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Date: May 22, 2009
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From Gyro25

How come the aforementioned list "Worst of the Worst" doesn't contain Web of Spider-Man #34 when 4 reviewers you one of them gave it "0.5 web" but it holds stories rated with 2.5 webs?

Well the Worst of the Worst look-back section is a run of just-me reviews I did quite some time ago. So reviews done with the help of others don't qualify.

Also, occasionally when I reviewed a comic for WotW, I would get to the end and realize "Hmm... actually, that is bad, but not completely terrible." But having written it as WotW, I left in in that section anyhow.

I've mostly abandoned WotW, so when I do review a really bad comic, I don't always remember to put it in WotW. I guess it's just a bit of a lottery. Hey, I bought a "Best of ABBA" double CD, and three of the songs sucked. Just goes to show you can't always trust advertising, eh?

From Meganubis

Hye man i just wanted to emailyou and thank you on your site, it s the most comprehensive spider-man comic site on the web, and wanted to see if youd ever make an x-men spinoff site, im much the same way?

Thanks for the compliment. But what makes you think I own any X-Men comics from the last ten years? And since SpiderFan takes up 110% of my free time... two sites would make... umm... add six, carry the one... 220% of my spare time!

Also, this is a F.A.Q. - Do similar sites exist for other characters?.

From Samusiscool

  1. I suggest putting Spidey's new powers in the powers section.
  2. Please put the Iron Spider in the costumes section.
  3. I have a Simpsons comic where Duffman volenters at career day at Springfeild Elementary. Ralf says "Can you beat up Spider-Man?", while holding a Spider-Man action figure. After Duffman's response he says " Can you get Spider-Man out of my nose?" I suggest putting this in the comics section.
  1. Unfortunately, both the "Powers" and "Costumes" sections are "old-style" content and currently not part of our web-editable database. That means that all changes have to be made by me, editing HTML by hand. We're always updating the back end database and we'll eventually get around to sorting this out, but don't hold your breath, sorry.
  2. See above.
  3. I'm not sure I can see the value in a comics database full of unspecified comics with no number, no scan, no date and no credits info. Maybe if you provided just a little more info...?

From Bill

HI, This is just a wonderful site and I've written you before about how great it is. I can't tell you how much fun I have coming here and the aid it's given me in completing my collection.

I am curious if you are planning on setting up a similar website for the X-Men books or Wolverine? I haven't found one but I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to surfing the www.

Thanks for the great things you are doing for Spider-man here, Bill

Dear Mr. Tiger Woods. I think you're a really great golfer, and I love to watch you play. You seem to win all the time. I'm curious if you have any plans to take up any other sports. I like to watch tennis, and I think you would be really good at that too. Tennis and golf are played in lots of the same countries, so you would have lots of time because you could do both at once. Also, they both involve hitting balls, so the skills are bound to be quite similar.

Ooooh! Wait! Here's an ever better one!

Dear Mr. Martin Luther King. I think you are very kind for leading your wonderful movement for promoting the emancipation of African Americans. I'm curious if you are planning to set up a similar movement for promoting the civil rights of Native American Indians or for Irish Americans (who are always unfairly made out to be stupid).

From Edward

just wanted to say that i completely agree with you. even though im not a real parent i had partially filled the "dad" role for my neices so i do know a thing or two, and i know that if i want them raised right then i have to do it myself, not anyone else (besides the mother, my sister), me.

Also just parents have to accept the reality we live in, this isn't the 40s where information, good or bad was hard to get. kids are always going to be exposed to everything bad, its just a fact. as a parent, you just have to hope you impacted their life enough that they can make the right or best decision. so far i have to say i'm proud of my nieces...but still...i have High School coming...so i have dark times ahead...ugh!

anyways just wanted to say i support you 100% and i love the website!

[This is in response to our Parenting and Responsibility rave - Ed.]

Thanks Edward. Though we're technically a Spider-Fan site, sometimes Spidey-related news articles just bring out the left-wing "angry young man in me". Or the right-wing "angry old man". To be honest, I'm not really sure who wrote that one. I think they both found agreement for once.

From Rob

So, is there a reason that, although your site is updated almost every day, your most recent review of ASM is 10 issues ago? Keep this up and Spider-Man Crawl Space will replace you as my favorite Spidey website.

Unfortunately, a legal injunction from Marvel has prevented us from using the word "the" in any review for Amazing Spider-Man. It appears that Marvel was granted trade-mark status on "use of the definitive article in context of a sequential art narrative form in English and 16 other western languages". Only some superb work from our legal team has finally managed to overthrow this foolish legal judgment, and we will be posting at least six ASM reviews this weekend.

From Mohammad K.

Amazing Spiderman # 591 came out this week and the last comic in the series that was reviewed on this site was Amazing Spiderman # 581. Has Spiderfan.org also succumbed to the global recession? Or has Stan Lee murdered all of the respective reviewers as payback for Spiderfan.org's rebuffs of his attempts to get it to sponser POW! Entertainment? In case it it either of the above, please employ me for the job and you can pay me 200 no-dollars a month...

Unfortunately, a programming error on our third development server last week tripped the circuit breaker on secondary power supply #4, which triggered an instant overload in the power-capacitor subsystem of our entire laboratory. The backup system failed to activate, and in the resulting meltdown we lost the reviews of ASM 581 through 591.

We managed to employ the services of a specialist data recovery group which we flew in from Botswana, but suffered an irritating four week delay due to passport irregularities through immigration (to be specific, it turns out that two of the six-man team failed basic chromosome count testing). This meant that even with upgrading to high-viscosity ink cartridges, we have only yet so far been able to restore our reviews of Amazing Spider-Man #582 and Amazing Spider-Man #583 which you will now see online.

However, yesterday our senior site administrator had the brilliant idea to get the remaining two team-members (sadly we lost one to starvation, and another to scurvy) working in reverse polish notation. This has produced miraculous, though exhausting results. We are confident now of having the next six reviews online this weekend. We also plan to use the money saved on return airfares to hold a spectacular posthumous party for the entire data recovery squad. May their souls rest in peace.

From Hamada

i like black cat so so much , i wish spide fell for her and date her and fight with her side by side but ! !

she is disappear totally from his life


i question ?

is she wil appear again in front of spider man


Oh, I can't imagine the Black Cat ever vanishing permanently from Spider-Man's life. And at the very least, you will soon see her in the upcoming Marvel Divas four-part mini-series.

As yet uncertain as to if Spider-Man will appear in that title, but it is certain to feature a hefty swag of over-sized latex-clad mammary glands, so it's on my "pull" list, if you know what I mean.

From Arthmens

how can i get the game spider-man to download? i just cant do without the game. please i need it so badly. thanks

Umm... are you sure that your Sega Genesis is actually internet compatible?

From Carlo

Hi, I remember a few years ago, you completely re-did the site and changed alot of stuff such as the colors and some of the reviews. Did you also change any of the comic book cover images as well by re-scanning them or are they all the same from before the renovation?

Nope, none of the image scans were modified during the revamp.

From Yvetet

I used to have recurring nightmares as a kid about "the red-nosed man" who was in fact the Can Crusher villain from Spiderman.

Any way you can find and post a picture of this crazy dude with your little blurb about the episode?

Hiya Yvetet. The next major content revamp will be our Spider-Man Shows section. As part of that rework, I'm personally planning to review all of the "Electric Company" Spidey segments that I can find on YouTube. So far, I have managed to find movie clips for 16 different segments, but the "Can Crusher" segment isn't among them.

I have Googled for a movie clip or still image of the Can Crusher, but I've found absolutely nothing, which is really surprising given how many other TEC clips I have found. But one day...

From NemesisOverride

Have you considered adding Nightwatch's 12 issues of "glory" to the spin-off section?  After all, he first appeared and died in Spidey books, and out of the seven issues I've read so far, Spider-Man related characters appeared in four Spidey in issue #1, Venom in issue #'s 5-6, and Cardiac in issue #7.  Fair warning though, they're not very good comics...

Well, we have to draw the line somewhere. If we included Nightwatch, should we include Access... and... Punisher, and... no. That way lies madness.

I think that Venom, Toxin and Carnage should definitely be included. Black Cat and Prowler are definitely borderline, and we might even move them into "Guest Appearances" one day.