I saw your FAQ included the question "How do I contact Paradise Press Inc?" in the midst of a bunch of Spiderman-Marvel centric questions.

Is Paradise Press a subsidiary of Marvel or something? Sorry to trouble you but I just couldn't figure out why your FAQ included mention if, what I think, is a generic children's book company.

So, let me get this right. You're contacting SpiderFan regarding Paradise Press, specifically to tell us how it seems so very unlikely that anybody would ever contact us about Paradise Press?

Well, while we finish giggling about the ironic dichotomy inherent in your email, perhaps you might want to head over and Search for Paradise Books in our Comics Database while you're here.

From Nicky

good day.

hope u are doing well..

i would just like to thank you for the movies and especially with peter parker, my son turned 3 on 23 October 2009, and we made him a spiderman birthday, I would like to see my son's face when he sees spiderman in front of him..

he has all spiderman movies and papers on his room wall, i would just like to say you make a great team...............

Heya. I think you might be confusing us with Marve (who make comics) or Sony/Columbia (who make movies). We are simply a bunch of guys who run a website in their spare time. But hey, thanks for the compliments, we'll happily accept them on behalf of those two guys.

From George

Hi, I am writing this email to say congratulations for this website and a big THANK YOU!

Spiderfan.org has helped me very much in the past 3 years that I use to visit it. I concider it an online Spidey-Encyclopedia with great information about our "friendly neighbourhood". It's a real gift for spiderfans like me. Also I really like your reviews. That's why I visit your site almost daily waiting for the next review to compare my opinions with the reviewers. There are some delays in the reviews but that doesn't matter to me and it is not a problem, because I prefer a good and objective review that a fast review.

By the way I want to say that I hate Joe Q for what he did to Spider-man (even though he has done some very good things in the Marvel since he became EIC, like Marvel Knights) and I liked the marriage (Although I have to admit that MJ was not treated well, as a character, at least from the mid-90s till OMD). Also I don't like the treatment of Spider-man in the New Avengers. Spider-man is a great hero and he is not stupid and clown. The other heroes has to treat him with respect and not like a kid that the only thing that does is making jokes (like in Amazing 600 when he meets the New Avengers and NY is going n@ts, he keeps making jokes).

Anyway, thank you again and keep up the good work.

Hey, thanks for the kind words.

However, I'm not sure that I can join you in your complaints about New Avengers, I just caught up with the latest couple of issues myself, and I have to say that it's currently my favorite Spider-Man book. I love what Bendis is doing with that title. The team atmosphere is superb, it makes me feel like a kid again, longing to be part of a slightly disreputable group of unappreciated superheroes. I also love the thoughtful ongoing plot threads, and the well-balanced tie-ins with other titles.

From Tony K

Generally, I agree that Spider-Man has been better since Brand New Day. Although I enjoyed JMS' run overall, I do wonder about his decision to cut out so much of the supporting cast. To me, Spider-Man was always about Peter Parker, his adventures as Spider-Man *and* his time with his friends and family. His stories were always lacking that extra little something--no Betty Brant, no Flash Thompson, no Harry (okay, he was "dead" at the time, but...) Since BND, everyone's back and the whole continuity has been refreshed which I can only see as a good thing. I love that MJ and also the Black Cat have been brought back.

Which is not to say that everything is perfect though. It seems like a lot of story threads have been started and are being juggled about at once but it would be nice to seem some get resolved. I would like to see Peter and MJ have a real conversation so we can find out what she knows after OMD (if anything). Also, even just to have someone explain where things are with them right now. Obviously there's still some kind of spark there or she wouldn't have come back to New York and he wouldn't have freaked out when she came to the wedding.

I liked that the Black Cat came back into the story but she was in like two issues before being shuffled into the background so we can deal with Electro. A little bit more might've been nice (but instead we're left with hints that we'll get more. Maybe. Someday...)

I also don't quite understand the handling of things with Peter's roommate, Michelle. He's constantly thinking she's nuts in the stories but she's let him stay there as her roommate; she's a lawyer so she must have at least some money (a pleasant change for Peter); when he was uncertain about going to the wedding, she tagged along and even let him get lucky that night. There could be a more interesting character lurking in there somewhere...they just need to come up with a good angle and pursue it. She could be a good new girlfriend for Peter in the long term (she'd likely accept both sides of him instead of Felicia's weird Spidey-only thing) and she's not MJ so she could provide some new dimensions to things. Or even as just a new close friend she could be something worthwhile to add to the story (after all, Peter's friends seem traditionally to be white. A product of the time he was created in, I suppose, but this is the 21st century so why not more ethnicity in his choice of friends?)

I agree with most of those sentiments - certainly the return of the supporting cast (including the Black Cat) suits my tastes. I also agree that so far, Michelle's motivations seem completely random. All I can say is that at least she's a more interesting option than her brother was.

From Emmanuel

A lot of backlash has been going back and forth between fans. People argue that BND is better, OMD sucks, etc...

From what I've seen of the promotional art at Marvel.com, the 'Puzzle Piece' drawing that they had, in which Peter was reaching for Mary Jane, it, to say the least, looked epic to me. It kind of makes me want to get back into it.

It, at the very least, gets me thinking at OMD.

Or, at the very least, the reasons BEHIND OMD.

I agree with mostly everyone, they could have done it in a much better way, and stuff, but I think they did it because they felt that, maybe, the marriage was a bit stale.

I think they did it to renew the hunt, because if you look around the last half or so of JMS's run, it was marred by event after event like The Other, Civil War, Back in Black, then, finally, OMD.

Maybe they felt that the character had nothing to go for. Maybe they felt that Peter didn't really have goals.

He was living in Avengers' Tower with Aunt May and MJ and stuff. Maybe they thought, "well he's here now. What do we do?"

I'm not excusing OMD at all, but perhaps they did it for a reason.

Maybe JQ is wryly stringing us along, saying that he didn't really like the marriage. But the final scene with MJ saying goodbye to Peter, felt really epic. "We'll find each other again."

Maybe they decided to kind of rekindle the hunt for Peter and MJ. It has a cool feel to it.

But one step forward and two steps back, from what I hear. Some characters have taken steps backwards from their characters. Kind of removed some of the progression.

I guess it could be worse.

Could be better too.


I have to.

Agree with most of.


Note: See our recent news item Pieces of the Puzzle for a look at the promotional art mentioned above.